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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

DIY Floral Wall Arrangement

DIY Floral Wall Arrangement: Adding Elegance with a Tension Rod and Black and White Striped Bow

Flowers have a way of bringing beauty and freshness to any space, and what better way to showcase their charm than with a floral wall arrangement?  Today, we will guide you through the process of creating a floral wall display using a tension rod, an array of flowers, greenery, and a touch of elegance with a black and white striped bow.  Get ready to transform your walls into a focal point that will leave everyone asking how did you do that? 

Do you remember when I gave this lovely thrifted find a makeover last year?  It was so lonely up on the hallway wall all by it's lonesome, until today that is!  

Thrifted find

I kept going back and forth with myself about what needed to be hung above this lovely basket of flowers, and so what did I decide?  Why, more flowers of course!  

Our ceilings are low (about 8 feet), or at least in the hallway here they appear to be really low.  Our home is unique in that this hallway creates a cross.  You can go in four different directions, five if you count heading down to the basement.  I love older homes with all of their quirks, nothing you would probably see nowadays.  

We have a perfect circle in which you can access the dining room from either the kitchen or the foyer.  Makes for much fun when chasing a pup, round and round we go.  You know, when he has taken off with something he should not have and we are trying to get it away from him.  Anyway, this hallway needed something to liven things up a bit on the walls with our thrifted find., so let's get to it!

Materials Needed:
  1. Tension rod (adjustable to fit your desired space)
  2. Assorted flowers of your choice 
  3. Greenery (I used lambs ear, my favorite)
  4. Floral wire
  5. Scissors
  6. Ribbon (I picked up a black and white bow combo already made up for me)


Prepare the tension rod:

  • Measure the width of the wall space where you want to hang your floral arrangement.  Adjust the tension rod to fit the measured width.

Select the Flowers and Greenery:

  • Choose a variety of fresh or artificial flowers that complement your decor and personal preferences.  Consider roses, peonies, hydrangeas, or any blooms that suit your desired aesthetic.
  • Select greenery, such as eucalyptus, or lambs ear like I chose, to add depth and texture to the arrangement.  

Creating a DIY Floral Wall Arrangement

Arrange the flowers and greenery:

Trim the stems of the flowers and greenery to your desired lengths.  Varying lengths will create a dynamic and visually appealing arrangement.  
  • Start by placing the greenery stems evenly across the tension rod, arranging them to create a base for the floral arrangement. 
  • Begin adding the flowers one by one, inserting their stems into the greenery or securing them with floral wire.  Mix and match different types and colors of flowers for a vibrant and eye catching display.

Create a DIY Floral Wall Arrangement

How to create a DIY Floral Wall Arrangement

Add the Black and White Striped Bow:

You can create a bow or purchase one like I did.  My bow making skills are rather a sore sight to see.  
  • Secure the bow to the tension rod by attaching it firmly with floral wire.  

Finishing Touches and Placement:
  • Step back and assess the arrangement to ensure a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition.  
  • Make any necessary adjustment to the flowers, greenery, or bow to achieve your desired look.
  • Consider the overall color scheme of the room or hallway where the arrangement is placed, ensuring it harmonizes with the existing decor.  

DIY Floral Wall Arrangement

About now you may be wondering how I secured this floral arrangement to the wall.  Since I used a tension rod to secure all of my goodies to, I decided I would use command strips which hid quite nicely under all of my greenery and flowers.  

When I created the no sew curtains for our kitchen window, I picked up several tension rods thinking I would create several projects with them.  You know me, never in a way you may think though.  I basically took the same concept as I used at Christmastime with our Christmas easy craft, only made it so much better, or at least in my opinion, it is so much better.

DIY Floral Wall Arrangement

I love black and white, it is so classic.  When I was 18 years old and planning for my own space, I remember my mother telling me, "stop buying all of that black and white stuff".  She thought I would tire of it... here we are, well, we won't say how many years later, and I still love it!  

This simple DIY project allows you to showcase your creativity while bringing the beauty of flowers indoors.  Whether for a special occasion or as a permanent decor piece, this floral wall arrangement will surely become a stunning point that catches everyone's attention and brings jot to your home. 

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DIY Floral Wall Arrangement



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