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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Another Easter/Spring table idea

Searching for ideas on how to set your table for Easter or Spring?  We have another twist on our table décor. 

Yesterday I posted How to Set the table for Easter on a budget, you can click the link to read it if you missed it.  I made a few changes and thought I would share a few updates with you to share even more ideas.  

Tulips on table for Easter

Just a few minor changes to the table as you can see... I added red tulips to a milk glass hobnail vase.  Red is not usually my color, but I am loving them!  I added my decorative pieces to my milk glass hobnail candlesticks... and the vintage inspired pieces (ashtrays, lol)  I shared with you last week, click How to use unique home décor items to read more about them.

I have had the vase for many years... Mr. Vintage and I used to travel around to antique stores when we were dating, so many years ago... I found it at an antique store in Marietta, Ohio.  I love the scalloped edge of the vase.  Most people will have a vase that is not being used in their home, so add it to your table to add a little sparkle to your setting.  Purchase real flowers from the grocery, but if you are like me, I like my flowers to stick around longer than a few days... you can click on red tulips above to find the flowers online.  

The silver pieces in the candlesticks?  Well, Christmas ornaments!  I remove the hanger end, place some putty in the bottom of the candlestick and put the ornament in the candlestick upside down!  Super easy and very affordable!  I purchase these after Christmas at Hobby Lobby, $3.00 for two!  I have found Hobby Lobby carries them every year and they are always the stragglers left behind after the holidays.   

Remember my "vintage inspired vases" or at least that is what I am calling them?  Well, they are actually being sold as ashtrays.  Ha!  I do not usually see items as they are expected to be used and this is a perfect example of that!  Strange?  Maybe... but I have a lot of fun repurposing things around the house!  

Here is a close up of our monogrammed glasses I spoke about yesterday.  I love them!  For $.39 a piece, you just cannot pass up a bargain like that, or at least I couldn't!  I highly recommend shopping thrift stores for glassware... they have scads of glassware, vases, plates, glasses, everything and anything you can think of.  

There was a large thrift store Mr. Vintage and I would visit in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Oh my, the things I found there!  We saw an entire set of matching china... no place for us to store it so we had to pass on it, but wow!  Why pay retail prices when you can find it severely discounted?   

They look real, don't they?  I was super excited when I opened the box when they came!  I may order more in different colors, but the red is really making me happy at the moment... and they are bringing in some color to our table. 

As you can see, I did not make very many changes, but making a few simple changes really gives a whole new look to our table setting. I know I sound like a broken record, but really, you do not need a lot of money to make your home beautiful.  Doing change ups and remaking our home is what makes my heart sing!  I am most happy when I get to be creative.


I wanted to show a closer picture of the napkins and napkin rings.  

Do you have a favorite table setting?  I think I like them both so I am not leaning one way or the other.  Those red tulips are rather wonderful though... I just hope I am able to inspire you to remake things you already have around the house, let your creativity fly... the sky is the limit... if you want to share your ideas, send me your pictures, I love to share others creativity too!     


Which is your pick?  Share in the comments... I love hearing your feedback.  I have been getting a lot of comments over on Facebook.  Have a great rest of the week, we are looking forward to the weekend and hoping the weather will cooperate for an outdoor project we have planned.

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