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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cottage Garden Inspiration for Spring

Searching for backyard ideas?  Here you may find some ideas from a yard who is loved by many, even happy pups!

Are you getting ready for spring? We are scavenging through the attic searching out décor and prepping our house for spring. I’m getting pretty excited about it!  I am remaking some items I have here and moving things around in the dining room.  

I’ve also been looking at seeds that I can plant and hopefully end up with some green around here, or maybe lavender, fingers crossed... We all know I have a black thumb and tend to decorate our home and porch with faux flowers, but this year I’m going to try something new.

With Mr. Vintage and Amazon’s help, I am going to try my hand at gardening. I’d say this is my only saving grace, if they cannot help me I’m a lost cause and will throw in the towel. Faux flowers everywhere! 

I purchased lavender seeds that I am waiting on to arrive.  I have read all of the directions, soak the seeds for 1-2 hours, strain with a paper towel or coffee filter, wrap in a damp paper towel and then wrap in another paper towel and put in the refrigerator.  If I see sprouts then remove from and put them in dirt.  I think I have this, I hope I have this... maybe we should triple cross our fingers just in case!

You see, my mom's backyard is somewhat of an inspiration to us.  She has the cottage style down to a tee... here are some pictures of her yard. 

Peanut on Grandma's patio... she has her lovely wrought iron furniture on her patio.  Of course, it all matches, and real flowers, faux flowers, statuary, terracotta, bird bathes, gazing balls, happy pups can always be found here....  she has a green thumb, unlike me with the back thumb.

You can see our very loved and missed pup above.  He was one special guy... always following you everywhere you went, a heart of gold, not a defiant bone in his body.  Even his vet told us he was perfect, not that we needed that confirmation, we already knew it.

She hates that cinder block wall and has been thinking about painting it white... putting shutters on the wall, and flower boxes under the shutters... she has also thought about another patio by her garage.  Once upon a time, long ago, there was a pool in her yard, but she had it removed and filled in.  She decided her kids were grown and it wasn't something she wanted to care for anymore.  Now, all along that garage, she has beautiful lavender that has spread. It looks beautiful.    

You can see he was the subject of my photos back then, I have so many of him, but in the background, you can see her yard too.  She has wrought iron planters hanging on both sides of her fence.  She typically puts pink geraniums in these planters.  She also has hanging baskets, they usually vary, whatever tickles her fancy at the moment that year. 

You can see her planters better in this photo.  See her birdbath?  I love that piece.  And her hostas and flowers?  She can create quite the scene... 

He was with us for 15 years and loved playing in water... as you can see, she has put a lot of work into her yard.  She has a real knack at finding things and making them all work together.  

You see this peanut is very happy here too, he gets to run around freely, no leash.  He loves that!  We are hoping to get a gate soon so he can run freely at his own home.  

Do you see how she layers on her patio too... her flower beds remind me of an English garden, which is the look she was going for.   

My happy pup rolling around in the yard.  He loved being in this yard, it was his happy place.  Do you see she also added lanterns to her fence? 

This is in front of her patio which would be the far left of her home if we were facing her yard from the backyard.  She extended her patio many years ago.  It is also her happy place.  She moves things around all summer creating the perfect, relaxing haven for herself and anyone who visits.

  Not the best photo to show her extended patio, but you can see our precious baby with his toy.  She has a planter full of flowers, and a water fountain in the background.

I love the stones lining her flower beds and her angel statuary.  She purchased drain tiles and has them in her yard.  I hope to find enough to line our driveway one day.  She has a light coming out of the top of one of them, covers for other tiles where she places plants or her chick and hens.  I do love those... 

I cannot get my hydrangeas to bloom, but hers are beautiful! She had to scale back the ones in her front yard because they were taking over her home!  Half of her home was covered up since they were so large! 

And she has varying colors too... 

They make me wish our hydrangeas would bloom and look this lovely.  

And old English roses, I love them... such beauty in simple blooms.

Blue, lavender, of varying hues... 

You know, I am not sure what this is called, but it inspired me to take a photo of it.  

Bright fuchsia with the green leaves... 

 It has taken her many years to perfect her gardens and yard, but we both love to go to her home and sit on the patio and dream up our own yard.  Then Mr. Vintages realizes he married a gal who has no gardening skills... and he says oh weeds it is then... but this year, we have decided this is our year, or at least we hope so... if we ever get back out amongst people, I hope to start collecting for our yard... statuary, yard art, flowers... I am excited for the possibilities!  Who knows where we will end up... but we are hopeful and positive!

So happy in his yard... you can see her fence came down around the patio here.  

He has the wiggles.... 😉

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