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Friday, November 5, 2021

Christmas decorations and our pup

As you know, we have been busy dragging all of our Christmas decorations out this week.  Our four legged elf has been really busy...  helping?

He is used to sleeping all day while we work, and since we have been home?  Oh, he is so afraid to close his eyes for even a fraction of a second for fear he may miss out on something.

We have a walk in attic off of our bedroom... lots of going in and out, and in and out... his curiosity got the best of him on Tuesday.  The door was open for a little too long and he just walked right by me and in the attic he went.  

I said oh no, come here... what does he do?

Goes running down the attic sniffing all the way.  I told him to come and he just ignores me continuing to run down the attic as far as he can and sniff all the good sniffs in the attic to find what is the big deal about this room never to be seen by him until that day.

Good thing I had the path blocked since I was going through all of the totes in the attic and he only made it about half way down.  He was like a kid in a candy shop, running here, there, everywhere!

You could just tell he was so excited to be somewhere he knew he should not be.    

Going in the attic was like a trip out of the house and no leash!  He went nuts running and sniffing as hard as he could.  He did not have a chance to grab anything, since I stayed right behind him and tried directing him back to our bedroom.

Once he came to the door, he just looked at me like umm... I am not finished in here mommy.  I said to him, go on... you need to go back in the house so I can continue to work without being distracted.  

Nope, not having it, he sat.  I gave him a little goose on the rear and he jumped up and I got him back to the safety of our bedroom.  You just never know what will turn up in the attic... and I was not particularly open to an emergency vet visit this week.  

He has ran off with decorations, has thoroughly enjoyed being chased, and just plain being ornery in general... just when we think he loses his playfulness, it comes back full force!

We keep up a gate to our dining room at all times, but instead of causing more work, we took the gate down so we could roam freely in and out of the dining room with our Christmas decoration loot.  

Can I tell you how much he loved having full access to the dining room?  It is the one room in the house where there is no hope of us catching him when he runs off with something.  There is under the table, under the chairs, under the bench, round and round he goes, where he stops, no one knows... 

When he gets to the dining room, it typically consists of me on the floor crawling around and Mr. VS chasing him so one of us can get whatever he has in his mouth.   

On Wednesday evening, I was plum tired, and went up to bed.  Mr. VS decided he was going to watch a movie and stay up later.  I thought peanut was with him, he thought he was with me... well, ornery was in the dining room chewing up my boxwood greenery, leaving a trail of sparkles everywhere...

I had fallen asleep, and Mr. VS chased peanut where he was able to block him on the steps.  I wake up and am like what is all of the racket?  I come out of the bedroom and learn of his latest quest.

I am standing there sleepily, and look down to the two of them on the steps.  Hubby says, he has been busy... and I yawn and ask huh?  I go downstairs and find boxwood leaves everywhere!  

Peanut?  He just looks at us with full satisfaction like look how I contributed to Christmas decor!  I did it so well mom and dad!  I am so proud of myself.  I decided I was too tired to deal with the mess and put the gate up and went back to bed.  

I asked him when this was going to stop, he just hops up in bed and lays down really quickly, lays his head on the pillow and breathes heavily like oh no, is daddy coming to get me?  I laughed and said, I think you are safe, you better go to sleep.

Do you know he laid down and did not get up all night long?  He has been tuckered out every night, not going out in the middle of the night to inspect the yard like he normally does.  

On Thursday we had to pick up grandma to have her car worked on, and then drop her off when it was finished.  He was in the car for about four hours total and was whipped when he got home.

When I made dinner, he stayed on the loveseat... didn't even lift his head to see what was for dinner.  Poor thing... he was not even interested in dinner and if you know anything about this kiddo, he does not miss a meal.  

He is all about whatever you are having any time of the day.  Beagles do not miss any meals, I guess that shows you how busy we have been this week getting our Christmas decorations up and transforming our cottage.  

We thought it would be fun to share some pics with you of peanut during Christmas the past two years.  His birthday is Christmas Day and he will be three this year!

Wonder what Santa will bring him this year?  A lump of coal?  I highly doubt it... he does seem to be one spoiled pup.  Have a wonderful weekend and Friday!  

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