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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A Dog's Love

Our peanut is our world... he is quite a challenge, but he is loved very much.  I think I have mentioned I have had dogs my whole life, all Labradors.  They are great dogs and each one has a special place in my heart.

When I lost my last Lab, I said no more dogs, it was heart wrenching.  I had the hardest time letting go.... they really worm their way into your heart and my heart is nothing but a melty marshmallow mess when it comes to pooches... 

Puppy playing with toy

Look mom, it's my halo...  LOL... he is quite ornery and has quite the personality.  He is finally settling in, just turned 2 on Christmas Day.  He still chews all of my things up, and I wonder why I try to have nice things in our home, still barks at every little sound in our home, still occasionally nips when he doesn't want to do something, grumps around, sasses back, grumbles like a teenager, and decides if he will do something or not, you will not tell him... but he will protect this house, will not let some folks anywhere near me (sometimes including Mr. Vintage), will follow me everywhere I go, cuddles with me on his terms, and has stolen my heart... something I did not think I could give again... he makes me laugh daily, tries my patience, and I like to think makes me a better person because he challenges me everyday. Literally, every day... he has his own personality... 

Puppy chewing on toy

It's amazing to me how much having a dog can mellow you out, because they love you unconditionally, are happy to see you even if you are only gone 15 minutes, and just want to be loved back.  They brighten our lives, bring joy, laughter, and love to us...

Puppy sleeping on couch

I am so glad I let this little peanut into our home, our lives, and our love.  He makes our life complete... 

Dog pouting

In case you wondered, this peanut is a German Shepherd Beagle mix... we get that question a lot about him.  I never thought I would have anything other than another Lab, but you know, he is so unique in his own way, I would never want him to be anything other than what he is.  He has my 💗.

Are you a dog lover? Any stories you would like to share?   


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