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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Peanut's wonderful world

Searching for laughs, stories about a spoiled pooch and learn about his woes?  This pooch thinks he is mistreated, but when you hear about his life, you will just laugh and shake your head. 

Peanut has been good and ornery at the same time this past week.  Friday evening he decided to slip out of bed and go downstairs after we all laid down for the night.  Hubby asked where he was, I turned on the light and he had pulled a disappearing act.  We used to jump out of bed and go running through the house looking for him, but we thought he was just hungry and went down to get something to eat.  He is a grazer so we fill up his bowl and let him eat when he wants.

I dozed off, Mr. Vintage went in search of this stinker.  At first he could not find him... then he went to the dining room, flipped on the light and found he was under the dining room table.  This is never a good sign because this is where he goes to do all of the bad things he enjoys doing so much. 

Mr. Vintage looked under the table and saw he had found a microfiber towel.  We were unsure where he found this one... but hubby tried to get it from him.  He does the army crawl under the table forwards and backwards, and he is pretty fast when he does this, it's almost like he is on fast forward and rewind...  Hubby decided he would try with distraction and rang the doorbell.  Peanut came running, but once he figured out what his daddy was doing, he went running back to the dining room to grab the towel again.  So Mr. Vintage went outside, rang the doorbell and he went running to the front door this time.  Mr. Vintage runs back in, closes the dining room door... peanut decides the heck with this, and ran upstairs to get in bed with mom.  Finally hubby was able to get the towel, lucky for him, it was not chewed up which is something we expected... 

So, with him not chewing up the towel, I decided to give him a ball he loves... bad decision on my part... he chewed one part of it and ate it.  Of course, he threw up in bed Saturday night at 2:30 AM... stripping the bed in the middle of the night it not something that exactly makes me happy... I could have kicked his rear end... because I did not wake when he threw up, just when he decided to try to hide the evidence.  That is what woke me up.  I had to pull him away and get everything off of the bed stat.  I explained to him that Mom and Dad need their sleep and stripping beds in the middle of the night is not ideal... if you are like my mother you may be saying to yourself, Cara, are you expecting him to answer you back.  She said that to me the other day, I laughed... I have always talked to my pups... but I tell you this one, he seems to understand... lol. 

One day last week, I was working and I heard a small noise... I knew it was coming from him, but I thought he was asleep and dreaming... I kept hearing him in our bedroom and I thought at least someone around here is sleeping good.  I got up for a break and decided to check on him.  He was laying at the foot of the bed looking at the floor...

He was not asleep, he was crying because he couldn't get his ball.  The way he was looking at the floor, I assumed the ball was under the table in our bedroom.  I got down on the floor, nope, it was not there.  I ask him what is your issue?  He jumps over top of me on the floor and goes barking along... I look at the bed and there is his dryer ball AND his hockey balls both stuck down between the mattress and footboard.  I said are you kidding me?  You could have totally reached those!  I threw them both out in the hallway and he went chasing after them...

All those little noises was not him sleeping... he was letting out little cries so I would come running to him to get his toys for him... we have started calling him "Your Highness", or "Prince" here lately.  We are beginning to think he believes we are his servants... talk about spoiled... and I'm not sure how this has happened...  he has always been a demanding little stinkpot, but this has gotten almost comical...

Mr. Vintage was eating his dinner the other night and peanut was laying beside me on the loveseat.  Hubby goes to give him a bit of his dinner and peanut just lays there looking at him like, do you actually think I am going to get up off of this couch for your scraps?  I do not think so daddy, if you want me to have it, then you need to get up and lean over closer to me.  We just laughed... but at the same time, we are like we have our hands full with this one...

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He is our little ornery guy who we love sharing with others.  He seems to keep our friends and family in stitches because he is always up to something... we hope you enjoy hearing about his mischievous ways too. 

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