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Friday, September 30, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 014

Looking for Halloween decorations for your home?  We're sharing Halloween decorating ideas for our Fab Friday Finds this week.  

Fab Friday Finds is all about those internet photos we enjoyed this week that made us stop and think wow, I need to share this with others.  This week we are sharing Halloween decor ideas for the inside of your home.  

Okay, so I finally got in the mood for Halloween in the past couple of days.  Halloween was never a holiday I decorated for in the past, but recently I decided why not enjoy another holiday to decorate a bit?  

Now, I do not go all out like some folks do, but I like a bit of dark decor sprinkled here and there.  Nothing too over the top for this gal.

Growing up, my mom always put a ceramic jack-o-lantern in the front window of our home and then it evolved a bit from there.  She began adding a bit to her decor which would include the jack-0-lantern, and then a witch was added, and then she had risers in her front window with bits of Halloween sprinkled all around.  

Do you know you do not need fancy risers when putting displays in your windows?  She always used the JC Penney and Sears catalogs... does that show my age?  We always kept them so she could elevate her d├ęcor in the window... a woman a head of her time for sure.  

We have interior Halloween decorations to share with you today to get in you in the spirit of the holiday and perhaps spark a bit of creativity.  Do you decorate for Halloween?  What do your decorations entail?  There are some folks in my hometown who really go all out for this holiday.  

I could not resist sharing this dining room above.  How cute is it?  It would probably be outside my comfort zone for decorating our dining room, but if I were to have a Halloween party, then I would definitely give this a shot. 

I can imagine with the bits of material hanging down, the entire ensemble would end up on the floor once a mischievous pup decided to play with it.  He tends to do that sometimes... he decided to run off with ribbon today as I was making a wreath.

Oriental Trading

Now this mantel would be right up my alley... simple, just the way I like my holiday decor.  Add a mantel scarf, a pillow on a chair, and a sign in front of your fireplace and you are all ready!


I really do love the floating witch hats we are seeing everywhere in Halloween decor!  I think they are so cute, and add a bit of whimsy to a home.  Those spiders crawling on the stools may give someone a scare appearing to look pretty real from a far.  

This is just another one of those simple decor ideas for your home.  The holidays do not need to be difficult, do what you are comfortable with.  I can tell you I would not mind having that Old Salem's Black Hat Inn sign.  No idea where I would put it, but it is giving me ideas, and I love ideas.  

The Pioneer Woman 

I love this idea since you can bring in your hydrangeas from outside in.  Add a few skeletons and spiders from your local dollar store and you are all set.  How cute would this be on a table inside your foyer to greet guests, or on the living room coffee table, or even the dining room table.  Pretty versatile decor, and the best part?  Remove the spiders and skulls once Halloween is over, and this will get you right through to Thanksgiving.  

Myself, I like to choose items I can use through several seasons.  I do not like to waste money on constantly making purchases for every single season.  This cottage is bursting at the seams as it is!  I am ready to scale back... as I laugh to myself thinking about how that would look?

And... just add a wreath to your wall or front door.  You do not need to get all fancy pants, just keep it simple and enjoy yourself.  I think that is the most important part for any holiday.  

Someone who never much enjoyed this holiday, I am slowly getting with the program.  I have been busy making wreaths, the one above is one I made.  I am thinking it will look perfect on our front door.  

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend my friends.  We plan to change up a few decorations around our home to reflect my husband's love for Halloween the whole month of October.  He is one of those who loves a good horror flick.  Myself, on the other hand hates those sorts of movies!  Give me a cutesy movie any day of the week and I am all in.  Anyone else out there love those Hallmark movies?  Those are more my speed.  

We hope you enjoyed a few ideas we came across this week.  Below are a few items we found that went along with this post perfectly.  

This witch's broom.  

These hanging witches hats

This Halloween mantel scarf. 

These vintage inspired Halloween pillows.  

This vintage inspired sign for a Witch Museum.  

These black creepy crawly spiders.  

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