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Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Creative Towel Bar Alternatives

Towel Bar Alternatives

Discover innovative and space-saving towel bar alternatives to elevate your bathroom decor.  Explore two unique and stylish options for towel holders or bars, perfect for small bathrooms or those seeking a fresh and modern approach to towel storage.  

Space-saving towel storage solutions

You may ask are towel bars still a thing?  You betcha!  We use ours multiple times a day without fail, but can you believe I survived a whole decade without one in my upstairs bath?  The nerve-racking bathroom where life happens, and there I was towel bar-less!

I know, it's preposterous!  Let me spill a secret: I love snooping around houses on the market for inspiration, but rarely find myself looking at new homes.  Recently, I noticed something peculiar about these newer homes though - they seemed to be hiding all the towel bars!  Cue my super sleuth persona, and off I went on a mission to uncover the truth.

And boy, was I in for a surprise!  Turns out, towel bars have become an endangered species in modern homes - they've gone MIA!  What a travesty!

Now, let me take you back to the towel bar misadventures in my own home.  There was this bizarre towel bar with suction cups and straight pins attached to the vanity on day one of our house ownership.  I mean, really, who even does that?  Needless to say, it lasted about as long as a snowflake in summer.

Next up, our upstairs bath once had a towel bar inside the tub, but it met its untimely demise after an epic soap-dropping incident.  I bashed my head on that chrome contraption so hard that the bar decided to part ways with the wall.  Ouch!

And get this - no other towel bars in that bathroom!  Can you imagine drying your hands while leaning over the tub?  Or worse, having a dry towel inside the shower with you as you bathe?  That's like inviting a wet towel disaster.

To compensate for the towel bar drought, I tried placing hand towels on the counter for some time.  Seemed like a brilliant idea, until Bentley came along and turned it into his personal towel tug-of-war game.  Not ideal.

Then there was the issue of drying bath towels before they went down the clothes chute - the shower curtain rod became their makeshift hangout spot.  Not that it's a bad idea, but you know, I like to keep my shower curtain closed.  Call me weird, but I prefer to spare guests the sight of wet walls post-shower.  

Open wall space, hip, hip, hooray!

How I remedied my towel bar issues?  If you read our Fab Friday Finds last year, you will know I loved a rather long towel bar I saw and shared here some time ago.  I thought we would try something similar, but the curb find I had in mind would not work, it was too long for our wall.  Bummer!  

So, on to Plan B - I picked up a trio of stylish hooks from our local dollar store and mounted them on the wall with our Black and Decker Level Laser.  Ta-da!  Now we have a chic spot to hang our wet towels post-shower.  Hurray for creativity!  

Black and Decker Level Laser

Using a laser level

Non-traditional towel hanging ideas

To tackle the hand towel situation, a black beaded garland wrapped around our light sconce turned out perfect!  It doubled as a nifty hand towel holder.  Who knew a little creativity could go a long way?  Me!  I did.  😉

Non-traditional towel hanging ideas

Towel holder alternatives

DIY towel bar options

Towel holder alternatives

Gone are the days of lost hand towels and soggy shower curtains.  Thanks to towel bar ingenuity, I bid farewell to those towel-less struggles.  Yeah for us!  

Curious about some of our photos on the wall?  All photos taken by my grandfather while he was overseas during WWII and training camp.  I tried several times to get decent photos, but there was a glare every time.  

What a marvelous transformation!  Our wall adorned with those stylish hooks, and my grandfather's WWII photos captured while he was in training and overseas.  It's a touching display marrying history and decor in perfect harmony.  

Innovative towel display methods

Creative towel hanging solutions

Here's to towel bars, the heroes of home organization, and quirky home hacks.  Around here, we roll with creativity and never back down from a challenge - just like the good old days when chores were part of growing up.  Cheers!

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  1. Those beads draped over the sconce is such a genius idea!! That's SO cute, Cara! Thanks so much for sharing at Home Imagined this week!

    1. For some reason, I rarely use items for what they are intended for. I guess that is part of the fun for me.