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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Vintage Santa Claus

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Searching vintage Santa Claus?  We have just the vintage inspired Santa Claus to share with you today. 

Vintage Christmas decorations can be difficult to locate, but they do not always have to be.  You can find all sorts of vintage inspired Christmas decorations out there waiting to be had.  Vintage Santa Claus is my favorite as you will soon see!

Can you believe we already received our Antique Farmhouse find?  Were you trying to guess which piece I would choose?  You had to know I would choose another vintage inspired Santa, right?  I mean, I do have a home overflowing with Christmas decorations, and Santa is my go to man, my main squeeze, my numeral uno... you get the point.

There is no Christmas without Santa... or at least that is my opinion.  I fell in love with that man long ago...

My decision was actually quite easy, but the hard part? Choosing which Santa to pick!  I actually went with a small, 8x10 Santa.  Oh, I know... I thought about a large Santa, but then thought you know what?  Small is the way to go since I have so many Santa's sprinkled throughout our home this year.  

There are vintage Santa's, and Victorian Santa's, robust Santa's, and 1950's Santa's, one can never have too many Santa's... am I right?

Believe in the magic is my most favorite statement for the holiday season.  It always has been, and I do not see that changing any time soon, if ever.  It offers hope, and I think after the few years we've had as a society, we deserve a little magic and hope.  Do you agree?  If so, read on to find out more about Santa, and dreams, and Christmas cheer, and believing in the magic of Christmas.  

I like to think there is always a bit of magic in our lives, don't you?  Sometimes you have to believe it in order to see it.  I am one of those hopeless romantics who loves those Christmas Hallmark movies to pieces, and gets all misty eyed during the movies where everything always turns out so perfectly, as they always do, as they were always meant to.

Oh, I know that is not life, but can't we just dream, and wish for it anyway?  This little ole blog is my happy place, and I'd like to think it is yours too.  So, let's take a break from the realities of life, and dream up our perfect Santa sprinkling cheer and magic everywhere we go.  We can be his elves, doing our part spreading the magic everywhere we go!

I know I have mentioned this before, but since we have so many new faces, and some of us may have forgotten, I will share with you how my parents kept the magic of Christmas alive for us for so many years.

Back before there was an Elf on the Shelf, or automated letters from Santa, there was one mom and one dad who made sure to make each Christmas perfect for two children.  Sounds like a fairytale, doesn't it?  I like to think of Christmas' past as those fairytales where there is magic, and happiness, and smiles all around.

There were letters sent to Santa, and replies received in perfectly written cursive handwriting.  You see, we would never figure this part out, we knew our mother's handwriting, and our father always printed when he would write, but for those beloved letters from Santa, he would bring out his beautiful penmanship and write those letters back to us every year.  

He would address things that had happened recently (like arguments between two sisters, ha!) and make note of something we had written to Santa.  We were never the wiser and never knew our father was the one writing Santa's responses to us.  Just another way our parents kept the magic going for so many years.

I recall getting those return letters, and thinking how in the world did he know about that?  He has to be real if he knows what happens on the inside of our home, right?  Our parents really used the "Santa is always watching" phrase whenever they could to keep us from misbehaving.  Since Santa always knew what we were up to, how could we dispute this statement? 

They were also excellent at hiding gifts in our home, we never opened a closet door to find the Christmas loot, ever.  Now that I think about it, I should ask where the hiding spots were!  

Every year we would leave Christmas Eve to spend the holiday with my cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents only to return home to gifts under the tree.  I mean, if there were no gifts under the tree when we left and when we returned, the gifts were all there, how is that even possible?  So many things that happened in our household unexplained for so long is the reason my sister and I believed in Santa long past other children of our age, and I would guess is why we believed in the Magic of Christmas.  Do you know it may have a bit of bearing as I love a magical season of Christmas as an adult too.

I think I will wait and explain in greater detail as we get the holidays underway about how growing up in our home and the holidays were spent.  I love a good story, don't you?

My husband and I were recently watching a Christmas movie, and the children were small, yet they did not believe in Santa.  We thought what a miss that was, believing in Santa is like a right of passage, a way to have hope in something tangible you cannot see.  I know some folks would not agree with me, and that is okay, we all have our opinions, but for us... we love keeping that sparkle alive in our home.  

Even our pup knows who Santa Claus is.  All we have to do is mention Santa Claus, and he stops what he is doing immediately and looks at the television or looks around like where is he?  Yep, no human children here, but that little Beagle German Shepherd stinker is our kiddo and he gets to do so many things that children do.  

Well, to get back to our Antique Farmhouse vintage inspired Santa, it is well made, and has some weight to it which surprised me due to it's size.  Typically an 8x10 piece will be light in weight.  The wood frame has been stained, and that Santa face is just perfect to go along with my vintage Christmas sprinkled here, and there, and everywhere.  I especially loved being able to see the wood grain behind the white paint and Santa Claus image.    

Doesn't it just remind you of those vintage Christmas ads from long ago?  I cannot wait to show you some items they have that actually are excellent vintage inspired pieces of some items we have picked up along the way in our own home.  Goes to show you that you do not need to spend time going to antique stores, and flea markets, wasting gas in search of your perfect vintage Christmas decor.  All you need to do is hop over to their site and spend the afternoon searching for that perfect piece.  I do love searching out those perfect pieces!  Do you?

I have displayed him in many different areas of our home in search of the perfect place.  I didn't want to show too much of our surprises though so you are only getting snippets of Christmas cheery d├ęcor for now.  I am just not ready to share our Christmas decorations yet.  Still working... don't worry they will be coming soon along with some Christmas crafts.  What fun!

I am thinking on our bench is his final home for Santa this holiday season, but maybe not... guess you will need to stick around to find out.  ❤  Take a look at just a few vintage Santa's I have shared below.  Are you thinking about Christmas yet?  For me, it has always been about the decorations, and spending quality time with family.

We stopped exchanging gifts years ago.  We have everything we need, and it really does take the pressure off the holiday season so we can just sit back, and relax and enjoy our time.  If we had littles in our family, we would of course purchase gifts for them, but we only have pup children.  Oh don't worry, our pup kiddos are plenty spoiled and get their gifts each Christmas, plus... Christmas is actually Bentley's birthday too!  We could never leave those loved ones out during the spirit of the holiday.  

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!  

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