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Friday, September 16, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 012

Searching Fab Friday Finds?  This week on Fab Friday Finds we are sharing outdoor Halloween decorations you can DIY!

Halloween outdoor decorations DIY can be easy to do.  Halloween outdoor decorations ideas can be simple or complex, it is really up to you.  My favorite are cheap Halloween outdoor decorations. 

Pioneer Woman

I know for some folks Halloween is as important to them as Christmas is to me... so I thought we would share some exterior Halloween ideas to kick off the season.  I have already seen Halloween decorations up... and if you want to get your ideas all in order, then we have some ideas to help you get started.

I thought this simple door decor idea was perfect for the season.  Despite the fact I am not so much a fan of bats in real life, these bats are perfect gracing your front door.  How simple, and easy to complete, I think even I could pull this one off.  

I think I have shared the story of the bat in our basement before, but I will retell this one because it is a good laugh for anyone who was not involved, i.e. me!  I think after that experience I was traumatized for life.  One Sunday evening several years ago, I was finishing up laundry to get ready for the week.  It was late, and I went downstairs to pull the clothes out of the dryer and head to bed for the night.

As I pulled out the last of my laundry, I saw the shadow of something move behind me on the wall.  I thought what on earth was that?  I am folding and putting things into the laundry basket, and I see the shadow flutter behind me again so I turn around, and low and behold there is a bat in my face!

I screamed bloody murder!  It came a little closer, I held up the laundry basket so I could keep distance between us, I scream more... and then just freeze.  I was paralyzed, I did not know what to do.  I knew I needed to get upstairs, and quick!  

When it began to swoop, I hightailed it up the stairs and slammed that door, and picked up a rug and put it over the space between the floor and the door.  My husband comes running and said what in the world is going on?  It was like John Candy in The Great Outdoors, big bear, big bear chase me.... only I was like bat, bat downstairs, in my face... 

I told him I saw it's fangs and then said it had red eyes... he still laughs to this day when the bat is brought up and says I did not see his fangs, and I did not see red eyes.  Of course, I beg to differ.... I know what I saw!  It freaked me out, I refused to go down into the basement for over a month.  I gave him my laundry to do, and bring up to me.  Yes, I was that big of a fraidy cat!

I finally began going downstairs again after about a month had passed, but I did so with caution, looking behind me, watching the ceiling.  I hated going in the basement alone.  Do you know we never found the bat?  I have no idea where it went.  

My husband called an exterminator and he said it was probably a one off situation, and not to worry about it.  Yeah, tell that to my imagination where who knows what happens!  Okay, enough about bats, I find these cute, but the real life bats can stay outside my home where they belong.

Woman's Day

Now if you really get into Halloween, then this may be more your cup of tea?  Pretty scary if you ask me.  There is a property in my hometown that decorates like this for Halloween.  There are several, but this one in particular I am thinking about gets bigger and better every year.  They even have a ship that is hung over their roof that is guided by skeletons at the wheel of the ship!  
Their entire front yard is filled with tombstones, the entire home is decked out for Halloween every year.  

Another home on the same street has a spider almost the size of a car on it's roof!  Yes, I would say some folks go all out every year around here!  


Oh my goodness, this one made me laugh!  One of my coworkers who was deathly afraid of snakes would pass out if she saw this!  She has since retired, but my oh my... one of the guys in the office would scare her with snakes all of the time!

He would send her emails with snakes, she would open the email, and scream!  He would take fake snakes and put them under her desk, or spiders in her drawers, and when she would open them, she would scream!  

One day in particular there was some work being done in the office, and there was a small hole in the wall in our breakroom.  One coworker lured her back to the breakroom, and then made a comment about a posting on the wall.  When she walked over to the posting, another coworker grabbed her leg, and she screamed so loudly, I began to laugh.  

I did not even know this was going to happen, but when I heard that scream, I said yep, they got Anna again!  Poor lady... she was always being scared in the office all of the time!  I sure do miss those days, you just never knew what you were going to walk into from day to day.  We had our resident prankster, and he was good at it too!  Anyone else have someone like this in their job?  Makes the days interesting that is for sure! 

Good Housekeeping

How cute is this Halloween porch?  Fill in your baskets with styrofoam, add apples to the top, and witch lets, and call it Halloween.  Do you know I think I even have shoes like these?  Oh yes, they were popular in the 90's!  Oh, I hate it when I date myself, but they were a thing, and I had two pairs!  I think I gave them to my mom years ago... I am sure she still has them somewhere.    

House Beautiful 

I recall when I was growing up these door covers were quite popular.  We had one with a pumpkin on it for Halloween, and there was one at Christmas too.  Looks like they are making a come back, or perhaps they never went out of style, but I do not recall seeing them until recently.

Well, which one is your favorite?  Do you like the not so scary outdoor decorations like me, or are you more is more when it comes to Halloween kind of person?  I am thinking the door cover and bats on our door would be the most simple, and I am all about simple when it comes to decorating the outdoors.

When do you being to decorate for Halloween?  Last year was my first year to decorate.  This year I have a few plans, but it will all be simple decor, nothing over the top.  I am finding the simple decor is what calls my name these days.  Maybe it is because there is so much work that goes into it all, and I am finding lower key is the way for me recently.  Hope you enjoy your Fabulous Friday and weekend friends!

We found some similar items below in case you are decorating for Halloween this year.  

These flying bats

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