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Saturday, October 16, 2021

How to make Christmas ornaments from paper

Searching for how to make Christmas ornaments from paper?  We are excited to show you how to make ornaments from paper napkins.  

How to make Christmas ornaments from paper beagle with squirrel on his head

Call me crazy, but I was thinking about Christmas ornaments before July.  I had this idea and thought oh, I need to make this happen!  So, way back when, I made the first ornament.

The more that I have made, the more I have learned of course, like anything really.  You learn how to perfect things as you go.

Since I did not inherit the painting skills in our family, I have to be creative in other ways.  Oh, how I wish I could paint!  I would do it for hours and hours... 

Black Lab and Cat ornaments for Christmas

Since I lack in the painting department, I came up with this little idea.  My first go at this, I picked up a pack of small 4x4 canvases.  I thought this size would be the perfect ornament size for our Christmas tree.

Then I picked up the cutest pup napkins!  I found one with a Black Lab and Cat on it and the other was a Regal Beagle which of course is no longer in stock.  Darn it!  We had to have a beagle gracing our tree... especially with our kiddo's nemesis, the squirrel.  He is not a fan of the one who is always running around our yard.

In process photo of how to make Christmas ornaments

Once the napkins came, I knew the 4x4 inch canvases would not work with the pup napkins I chose.  I decided to increase size and go with a 5x5 canvas.  This one worked out perfectly with the napkins I chose.  Don't worry, I still use the 4x4's, but a little differently.  

I will not share all of my trial runs at this (there were many)... what I found worked out best was to apply Mod Podge to the canvas with my finger.  Yep, we are going way back to the elementary days.... good thing I did not mind getting glue all over my hands as much this time around...

Paper napkin with Black Lab and Car wit skis

Why yes, I was one of those kids who hated to get dirty!  If I got water on my shirt, I wanted to go change my clothes.  I was constantly changing clothes as a kid if I got ANYTHING on me.  It drove me nuts and probably in turn my mother since I increased the laundry loads!

Sidetracked... as I was saying... I applied the Mod Podge with my finger to the canvas and made sure to cover the entire canvas.  I had already prepped my napkins by separating them, I found for this project the single ply worked best.  I tried to leave two ply, and it bunched up on me more (these were 3 ply napkins).  

Mod Podge ornament making

I patted the napkin down so it would absorb all of that lovely Mod Podge.  Then since I have learned a thing or two, I did take a piece of saran wrap and placed it over the entire piece and smoothed out all of the crinkles in the napkin.  I removed the saran wrap and then let them dry.  I did not learn the saran wrap trick on the one I took the in process photos.

Can you imagine an entire tree of pups?  Oh that would be so much fun!  I have not yet decided which tree these will go on yet.  I am thinking our family tree which we put up in our tv room.  We have small trees for the dining room, and a large tree in our living room, and a smallish tree in our bedroom... you get the idea.  Christmas everywhere here.  

Ornament drying

I have decided to even decorate our kitchen this year.  In years past, I only had one small metal tree in the kitchen.  I have a small tree for the bathroom too.  I am thinking this year, I will beef things up a bit.  I already have a plan for the kitchen in my mind!  


Growing up, our household put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving every year.  We had a tree in our family room with all of our ornaments given to us over the years. 

Then our mother had a tree in her living room.  She painted Victorian doll heads, see talent there... me?  Not so much!  She even has Christmas carolers who are in her front window that she painted.  She used to paint ceramics quite often.  She could make the eyes look realistic.  If I get to visit soon, I will have to share these items with you.  I did get my love of decorating from her.  She said she is not as much into as she has gotten older since it is a lot of work, but in her hey day?  WOW is all I can say.  

My grandparents began a tradition with the first grandchild to give an ornament to each of us grandkids so once we were grown up, we would have enough for our own trees as adults.  I love this family tradition and tell everyone I know about it so they can begin it with their families too.  

Black and white paper ornament classic toile pattern

I cherish each and every one of those ornaments.  Once things get rolling around here, I will share with you my favorite ornaments, there are so many!  I get so excited to see them every year and recall Christmas' past.  

Are you getting excited for Christmas?  I know we are!  Our peanut is too!  If you missed him getting excited when I turned on the Christmas music, you can read about it here.    


Beagle, Black Lab, and black and white ornaments

Now you can see all of the variations I have been working on.  I also tried a wax over the Lab and Cat, it made it so shiny the details were kind of hard to see so I decided against it for the rest.  

Sometimes you just have to get in there and make mistakes and learn what works best.     

I love black and white together, it is so classic.  I have a roll of twine, cut a piece, and used Mod Podge to twist the ends together once I made a loop, then I hot glued the twine to each ornament on the back.  I am thinking the black and whites need a little glitter or something... we will see if I make changes before the tree is up.   

I am getting so excited to start seeing those changes come about this year.  We decided on a week later vacation so I will be a little behind on us getting Christmas going this year.  We usually take the last week of October off, but this year, we decided on the first week of November.  

I will keep you posted as I get things rolling.  Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!  

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