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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Christmas decorations for a bedroom

Searching for Christmas decorations for a bedroom?  We are so excited to share our Christmas decorations for a bedroom ideas with you today. 

Bed decorated for Christmas

If you recall, I said I decorated our bedroom this year.  My typical fashion is to have a small silver tree in our bedroom, and call it done.  This year?  No way!  I wanted to turn it up a notch... or two.

In years past, my main focus was the dining and living rooms which makes sense since those are the rooms people see when company comes over to visit.  

This year I decided you are all my guests... and it is not like this past almost two years have been exactly the most wonderful any of us have experienced.  Guests are nonexistent so I decided to make our home a winter wonderland for us to enjoy throughout the entire winter season.  

Decorating has always been my way of alleviating stress, and sometimes a challenge working with what we have.  I do enjoy a good challenge... do you? 


Christmas bed with pillows and cover

I am what I would call a curator of our home.  Just a fancy way of saying I like to think outside the box and stay on a tight budget.  Some may even say cheap.  I laugh when I think of it that way.

I have had some friends tell others we live in a real fixer upper (I am being polite when I make that comment).  I never thought of it that way when we purchased our home.  It was just outdated... stuck in the 1950's in some areas, and other areas were stuck in the 1980's... 

I knew we would never own a brand new home despite me entertaining Mr. VS's want of a brand new build.   Yes, we had plans, and made offers on land, but my heart just wasn't into it.  I love old(er) homes, those are the homes I have always been drawn to, make my heart go pitter patter... the whole nine yards.

Wreath on closet door

When I found that some felt our home was less than, I was quite taken back.  One, I thought it was rude to comment so negatively on someone's home, and two, this home is what I have always wanted.  I love cottages, and stone cottages?  YES!  I love them, they remind me of England.  

For being a cozy cottage, the rooms are actually pretty spacious.  We have a telephone nook in our dining room, it has the character I have always loved about older homes.  I knew from the start I did not want a cookie cutter home.  That just would not do for me, or my personality.  

I have told you before I march to the beat of a different drum.  I know what I like and I am not one to be deterred despite others opinions.  I knew this old gal had a lot of life left in her and I knew I could make her the perfect version of herself.  

Christmas bedroom

While my dreams are to the moon, eventually I believe I will get there.  For a while when contractors would come, I would say this home needs a lot of work, and then one day a plumber came.  He was the nicest man, and he said if you ask me, you are normal.  I have been in my home for nearly 30 years and we are still working on it.  

I thought to myself, you know what, he is right.  You buy a home not to be all ready when you move in.  Designs and your tastes evolve over time and what you liked yesterday will be different tomorrow, so our homes are ever evolving with us as we grow and our needs and tastes change over the years.

I am not one to go with trends.  Do I like some of them?  Yes, I do, but in the long run, will I love it 10, 20, even 30 years down the road?  Chances are probably not.  It is why I tend to lean towards antiques, classic design, and French provincial furniture.  All timeless, classic pieces that never go out of style like the nightstand below that went with our French provincial chest. 

Glass Christmas tree filled with pom poms

When we decided on a December wedding, I had envisioned glass trees on the tables.  I began collecting all of the glass trees from every thrift store I came across, and then we went in a different direction and I had glass trees galore.  

Every year I thought about getting them out, but this was the year that I actually did.  I added small pom poms to the tree and thought it looked quite festive and fun.  I added some ribbon and beaded garland to the nightstand and a sparkly disco ball ornament, easy decor at it's best and everything I already had here at home.   

My sister pokes fun at me for having doilies in our bedroom, but I told her that it helps in protecting our nightstands.  If the glass lamp gets moved, then the doily moves with it.  You already know I am an old soul, and I think old souls like doilies anyway.   

I made a few purchases last year, those after holiday sales drew me in and so I picked up a few items.  While I may have already had them, some of these items this year were new to us since they had not graced our Christmas décor before.

I am also one of those people who will pick items up because they are a steal, and then decide what I will do with them later.  As you can see, we have a lot of stuff... I am just lucky to have an awesome walk in attic which I need to reorganize.  I will put that on the list for a some day project.    

Silver tree decorated with red and white

Here is our silver tree that we usually put up in our bedroom.  Do you see my tree topper and how it leans a bit?  It was a family member's and they passed it on to me.  I do love those vintage pieces and since I am sentimental, it will stay despite it's leaning tendencies.  

I only added a few sparkle disco ball ornaments and some pom pom garland since the tree already has lights on it.  I did not have a small tree skirt so I pulled out one of my scarves from the closet and made my own tree skirt.  

Do you see a common theme here?  Use what you have.  The scarf is obviously not a tree skirt, but it works.  I spoke about tree skirts and different items I have used over the years here if you are searching for inspiration.      

The Santa was a find at a local shop several years ago.  I fell in love with him since he was gray, and yep, you guessed it, adorned in sparkles from head to toe.  I felt he needed a lift, so I set him atop of my books I made over earlier this year.  No need to purchase fancy stands when you have fancy pants books on hand.

Christmas shawl over mannequin

I purchased this mannequin last year to put my jewelry on and whatever else came up.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring in more color and of course more Christmas into our bedroom by adding the scarf.   I just threw this scarf I already had here over the shoulders and added a red bow.  The decor here is easy and anyone can do it, let your imagination see what it can create. 

Wrought iron snowman

I was one of those Longaberger collectors and this small snowman was too cute to pass up when Mr. VS and I went to an auction many years ago.  I added a few plates to it, put a little pine and a few ornaments on the bottom, and bracelets and an antique brooch on top.  

The brooch is a cameo, I love anything cameos.  I have necklaces, brooches, and a ring... I am sure you do not find that hard to believe.  I also threw in a Biltmore ornament.  

Mannequin with shawl over it

No sew Christmas curtains

I love our new curtains, they are of the no sew variety and we made them ourselves!  I still have my sheers up of course.  I love sheers over a window to provide a bit of privacy even when you have the curtains open.

Oh, I see someone curled the garland around the bed post... how lovely.  I did not catch that earlier.  It is okay, I do not mind... we do live here afterall.  😉

Of course we had to have a red truck on our bed with a pup in the bed to boot.

Christmas pillows on bed

Brass bed with Christmas decor

I had a lot of fun creating this Christmas bedroom this year.  I am thinking this is what it should look like every Christmas.  The pom pom's just give it a little something, don't you think?

Top of chest decorated for Christmas

I even dressed up our lovely French provincial chest to keep with the traditional theme we went with this year.  The glass pieces came from a friend who was clearing out her home.  I thought they really fit in well with our bedroom on our chest.  

Do you see the framed bride advertisement?  I found it one day when my sister and I visited the largest antique mall in Ohio called Heart of Ohio Antique Mall.  We were there from 10 AM to 6PM when they closed.  The day was filled with hours of looking high and low at all sorts of antiques.  We were hooked and before we knew it, they were announcing it was closing time, imagine our surprise at that! 

This particular flower advertisement was printed in 1924!  Nearly 100 years old now, but still well cared for and loved in our bedroom.  I am a big fan of framed advertisements, especially anything with some age to them.

No sew curtains with bed

Well, what do you think about our Christmas decorations for our bedroom?  It took me a few days to get it all together, and of course, I kept enhancing it.  I am sure I will change up a few more things before the big day arrives too.  

Like I said, I enjoy decorating our home for the holidays.  It just seemed like a lot to do when no one was actually seeing the fruit of my labor... but now?  I get to share with you all my ideas, and get to have my virtual guests over for the afternoon.  Thanks for coming over and seeing what we have accomplished for the holidays.   

This Christmas has been so much fun stepping out of my norm and throwing caution to the wind and just enjoying the ride to the holidays while I decorate my little heart out.  

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  1. I love how you brought Christmas to a room that (in our house anyway) doesn't usually get to see it. Beautifully done! I also have to agree that homes are rarely ever truly finished. Like us, they're always a work in progress.

  2. You really know how to have such an eye for style and decor in any space, Cara! I love everything about bringing vintage touches and marrying it with Christmas decor! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww, thank you Meredith. I love pretty much anything vintage, and I enjoy decorating our home for the holidays. I am always so sad when it all comes down and I think our home looks bare!