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Monday, February 1, 2021

How to make no sew pillows

I wish I could tell you I was a master sewer and that I had made clothes, and curtains, and created button holes, and knew how to follow a pattern... but the truth is, I cannot sew to save my life.  I can sew a button back on pants, or a shirt, hemming... I have tried it, after all, I am a short gal, but am I good or even decent at it?  Nope, and nope.  So today's post is about making a pillow out of curtains, but I can assure you there are no sewing skills necessary.  

Do you recall the custom curtains in every room when we purchased this home?  I have been wanting to do something with the curtains, but I was not sure what project to pick.  I hate seeing something go to waste so I decided on pillows.  

How to turn old drapes into pillows

I started with one panel, this panel is a salmon like color.  They had this color in a bedroom, bath, and the living room so I have a lot of this material/curtains in my possession...  I am not quite sure what I will do with all of it... if you have suggestions, I am all ears!   

How to cut drapes to make pillows

I started ripping out the seam along one side of the curtain from the lined side.  I can use a seam ripper like a champ... 

How to rip out seams on curtains

I continued to rip the seams on both sides of the curtain panel until I got to the top where the French pleat was connected.

Cutting curtains for pillows

Here I have ripped the curtain out up to the pleats.  I thought I may be able to rip out the seams on the pleats too, but then I decided I would just cut at the pleat across.  

How to repurpose old drapes

I cut the top of the curtain off (the pleat) and laid out my material.

How to make no sew pillows

There was a smaller panel of material on the end and I ripped out this seam as well so I was working with a smaller panel of material.  Trust me, I am making it up as I go at this point.  Trial and error is how we learn what works and what does not.  

How to prep your material to make pillows

I folded the material in half, then cut at the half on the fold.

How to make easy no sew pillows

I folded the material in half again and cut on the fold once again.

How to turn old drapes into no sew pillows

I cut down two sides so they matched up.  (I was a little off.)

How to hot glue material

I put the nicer side of the material facing each other.  Then I started gluing down the material and pressing the material together.  

Material beside hot glue gun

Then I started gluing down the next side and then the third side.

Hot gluing material together to make a pillow

You can kind of see here when I was gluing down the third side where it had created a "pocket."

Turning fabric inside out for pillow cover

I then began to turn the material inside out.

How to turn all drapes into a pillow that you hot glue together

As you can see it created a rounded corner where the material was glued together.

How to make a pillow without sewing

Here is the pillow laid out.

Pillow cover laying flat

How the pillow cover turned out

I have plans for this pillow so I will only show you to this point.  You do not need mad sewing skills to put together a pillow.  If you have them, then maybe you can provide sewing classes to me.  I will prove to be your most challenging student yet... not on purpose mind you, I am just lost.  I definitely did not get the sewing gene that runs through my family.  Most of them can sew, make clothing, curtains... the list goes on.  When I figure out what my super power is, I will let you know.

So, what we learned today is that I have zero sewing skills, and you do not need to know how to sew in order to make a pillow.  I am convinced you can pretty much hot glue your way through anything provided you have enough glue on hand. I work with what I have and use the skills I have in life to figure out what I want to do.  I do not let much hold me back.    

So.. no sewing skills, no problem, you can glue it!  😉 

Styled no sew pillow seamed together with hot glue

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