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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How to make small updates in the dining room with vintage finds

Looking to make updates to your dining room?  We have a few ideas to share with you on how to change up your dining room decor for summer. 

As promised, I have a little update to share with you in the dining room, or a few... our attention has been divided lately... 

We have been going through a time capsule... and bringing things home with us... you already know this cozy cottage it bursting, but it is about to be tested to see what it's limits really are... do you see the I Dream of Jeannie bottle on the buffet, or at least that is what it reminded me of...  I need to work on styling, but I wanted to share it with you and the picture above the buffet.  It was displayed in my apartment and I found it in the attic.  Attic shopping is the best because it’s free!  Do you shop your storage areas?  It is really the best idea since we do tend to forget what is in storage and you can always give those items a refresh.  

I had the most difficult time getting a good picture of it, there was a glare on it with the lights on, off, curtains open, closed... finally, I gave up!  I fell in love with this picture when I purchased it... I loved the fountain, and of course old building... 

To many items on the buffet at the moment... I need to thin out and revisit what is staying and what is going... 

And then I made some updates to our little half moon table.  I had removed the silver tray to add to our buffet, and I decided I like it better without the tray now.  I spread out our mercury glass vases and placed two small candles in between the vases.  I also added boxwood picks with sprigs of long grass and roses.  Yep, I leave the winter scene above out all year long.  I love that frame and have not found anything I like better inside it.  

Do you see the new addition of the old camera on the cabinet?  I do love vintage pieces added to vignettes that makes them more special to us.  It was even still in the original box which is beside the camera.  

Kodak Junior Six 20 series... I was nervous when I pushed the button, thinking the lens would not come out, but it popped out slowly... I left it out because I loved seeing it displayed like that!  We have been finding some really neat things that are a part of Mr. Vintage's childhood and family.  I think I have been getting more excited than he has... when he handed the camera to me, my face lit up... he chuckled... then said the way to your heart?  Not diamonds, or gold, just vintage finds...  yep, I am easy like that, I turn to mush when I come into contact with vintage items!  

I commented, hey, do you think my Jeannie will be inside if I rub the bottle?  It so took me back in time to Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden... growing up, it was one of my favorite shows... I watched it everyday after school along with Bewitched!  Ohh... the good ole' days... I keep saying that and I really mean it!  So many good times and memories from those times... reminiscing about the past makes me happy... I am someone who loves nostalgia... taking trips down memory lane... a dreamer if you will...   

And here is our updated milk glass hobnail vase with roses, boxwood picks, and some long sprigs of grass... on our burlap runner.  The scallop around the top of the vase seems to make it difficult making a larger arrangement in this vase, but who says you need to always have a large arrangement?  Sometimes smaller is nice too.

You can see the boxwoods made an appearance on the table again... at the ends of the table runner are ivory ruffles for a little girly thrown into the mix.  Hope you enjoyed your long weekend... so hard to go back after an extra day, isn't it?  

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