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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Decorations for Easter

Decorating Ideas to Make Your Easter Table Look Absolutely Fabulous While on a Budget

Looking for creative ideas to style your Easter table on a budget? Learn how to make it festive and fun without breaking the bank with our budget-friendly tips and tricks!

Am I the only one who thought I had an extra week before Easter?  It snuck up on me this year.  I was happily going about my business this week and Mr. Vintage asks what we are doing Sunday, for Easter?  

I just looked at him with the deer in head lights look... what are you talking about, we have another week... nope, it is this weekend... I am like wow!  How did that happen?  I completely lost track of time!  I had to throw together a table setting quick!  Using all things I already had here at the house too!  😉

Repurpose Favorites Around the House.

Do you see I keep a lot of items around through the seasons to be reused?  I do this for two reasons, I do not have the storage for new décor every season and two, I am cheap.  Ha!  You can add a new piece here and there for variety, but why keep changing décor every few months, just give it a make over when you get tired of it. 


If you remember, I had gold candles on the candlesticks at Christmastime.  I picked up the boxwood balls last year, and pulled them from the attic to place on the candlesticks for a new look.  They will be able to stick around through fall when I will come up with something new.  

Opt for a Unique Centerpiece.

How unique is it to have a bush in the middle of your table?  You may recall the bush in the center of the table below, you can find What I have in my online shopping cart.  I bought it, actually two!  I love them!  I cannot wait to get them outside, no watering, no trimming, and all I have to do is place them in a pot.  You do not even have to do this, it comes in it's own pot, but of course, I have an idea!

Here is a close up of our spring runner.  I loved the vintage aesthetic of the runner when I found it.  Being a sucker for anything that looks vintage, I knew I had to have it, it is something that graces our spring table every year now.  

Use Decorative Table Linens and Napkins to Add Splashes of Color.

I left our placemats that we usually have on the table in place, and added the chargers from our wedding that I reuse for most every holiday.  Then I placed our everyday dishes on top of our chargers.  Since it is just going to be the two of us, there is no reason to get all fancy pants here. 

I have had the napkins for a while, with little bunnies hopping all about.  They do not match our table runner exactly, but they coordinate nicely.  I am just not that matchy, matchy kind of gal.  I added the napkin rings to keep my limp napkins looking like they had a bit more pizzazz. 

Do you know I found that planter the bush is in for $3.00 in TJ Maxx's clearance section several years ago?  Bargain shopping is my favorite thing to do, and it shows with the one million and one items we have in our home.  Oh, I wish I were joking.

I played around with those napkins inside the potted plant changing it up.  I could not get it just as I wanted it... so I said to myself, oh well and threw in the towel.  Like I have said before, life isn't perfect... sometimes you just have to let it go.   

The glasses on our table were a thrifted find being $.39/piece!  Can you believe it?  I could not either, so in the cart they went!  These glasses are monogrammed and have a silver ring around the top, how fancy.  Monogrammed dishes and glasses at thrift stores can be quite the bargain find since it isn't something everyone will buy.  Most folks want their own initial etched on glasses, but in my case, I got lucky and was able to find our initial.  I was jumping for joy when I stumbled across them.    

If you have the same friends and family come for family dinners and holidays, you could collect glasses with the first initial of their name monogrammed on them.  No more mixing up glasses or wondering if the drink in your hand is yours, yuck!  It would create interest to your table setting since not everyone would have the same glass too.  

You do not even need to collect all of the same pattern of dishes.  How fun would it be if each place setting was also a different plate?  I think I could get really crazy with my table for the holidays if I had the time to collect different coordinating plates.  

Pick a color scheme, and go wild!  Oh, that sounds like so much fun to me!  In my opinion, as long as you love them, that is the only thing that matters.  


So really, the only new thing on our table is the faux bush and napkin rings.  Everything else has been collecting dust around here.  I guess it is a good thing I brush off that dust and get items ready for their new life around here.

That is how I like to think of things, I give them new life over and over in our home.    

As you can see the diamonds made it into the glass candle holders with our decoupaged eggs.  The diamonds seem to make guest appearances around here pretty often.  You can click here to read Spring Decorating Idea if you missed it. 

Transform Everyday Objects into Inspired DIY Centerpieces.

Our bunny is actually a cookie jar that I picked up from an antique store.  It is from Cracker Barrel and I got it for a steal, at $9.00!  I doubt anyone would notice it's true function since it appears to be a rather large ceramic bunny hanging out on our buffet.  

The mirror ($5.00) that we sometimes use as a server was a project I did a while ago, you can read How to create a high end look if you would like to know more about it.  I also added pieces of eucalyptus to the mirror to add more interest to the server.      

So there you have a simple how to on decorating your table for Easter on a budget.  If you do not have spring table runners or tablecloths, let the kids get inventive.  Cut out simple bunnies and let them decorate them, use these bunnies as place cards on the table or create a table runner by pasting the ends together for your table.  You could also make extra place cards so each dish has a name card too.  Here is a link to free coloring pages if you have littles who enjoy coloring.  

Do you know I still enjoy coloring?  True story... I find it to be very calming.  I also read just smelling crayons lowers your blood pressure.  I would venture to say it has something to do with reminding us of simpler times... I know I enjoyed childhood, if only we could go back!  😄  

Are you looking for ideas to occupy everyone's time after Easter dinner is complete?  During covid Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, we decided this was a good time to purchase games.  We chose a few and had a lot of fun playing them on the weekends and during the holidays.  It brings everyone together, of course, it was just Mr. Vintage and I, but we really enjoyed ourselves.  Did you know he is very competitive?  My goodness, he has to win every time!  Must be all of the sports he played over the years. 

I noticed there are many games, arts, crafts, and basket stuffers still available with Amazon if you are searching for ideas.  Check out Easter Toys and Games for ideas.  And... we picked up some more balls for peanut....  he has to have something to keep him busy for the holiday too.  


Hope you found some inspiration for your holiday table!

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  1. I love your table Cara! I'm with you, the table runner totally got me too. I love all the greenery; organic touches always get me as well. Thank you for the inspiration. XO- MaryJo

    1. Thank you MaryJo! I love that little table runner, and was so happy I picked it up all those years ago. I like to try new things and the bush on our table was a new one for me, but I liked it because it was so different.