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Friday, June 25, 2021

Dinner on the fly

Searching for what to do with left over rice?  Here we share with you how to make a second meal from leftover wild rice. 

Sometimes you just have to make dinner on the fly.  What you already have made or on hand, but spicing it up a bit with a different twist.  Have left overs?  Give them a make over... Lol... funny when you change dinner up sometimes it is more appealing the second time around.

Mushroom, rice, chicken with sauce

Do you use left overs and change them up when you make them the second time around or leave them as is?  I made the chicken thigh recipe I have shared with you before this week.  I decided the chicken thighs would be pretty good over wild rice.  I had a small packet of wild rice on hand and the directions stated to make the entire bag (8 oz).  I followed the directions on the rice packet letting it simmer on the burner for 45-50 minutes.  Wow, did that rice plump up and was there ever soo much of it too!    

Cooked wild rice

I put the leftover wild rice in the fridge and thought I will come up with something else tomorrow night.  Yes, the picture above is leftovers... I was like what am I supposed to do with all of this rice?  

Meal one?  We had the chicken thighs.  Meal two?  I cut up portabella and white cap mushrooms, added the wild rice, gluten free mushroom soup, half of an onion to the mixture and said ok now what?  Chicken tenders to the rescue, I cut up chicken tenders and let them cook over the burner until they were no longer pink.  Chicken tenders are great when you are short on time, since they take little time to cook.

Mushrooms in skillet

Dinner was pretty good, I added salt and pepper to taste, not bad, dinner on the fly.... sometimes you just do not have the time to figure out a whole meal, unless you are a meal planner and then I totally would love to sit down and pick your brain.  I am not that organized to come up with meals weeks in advance.

My aunt always did this.  She would have an entire month of meals planned and everything proportioned to what she would need to make each meal.  Seriously?  Who has time for that?  I certainly do not... I like quick and easy, one pot is the best so I have less to clean up.   

So there we had two meals from the rice... and guess what?  We still have left overs... so I think we will need to freeze it and save it for another evening.  I do not think I can make the second meal into a third.  If you know of something, I am all ears.  Sometimes I do get sick of leftovers so I table it in the freezer until I need something quick.  Then thaw, warm up, and dinner is served.  Sometimes those are the best nights, already made, just thaw, heat, and dinner is served~    

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