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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Christmas music in October

Need someone to lift your spirits?  This pup does the trick for us, we hope he does the same for you.  We never know what he will come up with next.  

Am I not the cutest thing ever?  Of course mom may be partial... 

Mr. VS woke up in a grumpy mood yesterday morning, so what does Cara do?  Oh, I blasted Christmas music so loudly!  Yep, it is the cure all around here for grumpy moods... what does peanut do?  Begins running around like the nut he is picking up his street hockey balls, throwing one up in the air while trying to play soccer with the other.

What can I say?  We have fun around here... Mr. Grumpy Pants left for work, and peanut went running down the hall trying to catch him before he left.  

He stopped dead in his tracks and turned and looked at me like, oh, mommy I thought we were having fun singing Christmas music and playing... and can you believe daddy left in the middle of it?

I said I know... we will reserve the fun and Christmas music for us!  He then began to run around and stop for a snack at his bowl, then run some more, playing soccer down the hall with this ball.  

He can be quite comical to watch when he is trying to get three balls down the hallway.  He tries his darndest to get them all down the hall at once.  One in his mouth, and then tries to keep the other two between his legs as he volleys them back and forth down the hall.  

He makes us laugh on a daily basis and smile from ear to ear.  Little does he know, he and Christmas music are the cure all for all bad moods.  

As he is playing I decided to take a gander at Christmas collars with a bow tie for him.  Wow!  There are so many to choose from.  I will have to make a decision soon though.  It is his signature look, you know.

Curious how the bow ties became a thing for our peanut?  Well, do you recall the movie Problem Child from the 1990's and how he always wore a bow tie?  If you have followed us for any length of time, you know we have been through many ups and downs with this kiddo, but that movie so reminded us of him!  So, that is the story of the bow ties and how they became a thing.

He loves them too!  When we take one off to exchange for another, he gets a little testy about it and is like put it back on parents!  Now!  It is MINE!  Well, you know everything in this home is HIS!  The bow ties?  That is like his off limits item.  He does not like to be without them now.

If you read about our most recent emergency visit to the vet, then you know he was suffering from an allergic reaction to a bug bite.  Do you know he is petrified to go into the grass still?  I was taking him out this morning and he slowly stepped out a few steps into the grass... sniffing... sniffing... then runs back to the safety of mom!

I am not sure how we are going to get him over this hump?  His vet indicated that he knows what it was that bit or stung him.  We do not treat our grass in the backyard since he tends to eat grass and there are a lot of bees back there... so I am wondering if he was stung by a bee.


This poor kiddo does not need to be traumatized anymore.  Oh, our problem child... 

Do you have something that lifts your spirits like Christmas music does for us?  If you have a dog, are they a handful like this one?  We'd love to hear your pup stories.  We can honestly say life would be so boring around here without him.  

On that thought... hope you have a wonderful Thursday!  And, oh yes, he lays on his things so no one can touch them.  He is an ornery one that is for sure!    

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