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Monday, November 7, 2022

Christmas easy craft

Wait until you see this Christmas easy craft we are sharing today on the blog.

You can use items from around your home that you already have for Christmas decor and crafts.  I enjoy an easy craft where I can create it for free too!  Who doesn't love free crafting? 

In the past, I have shown more of my Christmas decor than really crafts.  This year?  I have some how to's to share with y'all.  I love a good craft, and Christmas crafting is the best, am I right?

Christmas for me is that time of year when I can get more creative than usual and just let it rain down in our home.  I love bits, and pieces, and sparkles everywhere when I decorate, and it is not always only around this time of year.  I have shared with you before I enjoy decorating with some of my Christmas decorations year round.  Why not?  It is my home, right?

You can leave your tree up all year round if you want.  Why not?  It is your space to decorate as you see fit.  I am an out of the box kind of gal and thinker.  I love seeing how you express yourself in your homes too!  It makes my heart full when I receive an email telling me you feel more confident in your decorating skills since I have told you there are no rules!  Make it your own, do what you want, express yourself any old way you want!

Trust me, I have muddled through enough comments, jabs, and chuckles for the both of us.  That doesn't stop me from being me, nor should you let it stop you from being you.  Who cares what others think?  

Can you tell I can really get off on a tangent some days?  Being your individual self is one of those.  Not one to follow trends, I get it.  Just always be true to yourself is my last piece of advice for the day.  Well, let's get on to the craft at hand!  

Do you recall when I shared our no sew cafe style curtains?  No?  Well, check them out if you missed them.  So easy, and a really budget friendly way to get the most bang from your buck.  I love those budget friendly shares!

If you saw those no sew curtains, then you know I used a tension rod to put them up with.  I had left over tension rods thinking I would use them somewhere around here.  The plan I had did not work out, so what's a gal to do?  Well, come up with a new plan of course.

I kept thinking about how I could use a tension rod for my Christmas decor, and I came up with an idea.  WooHoo, doing my little dance over here, want to join me?

Here is what you will need:
  1. 1 tension rod, you can use what you already have if you are like me
  2. Leftover garland, any of your choosing (mine had a pine look to them, steer clear of garland with wire, you need it pliable)
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Glue sticks
  5. 6 ft decorative ribbon
  6. 2 ornaments of your choice
  7. 1 large bow 

When I began this project, I had something very different in mind, but you know how it goes, if at first you do not succeed, try, try, try again.  Good thing I decided on a more simple approach.  Some of you have mentioned lately you love a good, simple craft so this one is one of those crafts.

As I was sitting one day at our dining room table thinking it sure is getting beat up with all of these crafts, and thinking I really needed a crafting space so my home doesn't continually look like a crime scene... I thought of those darn tension rods again.  I marched up those steps and decided that was the day those things were going to serve a new purpose.  

See?  Literally sitting at my dining room table, I am telling you, you will get nothing but honesty here.  I like to keep it real, I am a real person behind the blog.  No fluff here, dog hair everywhere, bun on my head, sweatshirt wearing fool that I am.

I decided to move the party to the kitchen where I could stand and work, and have better access to a socket to plug in my handy dandy glue gun.

Ta da... one covered tension rod in shaggy pine looking garland.  Great Cara, now what?  You seem so proud, ha!

I thought the same myself, like what exactly am I doing here?  How is this going to work for Christmas decor?  What in the world are you doing Cara?  Then I decided to have fun and play around.  I mean why not?  If you are going to make a mess of the house, you might as well enjoy yourself.  

So then I went and grabbed a plaid bow and attached it to my garland covered tension rod... I do laugh at myself on a daily basis, it's okay if you want to laugh along with me.  Don't worry, I plan to do something with this thing, gem, whatever you want to call it.

I failed to mention, this whole project came about because of this Farm Fresh Christmas Trees sign I picked up many years ago.  When I hung it, I thought ohh.. and not in a good way.  I did my scrunchie face where I am thinking, and disgusted at the same time.  There was no way I could leave just that sign on the wall even if it is only our hallway.  It needed a bit more pizzazz because it did not want to be lonely hanging on the wall all by it's lonesome.  

As you can see, I went and grabbed a six foot piece of ribbon garland I sometimes put on our family tree and looped it around our tension rod garland and then let it droop a bit.

I looked at it this way and that... 

Then I kept looking at it from different angles.  It is a hallway and trying to get a good photo is sometimes difficult in this hall.  I thought nope, it needs something else.  So I made dinner, and kept thinking on it.

Then right before hubby came home, I had a eureka moment.  I will add the one thing every Christmas needs!

Yep ornaments, that is what it needed!

Then everything seemed to be right in the world, minus one longer hook than the other ornament.  Good grief... what a day it was searching for two matching hooks.  Sounds easy?  It would be nice if I could locate the extra hooks I purchased.  I am hoping when I get more ornaments out I can find two the same length!

Do you love seeing everything decked out for Christmas and just has that way of making you smile from ear to ear?  I know it has the same affect on me year after year.

Well, what do you know, I found matching hooks, and just in the knick of time to share with you today.  Yeah for small miracles in the never ending jumbled up mess of Christmas d├ęcor I have EVERYWHERE!  

And since I am all about a vintage Christmas this year and nostalgia more than usual... I thought I would share with you a few vintage like Santa's I recently came across.  I do not know about you, but when the big man begins to make his appearance, I get a bit giddy.  He always has a way of lifting the spirits every year.  I think that is why I decided to drag everything out early this year, or earlier than I normally do.  

I can see the small Santa container filled with bits of pine and maybe a few candy canes for a cute display.  OR you could fill it to the brim with candy and offer them to visitors when they come for the holidays, or how about using it to put your silverware in for the table and use as a Santa caddy?

The Victorian Santa really reminded me of my mother's house growing up.  She always had a formal living room and what we called "Mom's Tree".  It was decked out in many ornaments she had painted long ago including Victorian doll heads.  She has not been able to decorate a tree the past few years with Grandma being in a wheelchair so we have not seen her tree in a few years. 

That Santa mug!  Oh my goodness, I have been on the search for Santa mugs everywhere!  I had found one that was a true vintage piece, but it was too expensive for my taste.  WOW!  They are up there in price, that's okay, this one will do just fine for me!    

And finally the rice crispy Santa, my husband loves things like this, I am thinking Santa just may put one or two in his stocking this year, but shh.. he does not need to know that! 

That's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed this simple holiday craft and a few items we found this week.  I do love being on the search for those vintage inspired items I so love.  

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  1. Love how you added just a little extra Christmas to thsi cute sign.

    1. Thank you so much Linda! Sometimes I think those small details are what makes the holidays so memorable, spending time with loved ones and all of the decorations are my favorite parts of Christmas!