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Monday, June 28, 2021

Ideas for front door decor

Searching for front door summer ideas?  We have a story and a wall pocket to share with you that is on our front door.

During Prime Days last week, I picked up a few things which I plan to share with you throughout the week.  I decided I wanted to make over a metal wall pocket I have had for several years.  Does anyone remember Longaberger?  

Longaberger was founded by Dave Longaberger, a down to earth man who made baskets beginning in 1971.  It was a family owned business, located near Dresden, Ohio.  An amazing story about a man who made something of himself... from meager beginnings... someone for folks to aspire to be.  

My mother met him many years ago before he passed, she stated he was someone you could just sit and have a conversation with... was not boastful of his success, and never forgot where he came from.  Someone you would want to get to know on a personal level.

His baskets were highly collectable for decades... there was even a Longaberger Homestead store located in Frazeysburg, Ohio.  The shop was like taking a step back in time... the grounds were maintained to pristine standards... flowers, flowerbeds, the parking lots, restrooms, the restaurant, and entire shop was like a dream.  You just wanted to stay in your surroundings when visiting. 

We would visit there often in the summer months.  It was just a wonderful treat to spend the day there.  You could pick up baskets, liners, protectors for your baskets, accessories, stoneware.  Jellies, jams, dry mixes for dips... the list went on and on... they even began to sell furniture there, aside from the wrought iron pieces they also sold. 

Mr. Vintage even loved to visit, you just never knew what you would find there.  Then over into the village of Dresden where there was a 1950's diner, the entire town sold accessories for the baskets too.  You could find anything and everything basket related.  When he became successful, the town shared the success.  When things began to slow down, the town also suffered.  It was sad to see things slow down, especially since we loved to visit, many folks did.  They held tours, on any given day, you could see tour buses lining the parking lot at Homestead.  

This metal wall pocket came from Longaberger Homestead.  I really wish things were still going strong there, I would love to visit and take a day shopping... seeing what items I could find, but unfortunately, as some things do, the factories and Homestead closed.  I did read they are trying to make a comeback.  I hope for the village's sake they can.  They employed many people in that area and livelihoods were lost, I really do hate to see that happen, especially in smaller populated area where jobs are difficult to find.    

I have cherished this wall pocket for many years, and change it up often.  I loved the pattern on the pocket right when I saw it.  I thought it would look great on the front door and I could see pine in it at Christmas, and flowers in the summer... the ideas did not stop there, but you will have to see how this little wall pocket makes a few changes.  

I picked up these peonies from Amazon.  I am never disappointed in flowers from there.  I have purchased these peonies before in pink and lavendar so I knew I would not be disappointed in them.  I chose the new green color since I thought it would make the red pop!

When I purchase these peonies, I have to say it is easy decorating... you do not need to add any other fluff to make the arrangement appear full.  You can make one purchase and receive two bouquets.  I pushed the two bouquets down inside the metal pocket and called it done.  So easy... and now our door is ready for summer.  

Do you decorate your door for the seasons and holidays?  If so, what do you put on your front door?  Do you prefer to purchase already made items, or do you like to make your own?  My attic is stuffed with so many different items that I decorate with throughout the year it is bursting. I may need to hold a sale one of these days I have so many things.  We’ve acquired so much more bringing items over from Mr. Vintage’s home. Yes, a sale might just be what is needed around here... 

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  1. I remember Longaberger baskets! I went to a lot of parties back in the day and while I don't have any of the baskets left, I do have a few candle crocks. I wish I had your front door pocket. It's lovely!!

    1. Thank you Kim. I have a few things floating around here from the Homestead. My mom was a big collector and it kind of stuck with me. I was more into the pottery pieces than the baskets, but I do have some of those too. We occasionally find things at auction for very reasonable prices every now and then and will still pick up pieces.

  2. This is so beautiful! Love how you cherish the front door pocket and what beautiful flowers!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Happy day!

    1. Thank you KariAnne! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Longaberger throughout the years and seasons! Christmas was the best of course, they made us look laid back when it came to Christmas!