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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Craft Rub on Transfers

From Trash to Treasure: Unleash Your Inner Artist with Rub-On Transfers

Breathe new life into old objects! Explore a world of creative possibilities with rub-on transfers. Upcycle tin cans, glass jars, and more into stunning home décor. Discover inspiration for every room and unleash your inner artist, all on a budget!

Rub on Transfers for Spring

Get ready for another whimsical world of rub-on transfers blog post! We've already explored countless ways to breathe new life into everyday objects with these versatile embellishments. We've tackled fabric, terra cotta pots, decoupaged eggs, and even paper, transforming them into unique and beautiful pieces.

But the creative possibilities don't stop there! Today, we're taking things a step further with even more inspiring ideas to get your upcycling juices flowing.

Now, I'm not one to shy away from a well-planned project, but sometimes inspiration strikes in the most unexpected ways. These are the times when a project unfolds organically, one step leading to the next.

Take, for instance, a recent Easter project. I envisioned a charming tin can vase to add a touch of whimsy to my upcoming Easter buffet. After all, beautiful décor doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Sometimes, the simplest ideas have the most impact.

Easter decor
Large Tin Can

Many of you have reached out, expressing surprise at the sheer versatility of a humble tin can. To be honest, that revelation came as a surprise to me as well! It all began with a newfound commitment to upcycling what we already had around the house. Everything started to take on a new perspective.

Not too long ago, I was oblivious to the sheer amount of waste we generate week after week. Determined to minimize our environmental footprint, I embarked on a mission to give everyday objects a second life.

Let me tell you, there's no stopping me once I'm on a mission (perhaps a hint of that Type-A personality peeking through!). I started by holding onto things before discarding them, letting them sit on the counter for a few days. As ideas began to percolate, my creativity took flight. Tin cans transformed into planters, silverware holders, vases, and even decorative accents.

Imagine the possibilities when you unleash your own creative spirit! With the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle firmly in mind, here are some more ways to put those spring-themed rub-on transfers to good use:

Tiered Tray Magic:

We begin with a seemingly ordinary block of wood left behind on our porch by our contractor. Instead of letting it become landfill fodder, I saw its potential as a delightful tiered tray decoration for the upcoming Easter table. But then another thought struck me: what if this could also serve as dollhouse furniture?

Those tiny pieces in dollhouses often come at a premium. This block of wood, no different from classic wooden building blocks, could be repurposed for imaginative play. To make it child-friendly, I wrapped the edges in decorative washi tape, eliminating the need for sanding (although sanding would be ideal for gifting purposes, also being painted with a non-toxic water based paint or one designed specifically for toys).

DIY Dollhouse Furniture
Block of Wood

Imagine the joy of creating DIY dollhouse furniture on a shoestring budget! Rub-on transfers featuring chairs, plants, and various other charming elements open doors to endless creative possibilities. Picture the excitement of crafting miniature furniture for the little ones in your life!

This block of wood could become a charming shelf sitter, adding a touch of personality to any corner of your home. Or, picture it perched on the ledge above a doorway, transforming into a decorative element that complements your trim. The possibilities are truly endless when you consider the simple combination of a block of wood and a rub-on transfer sticker. Just a moment's thought opens the door to a world of creative potential!

A Refreshing Transformation:

Next, a donated lemonade canister found its way into my upcycling haven. This time, I opted for a different approach, skipping the usual scrapbook paper or decoupage napkin route. Instead, I embraced the power of paint. Waverly Ivory Chalk Paint transformed the entire canister, applied in a delightful stippling pattern.

creative reuse
Cardboard Canister 

The finishing touch? A charming watering can rub-on transfer overflowing with vibrant blue hydrangeas. Adorable, right? This upcycled beauty is destined to return to its original owner, a hydrangea enthusiast who is sure to be delighted.

Sweet Treats in Chic Packaging:

My Grandma Rosezella has a legendary sweet tooth. Her freezer was always stocked with homemade peanut butter fudge, a delectable treat waiting for her grandkids to devour. When it comes to gift-giving for her, chocolate or any kind of candy is a guaranteed win.

With Easter approaching, I thought a sweet treat would be the perfect gift, but why settle for the original packaging when a touch of whimsy can elevate the presentation? I offered her a choice of chick, bunny, or cross rub-on transfers for her candy jar. While she opted for the chick, details remained a mystery.

Grandma's used to my antics, knowing that a creative surprise is always on the horizon. And who doesn't love brightening someone's day with a touch of handmade cheer?

DIY candy dish
Candy Jar

For this project, I simply upcycled a glass spaghetti jar into an adorable candy dish. Sure, it's not technically a dish, but it will hold her sweet treats securely, complete with a lid to prevent spillage.

what to do with a spaghetti jar
Spaghetti Jar & Syrup Bottle

A Record-Setting Planter:

Moving on to my sister, a kindred spirit with a vintage soul. Her love for her record player is well-known. Whenever I visit, the sounds of vinyl always fill the air – she's a self-proclaimed "vinyl addict." But when the Victrola takes a break, this glass syrup bottle can transform into a cheery plant simply by flipping it around!

reuse glass syrup bottle
Glass Syrup Bottle

Unexpected Gems:

Don't underestimate the potential of ordinary household items! Imagine a large tuna can transformed! Instead of ending up in the recycling bin, it becomes this adorable piece of hanging décor. Baby chicks and ferns, brought to life with a rub-on transfer sticker, adorn its surface. This unexpected upcycled treasure adds a touch of whimsy to any space.

recycle tuna can
Large Tuna Can

Speaking of repurposing, a friend's generous donation of a whole tote of Pringles cans became a treasure trove for upcycling! One of those canisters couldn't wait to be transformed. How cute is this? A Pringles can turned into whimsical windmill décor with the help of some rub-on transfers. This unexpected upcycled gem is a testament to the endless possibilities that lie within ordinary household items.

Pringles can recycle
Pringles Can

These are just a few examples to spark your imagination! Everyday objects can be transformed into beautiful and functional pieces with a little creativity and some handy rub-on transfers. It all starts with seeing the potential in the overlooked – a tin can, a discarded block of wood, or even a humble glass jar.

So, the next time you're about to toss something away, take a moment to pause. With a bit of imagination and some rub-on transfers, you might just discover a hidden treasure waiting to be unearthed!

Upcycled silver tray
Upcycled Silver Tray

Bonus Tip:

Feeling overwhelmed by a mountain of craft supplies? You're not alone! Consider pairing down your stash by incorporating them into your upcycled creations. This not only declutters your space but also breathes new life into those forgotten treasures.

This will conclude our rub on transfer challenge, unless inspiration strikes, and you request more ideas (I'd hate to see you become bored with rub on transfers). I have thoroughly enjoyed the many ideas we have shared, and I hope you have too. Happy crafting (and upcycling)!



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  1. I am loving all of these upcycling ideas, thank you for sharing your inspiration with us!

    1. Hi, I am so glad you are enjoying the upcycling ideas, they are my favorite sort to work on. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I'm a huge fan of transfers and you have quite a lovely collection. The chick in the basket is just darling.

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I really enjoyed coming up with so many ideas using the rub on transfers. I am not competitive with others, but I sure am with myself. I think it is why I enjoy giving myself new challenges to work on.

  3. Baby chicks in a tuna can? Cuteness overload and such a clever idea!

    1. Thank you Ann, I had so much fun creating all of these ideas. :)

  4. Can you even with these amazing ideas, Cara! I would seriously not have even thought of half of these. I love how you personalized so many of them for your family members too. That was such a thoughtful touch! That tray at the end with the chick in the little basket is gorgeous. On the hunt for some transfers. I've loved all your ideas. Big hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you CoCo, I really enjoyed working with these fun rub on transfers, and I think a challenge is good for me every now and then, keeps my creative juices flowing. I hope I was able to give you some unique ideas.

  5. I can't get over how many cute things you made by upcycling items and putting adorable transfers on them! The silver tray with the chick is the cutest thing ever! So many possibilities to decorate for Spring!

    1. Thank you so much Donna. While I may not be competitive with others, I am competitive with myself. I love creating challenges where I have to take trash and make it into home decor.