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Monday, November 8, 2021

Christmas tree at night

Searching for Christmas tree at night?  Here is our 2021 Christmas tree at night in our living room.  

Christmas tree with roses and white fur tree skirt

Are the holidays on your radar now?  As you know, I have been thinking about them for SOOOO long!

Yes, really!

I am one of those people who sends out emails to my coworkers on February 25, to remind them the holidays are 10 months away!  They so appreciate those emails.  Can you believe they sometimes ignore me, and other times I get some interesting responses... 

Oh... one of those people?  Yep, I am that person and darn tootin' proud of it!  

I put on Christmas music at the end of a bad day... it has a way of lifting my spirits like nothing else does.

I long for the days when it is somewhat appropriate for me to drag out the holiday decorations and begin putting our cherished pieces out.

One year I told my coworkers I wanted it to look like Christmas threw up in our home!  What a disgusting description, but those words did come out of my mouth!

I am also one of those annoying people who is thinking about next Christmas the day after Christmas because when is the best time to purchase decorations?  After the holiday of course!

I have always loved the after Christmas sales!  I enjoy rushing down the aisles in the hopes I will be able to grab every single item on my list!

I of course also pick up items I do not have on the list, and things I have no idea what I will do with, but absolutely must have, and then those long lost items that are left and no one else wants, but I somehow think I can do something with them.

I plot, and plan, and jot down notes on how our home will be decorated.  

Whenever I have a thought I will not let it go...  I think about how I can perfect it... what will make this idea more wonderful?  

Did you ever wonder why sleeping is a loss for me?  Oh, it is these projects, and home decorating ideas I have that keep me awake at night.  My brain does not shut down.  

It's ok, I enjoy my projects.

I never know when a stroke of genius will strike.  It could be in the middle of the night, when at work, having dinner with hubby... they can come at the most random of times.  I jot a note down to prevent me from forgetting.  

We took the photo of our program from our wedding day and framed it for our tree.  Remember how I told you I am a sentimental shlup?  Case and point.  

Of course, I think for most folks their wedding day is a day they keep close to their heart.  

And of course, there had to be the most photographed lighthouse in the world on our tree as well.  Memories are important to share, to keep in the forefront of our minds, and keep vivid, or at least they are for me.  

I never want to forget the things in life we have gotten to enjoy together.  The holidays are just another way to keep memories alive, and make new ones while we are at it.  

Do you see the white snowflake?  We had one at each place setting at our wedding as a gift to each of our guests.  

We even told the story about how my grandparents had begun the tradition to give an ornament for each Christmas to the grandchildren so when we were adults we would have enough to fill our own trees.  

There are a lot of memories in those ornaments, and you can see how life progresses as you get older.  Garfield, Smurfs, and teddy bears were all quite popular when I was growing up.  See, I just aged myself, but those darn ornaments hold a lot of love for me.  

We had hoped maybe our guests would decide to adopt this tradition too.  We still pick up an ornament that means something to us to this day when we find them.  

This is a small part of what we were busy doing this week.  We have some unusual items on our tree, but it also goes to show you that you just have to make decorating yours. 

What makes you happy and how can you incorporate it into your d├ęcor?  We have found ways to keep our trip to Maine  in our home.  The Rhode Island trips are also woven throughout our home especially with the urn above our mantel... constant reminders.

If you were thinking ba humbug before, maybe I was able to sway you a little closer to the holiday season?  If not, that is ok.  I will keep trying...  all hope is not lost!  

If I am too early for you, then you can save these ideas for later when you are ready.  Happy Monday, and back to work we go... now I am feeling a bit ba humbug about that!  

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