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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

DIY fall crafts

Looking for fall craft ideas?  Today we're excited to share with you what we've been working on for fall craft ideas.  

The following fall crafts ideas are simple to make.  I think they make classy fall decorations for your home or even for selling. 

Do you ever feel so un-put-together?  Like you are running around and doing things every day, but feel like you never accomplish a darn thing on the to do list?  I got you... I know how that feels, because I have been feeling the same way lately.  

I have so many fall crafts I want to work on and share, and now guess what?  We are approaching the end of September... Halloween is around the corner!  I am wondering where did 2022 go thus far?

Do you feel like the older you get, the faster time flies?  I recall as a child my parents making a similar comment, and I thought oh heck, they have no idea what they are talking about.  Time is so S-L-O-W.... perspective... that is what it is all about.

We cannot wait as children to grow up and make our own decisions, and then BAM, before we know it, we are all grown up longing to be those kids again.  Did you ever notice life was so much easier when we were younger?  No bills, no real life strife, no illness of friends or family... remember, we are young and untouchable.

That is what I recall being a teen anyway.  My husband says he could not wait until we graduated and he was "outta there".  Me?  I think I have shared before I was reluctant to want to graduate.  I wanted to stay in school forever, and socialize, and just be a kid, I knew what was waiting for me on the other side of that diploma.  Real life....

Well, now that we are all grown up, we need to make life fun again.  I think that is important for each and every one of us.  So, here is when I will tell you to do those things that made you happy in the past now.  Life is way too short to keep your nose to the grindstone day in and day out.  I know, I should take my own advice, or that is what my husband would say.  I am working on it, I am a work in progress afterall myself.

Awfully deep for a decorating post Cara... I just like to throw in there from time to time, we need to make time for ourselves in life.  If you once enjoyed painting, pick up that paintbrush and see what you create... reading, find a book that tickles your fancy... cooking, get back in the kitchen and create those yummy recipes... let your hair down and just enjoy what life has to offer.  

Okay, I will step down from my soapbox today and share some of the things I have been working on lately.  I decided not to break everything up into individual posts, as I tend to be, what do they say... late to the fall party so here we have many different ideas to share with you today.

So, this year I decided I was going to learn how to make wreaths.  I have wanted to do this for so long, and by the looks of the one above, I have learned it.  **I know, bad English, but sometimes I like to see if you are still awake**

I was so excited to learn how to make a deco mesh ribbon wreath!  I have been wanting to learn how to do this for years!  I would look at those wreaths and long to have one in our home.   Now I can make one any old time I want for any season I choose.  If I knew it was not as hard as I thought, I would have done this years ago.  I made one as a gift, which led to selling two of them.  Who knew?

My hands cramp up a bit while making the ribbons, but hey, it is fun to see the end result once it is completed.  I do love beginning with a few items and seeing what these old hands can make.  Are you a maker yourself, or do you like for someone else to make it for you?  I would say sometimes I am both, it just depends on what it is I am making.    

Can you tell I am not one to sit still?  I can't, I have tried.  It is so not me!  My house is a disaster while I have been working on crafts in our dining room, and I have been switching up d├ęcor left and right having fun while I do it.  

Up next!


I made a tree with items we already had around the house.  I put together a small video to share how I made it.  The trunk?  It is a paper towel roll with burlap ribbon, some Spanish moss, and a planter.  I have had this blue vase on the kitchen counter for a few weeks and I was like what am I going to do with it?  Well, just check out that video and see how I used it.

I am loving our small tree in the dining room now.  Looks quite at home on top of my riser/canister that I also DIY'd.  I love taking items from around our home and giving them new purpose.  Do you?  I am going with yes, since you are here with me today.  

The ideas have been crashing around in my brain lately, and then I let one small itty bitty part of my brain think about Christmas, and it was all over with.  I want to drag out the tree... hubby said, I think it is a bit early, and I was like WHAT?  It is never too early for Christmas!  It is one of the many things we have in common... our love for Christmas decorations!  I haven't decided if I will go ahead with plan A and bring it all out while he is at work yet or not.  Time till tell...

On to our next craft...  

These simple brass inspired sconces came from the dollar store.  I knew I could do something with them.  I kept toying around with ideas, but the one I liked the best was adding a cedar wreath to each sconce.  Go ahead, check out this video of how I made this crafty sconce go from blah to ahh...

The sconces were $4.00 for a set of two, which also included the glass candle holders.  How can you pass that deal up?  Well... I couldn't that is how they ended up in our foyer.  I used our cedar rings from the living room, and decided to create miniature wreaths from them and add a bit of French flair with my black and white striped ribbon (you will be seeing this a lot around here soon).  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I also plan to keep them up year round.  

I am not one who thinks cedar is just for those cooler weather temp days.  Who knows, maybe I will come up with something else some day, but for the time being, I am keeping them.  French Country or Country French however you like to call it, was a big inspiration for me when I began decorating our cozy cottage.  I was never one being called to the farmhouse movement, those lovely French curves have called my name for years and years.

Next up...

I had painted my wood leaves with bronze and gold rub n buff and they sat on our dining room table until I figured out the rest.  Then, one day I was chatting away on a call, and I began to play as I chatted.  

I formed something resembling a wreath as I played with my leaves.  I decided to glue them together.  As it turns out, I ended up turning the leaves around...  you can check out what I did below. 

During this same call, I began painting over a picture, I am a doodler as you can see.  I cannot even sit still for one phone call, I just picked up my brush and began covering this picture with craft paint.  

Here is what I ended up with.

You can see I changed the color of the paint to a more ivory color, and then hot glued my leaves with the tips facing out.  When I attempted to cover the holes and glue them the other way, it did not work as well.  I have a fix I am going to try by using some wood putty to cover those holes right up.  I am a bit concerned the rub n buff may not take over the wood putty though.  I will find out when I finish this piece off.    

Which brings me to... I am still deciding if I should leave the leaves as an ornament and hang from a basket, or attach to this sign and create a fall saying to add to it.  How about you give me some input and I will share with you based on your suggestions who won what to do with these budget friendly leaves.  How fun, a craft of your making.

And then came another wreath...

This was one I made for someone else and they did not want any embellishments on it.  I prefer embellishments myself, but hey, give the people what they want, am I right?  So this was a really easy wreath to put together.  

I love how those curls just say hello friend... why yes, come on in, I am open to having guests.  As it is, it will be going to a nursing home, and I am hoping it does just that.  Hopefully it will brighten someone's day and the wreath says hello, I am friendly, come on in for a chat.  

Not to get off topic, but I am saddened by nursing homes anymore.  In the past, they had more staff to assist with residents, and the nursing homes were to be thought of as the residents' homes, but that seems to have changed with covid like everything else.  

A scenario I was recently made aware of, which I do not find acceptable was having a maintenance employee come in and prepare dinner for the residents of a nursing home.  It is happening in the community I live in, and I want to speak up and have my voice heard, but I fear retaliation for those who live there who relay to family members what is really going on.  Burns my britches.   

And one more... 

I could not resist adding the itty bitty spider, okay, not so itty bitty to this wreath.  She ended up liking this wreath for a family member and said the spider could stay.  Sometimes you give them what they want, and other times you just have to give them what they do not already know they want.  

That spider tickled her fancy and made me chuckle too.

Lastly, there was a pumpkin garland I made from dollar store wood pumpkins for our mantel.  Do you see the one with the antique gold flower on it?  Yep, I have been playing with resin a bit, something I am kind of excited about.  Million ideas floating around this cottage with resin churning in my mind... oh the possibilities.  

As you can see, I painted most of the pumpkins the teal color I used on our living room mantel with the styrofoam pumpkins.  I also used the bronze rub-n-buff for the stems on all of my wood pumpkins.

This was another resin piece I made with a mold I already had.  I painted it teal, and then used antique gold rub n buff on it highlighting all of those fabulous details.

Two of the pumpkins I painted gold to give a bit of variety to our garland.  I have never made a garland for our mantel, and I would do it again, perhaps for Christmas or Easter next.  

I measured out my twine to 12 inches between each pumpkin.

Then I noticed each pumpkin would not face forward when I hung the garland, so I decided to tie each pumpkin to the garland by knotting them so they would each face forward.

This was another resin piece I made and placed on another pumpkin part of this garland.  I only applied the resin pieces to every other teal pumpkin, can't be getting too fancy pants around here. 

When I went to hang the garland on our mantel, I was like oh... not what I had in mind so I moved it up and worked the pumpkins into our mantel decor.  Some days you learn to just go with it.  It may not be perfect, but I made it and I can say okay fall, you won me over this year.  I may give you another chance and see what happens next year.

In case you missed our fall mantel, you can check it out in the video below.

Well, that's all folks.  Fall has been a lot of fun around here.  How many of your keep fall up until Thanksgiving?  I can honestly say this cottage will be dressed in sparkles for Christmas by Thanksgiving so I have a few weeks left of fall before Christmas begins making it's presence known around here.  

We hope you enjoyed our fall round up of crafts you can make for your homes.  Let us know if you plan to give any of these ideas a spin yourself.  Don't forget to save this post to your Pinterest page for future reference by clicking on any photo in this post and saving to your desired board.  

Below are links to similar items we used in our crafts, some of our links are the exact match to our projects.  

These fall leaf stems.  

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