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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Uses for Lemon Curd and the Recipe too

Searching uses for lemon curd?  We have uses for lemon curd to share with you and how we made it.  

This past weekend we celebrated Mr. VS's birthday!  

Do you know he kept asking for Lemon Curd from the grocery?  None of the local groceries had it in stock.  I wondered what is going on?  Why is there no lemon curd in stock?

Well, after my experience making it, I would say the people who make it have all gone on strike!  

I can honestly said making lemon curd is not for the faint of heart.  

Do you know it took me 2 hours to make a batch of lemon curd?  

With that amount of time, I would have wanted to make a gallon of it, but I ended up with ONE very small pathetic bowl of lemon curd.  

Uses for lemon curd:

  1. You can put this yummy concoction on crepes, yummy!
  2. Since they go so well with crepes, pancakes and waffles too
  3. Toast
  4. Bagels
  5. Scones 
  6. Muffins
  7. Drizzled over Dark Chocolate 
  8. Fill donuts (now doesn't that sound yummy?)
  9. Swirl it into bread pudding (another Mr. VS favorite) 
  10. Use as a filler (like icing) between layers of white cake
  11. Lemon Tart (I keep meaning to try something like this)
  12. Slather it on chicken and grill it if you prefer a more savory dish

If you ask me?  I say lemon should always be sweet, not savory!  Hey, that is my opinion.  I know plenty of people who love savory lemon dishes, I am just not one of them.  

So, my experience with making lemon curd? 

WOW!  I was not prepared for the prep work to make this, and I thought no problem, this will be easy so a way I went with adding lemons to my cart.  

I thought to myself, I can take pics while I am making it... this will be the perfect share with y'all.

Boy was I wrong.  Once you begin, there is no looking back, you need to have everything prepped before you start.  I got my double broiler ready...  oh, don't have one?  Me either.  I made my own.

I filled a medium saucepan with water, then placed a glass bowl over it letting the lip of the bowl keep it from completely going down into the water and saucepan.  I turned on the stove burner to a medium heat.  Then I read further in the directions I found here and quickly turned the burner off and decided prep was my friend. 

If you recall, I am not a fan of prep, and here is why... it took me forever to squeeze lemons by hand.  Who wants to stand in the kitchen after working all day and squeeze lemons by hand?  Not me that's for sure... because after you squeeze those lemons, then you need to fish those seeds out too! 

I read the recipe and it said I only needed the juice of 4 lemons.  Read the fine print, it should equate to 3/4 cup of lemon juice.  Guess what?  I had to squeeze 8 lemons!  Yes, you read that right, let me say it again for dramatic affect.


My hands were all cramped up after squeezing all of those lemons. 

Then came the zesting of those lemons.  Again, the recipe called for 4 lemons to be zested.  I get my grater out and I begin zesting... 4 lemons... only when I look inside the grater I see nothing.  


I am like where did all of that precious zest go to?  Oh, I guess it was stuck in the actual grate, but I could not get it out.  So back to the drawing board, and I graduated to the next larger size for grating.  

Finally!  Hallelujah!  

I have some zest, I decided who cares if it is not the correct amount, I zested all 8 lemons.  If that is not enough, then sorry Charlie, but it will have to do!

I measured out the sugar, put it into a bowl and sat to the side.

I cut the stick of butter into cubes and set it aside.

At this point, I am a little more than an hour into this recipe and I think to myself, he better like this, it better turn out!  I will never make this again if it does not.  Why do I get myself into these messes?  What on earth did I do?  

Then I had to have another conversation with myself and said look here young lady, yes, I called myself that (I think I am still young) and I said you got this!  Why even doubt it?  Oh, well because I am not always the best at following recipes that is why, it is why I come up with a lot of my own!

Since I was not familiar with making lemon curd, I decided I was not adventurous enough to try making my own recipe.  Maybe now that I have a better feel for it, I may try making up my own recipe, but it will be a while before I make this again. 

On the edge of your seat wondering what goes into the recipe?  In case you did not click the link I used for this recipe, here are the ingredients that are called for from Simply Recipes.  

What you need:

  1. 4 large eggs
  2. 1 c sugar
  3. 3/4 c lemon juice, (I had to squeeze 8 lemons to get this much as we went over before)
  4. Zest from all of my lemons, I read another recipe where you add this to the sugar, so that is what I did
  5. 1/2 c unsalted butter, cut into cubes
  6. Pinch of salt
Here is how I made the curd:
  1. Turned the burner back on medium heat
  2. Poured the 4 egg yolks into the double boiler bowl
  3. Added all of the sugar (I also threw in the salt with the sugar, oh and lemon zest too)
  4. Began whisking the eggs and sugar (and salt, and lemon zest) together
  5. Once the mixture was mixed up, I added in the lemon juice
  6. Continue to whisk, whisk, whisk, do not STOP!
  7. I began adding the cubes of butter one at a time while whisking
  8. As one cube would melt, then I would throw in another cube
  9. I continued to do this until all of the butter cubes were melted

At this point, the recipe says it should be thickening to a pudding like consistency.  Mine?  Nope, not pudding... I continued to whisk and wondered when this magic would happen?  

The recipe said about 10 minutes of whisking... at this point, I am about 20 minutes in, and I am getting my work out on one arm... too bad I am not ambidextrous or I could have gotten a work out on both arms.  Sorry, not that talented...    

Finally I decided I had whisked enough and I put the lemon curd in the refrigerator.  

Do you know Mr. VS did not have any that evening?  I was like all of that hard work for nothing!  It was not set up... so he really could not have any.

The following night, I removed all of the cream from the top, and he decided to chance a taste.  Do you know he said it was YUMMY!  

I thought even if it tastes like poo, you better tell me it tastes good and was the best thing you ever ate!  He has been enjoying his bowl.  Sometimes he goes out for a sneaky spoonful, he had it on toast too, but I think by the spoonful is his favorite.  I was curious what it may be like with just a little drizzle over vanilla ice cream?

Too sweet?  Perhaps.  I ended up with a little bit of a taste, and I can tell you wow, is it sweet and tart!

We drizzled some over dark chocolate and it seemed to balance out the bitter of the 85% cacao chocolate.  

So there you have it, my experience in making this lovely treat, and all of the uses we came up with.  Mr. VS is the experimenter when it comes to trying new things, and he loves it in bread pudding!

We hope you enjoy your weekend!     

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