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Friday, July 2, 2021

How to arrange faux flowers

Searching for planter ideas for your patio or yard area?  We are sharing one of our Prime Day finds with you that we have dressed up a bit.  

Here is one of the planters we picked up from Prime Days last week.  They are on the small size, but our patio area is kind of small so we were okay with this size planter.  I had to take pictures of them in our dining room late last night because I just finished putting them together.  The grass finally came last evening!  Talk about cutting it close!  

We all know I am a faux flower kind of gal because I cannot exactly be held responsible for the lives of flowers... over water, under water, it is what I do...  I am also a very simple kind of gal when it comes to putting together flower arrangements.  I am a no nonsense kind of gal...

Do you see how small the planters are?  I think they are pretty cute, fun size... do you also see that I have a piece of Styrofoam sitting there beside the grass?  Yep, I use left overs from purchases we make to keep it from going to the landfill.  I reuse whatever we have around here to reduce waste and cut costs.  I never purchase floral foam for my arrangements, that would be silly for me.  

Do you know what profession I believe is very good at reusing?  Teachers of course... they get scraps and can come up with art projects for kids... use waste to get creative.  I wish children had more time to be creative these days, but they all seem to be glued to their electronics now.  

Many years ago, I had planned to be a teacher and worked within the school system.  I loved those years working inside an MD (Multiple Disability) classroom.  The kids were great, and I have some very fond memories working with the children I worked with.  Along the way, I changed my major and ended up in communication.  Strange, I know, but it is where life led me at the time.  During this time period is where so much of my creativity came to the surface, you can read about a teacher who really had a lot of influence over me as an adult.  

I just broke off the piece of Styrofoam and put it inside the planter.  I do this to hold my flowers and grass in place.  When the storms come blowing through, my flowers stay in place because of this trick.  No worrying about them blowing away...  it just kind of came to me one day after we had a storm blow through.  I was in our front yard picking up floral pics and I thought I need something to hold them in place.  Styrofoam was the answer I came up with.

I started with 3 bundles of grass and shoved them down inside the Styrofoam and started pulling the pieces apart to make them appear more full.  No finesse needed here, just give them a good shove into the Styrofoam since you do not want them to be able to move.  The weight of the entire piece will keep them in place.    

Then I added 2 more bundles of grass and placed them down closer to the front of the planter to disguise the white Styrofoam no one really wants to see that.   We have planters on our front porch that I have also done this with and all of my flowers stay in place all spring, summer, and fall long.  

I added two sprigs of lavendar and was pretty happy with how the planters turned out.  I typically fill in around the flowers with dirt so you cannot see any part of the Styrofoam.  I see here I do have a little piece showing, but once they are outside hanging on our fence, you will not be able to see it since I will fill in with dirt outside.  I did not want a mess inside to clean up.  We plan to put a set of the solar lights on our porch since the set I purchased from Plow and Hearth only work occasionally.   

I was in a rush to get them finished for you today because all of my other purchases came so quickly, but the grass was a little slow to show.  I do not have to worry about watering flowers, they will be the same year after year.  I can add or subtract flowers or change the lavendar out if I choose.  Easy enough for me, and we all know I like easy when it comes to flowers and cooking.  😉  My two no nonsense areas where I like to spend minimal time.  

I cannot wait to start feeling better so I can get all of my projects done.  We are still working on packing things up at Mr. Vintage's childhood home.  What a major undertaking, going through so many years of collections.  I pity the person who gets to go through my things... or maybe they will be quite happy, I guess it depends on the person... Happy Friday and a long weekend to boot!  Can't get any better than that, now can it?

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  1. That’s so funny we did the opposite in college. I did my undergraduate work in communications and then got my master’s degree in teaching. I left the classroom when the kids were born and I miss it. I think that’s why I enjoy the DIY tutorials! And I'm bad with plants too!! Love your faux!

    1. We have a lot in common Kim! I miss the classroom too a lot of days... I can see why doing tutorials would make you happy. Children change things... peanut is our "only child" we wish there were more, but he is it for us. You have a lovely backyard so I cannot imagine you being bad with plants. Faux is about all for me, too much love or not enough seems to be how it is for me and plants.