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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Another way to display your photos

Just a little project for this Sunday that is super easy!  Before Covid, I would frequent Hobby Lobby and shop the clearance isles.  Have you see the frames with no backing or glass for sale there?  I have picked up several frames that were all under $5.00!  The outer gold frame was $3.00!  How awesome is that?  

The actual frame the picture is in came from Walmart.  I believe it was $4.00, it is a 5x7 frame.  Since the picture I wanted in it was not a 5x7 photo, I used scrap book paper as my mat for the photo.  The medallion above the frames came from Architectural Depot, I have purchased several of these from them since they are low cost "Fancy Pants" items for our home. 

I purchased many picture hangers from Amazon so I can hang all sorts of things on our walls.  I think I purchased a lot of 100.  Have you noticed many items meant to hang on the wall do not always have them on the back?  How aggravating!  I always found I was excited to hang my purchase and then no hanger, so I will not be unprepared again!    

 I hung the picture with the photo of my Grandpa first, then I eyeballed the second frame around the existing frame and hung it.  I could have used a little more space on the one side of the frame, but I think for the most part, I was pretty close.  I then added the medallion above for extra detail.  

I wasn't sure what I wanted on this wall, but I love old black and white photos and I really enjoy surrounding us around our loved ones being an old soul and all... my Grandpa working on a car isn't something you would think would be in the dining room, but I love it so it stays! 

Here is an up close pic of the frames and my photo.  

And here is a close up of the photo, I miss him, but he is always here with us in the dining room.  He enjoyed taking pictures too and documented his travels while in the Army in Germany during WWII.  I went through his pictures, scanned them, and made copies for all of my cousins so we all had copies of his photos.  These are the things that are most important to me, preserving the past and passing things down through the generations so you always know where you came from.  


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