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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Traditional Christmas decorations ideas

Searching for traditional Christmas decorations ideas?  We are excited to show you traditional Christmas decorations ideas in our dining room.

Dining room bench with Christmas blanket draped over it with pillows
Our lovely bench Mr. VS made so many years ago

We were able to get so many things completed while we were off work.  I felt so accomplished!  Of course, I have been tweaking things, trying to get them just right ever since.  I know you are surprised... 

I so love getting all of the Christmas decorations out.  I have shared with you before I seem to get earlier and earlier each year.  

There is something about when I wake in the morning and see those decorations sprinkled throughout our home, it just makes my heart very full.

Santa picture on wall with small tree underneath decked out for the holidays

It's funny, but I feel like the house just feels warmer, more cozy... 

When you decorate for the holidays, do you feel the same way?  

I used a lot of our same decorations, but I changed things up this year where everything looks so different than years past.

My favorite kind of decorating?  FREE of course!  Do you agree?   

A few years ago, I put these trees on our front porch.  They came with a pic where you could put into a pot, or a stand so you could put on a table.  

I used our planter in the dining room, and added the pic to the bottom of the tree and pushed it down into a large piece of styrofoam.  The trees came prelit and I added our white beaded garland, a green and red bead garland, ornaments, gold pics, our beagle ornament that we made, and another ornament to the top as my star.   

Close look at small Christmas tree in our dining room with large beagle ornament

We went with traditional colors in our dining room.  Do you know there was a time where I did not want traditional decorations or colors for Christmas?

Of course, I was a youngin then and wanted to have blue, or silver, or gold, or pink, or anything else other than red and green.

Now?  I am all about traditional Christmas!  I think it is part of growing up... shhh... do not tell anyone, but I am getting older.

Yuck, right?  I know, we all are!  My husband reminds me of this all of the time.  I just tell him, I get it honest.  No one in my family is very keen about the aging process.  

Funny story, my grandmother who just turned 99 heard that you should sleep with a silky pillowcase on your pillow at night to prevent wrinkles.  

What did she do?  Took one of her old nightgowns that was silky and made a pillowcase out of it.  

Buffet with buffet lamps on either side and plaid ribbon draped around them
Our buffet looks a little different this year with buffet lamps

When my mom shared this one with me, I laughed... at the time she made this, she was about 94 years old.  She can be quite comical and can keep you on your toes when she comes up with some of the her "ideas".

We came up with some of our own ideas this year in the dining room.  Our Merry Christmas pocket was missing something last year.  It was just kind of oh hum.

This year?  I added a large black and gold frame.  I think it really adds a little something to it.   The pocket no longer appears to be drowning on the wall all by it's lonesome.  It now has a friend to keep it company on the wall.   

Did you see it has a bird on it... I cannot let those unique bird finds go.  When I see them, I always grab them up.    

Merry Christmas wall pocket with black and gold frame around it

I had a wayward branch in the arrangement that would not stand up in the pocket like the other side behaved.  Hubby came up with the idea to add one of peanut's street hockey balls in the side to keep it upright.

We went to the extent of putting him in the tv room so he did not see or hear anything.  When I opened the door he went running to the dining room and do you know he went right to that wall pocket and started jumping around and barking and stomping his feet?  

Yes, he sniffed that ball out in no time flat!  We both just looked at each other, our eyes as big as saucers!  I am beginning to think he has x-ray vision.  I am telling you, he is an amazing pup.   Maybe we should nickname him "Wonder Pup". 

China cabinet decorated for Christmas and red poinsettias in milk cooler

You can see, same china cabinet, but a few things are different on top, just a few.  

The music box carolers are something I recall from my childhood.  My mom gave them to me many years ago when she was clearing out her attic.  We thought they looked pretty cute on top of the cabinet, they are an oldie, but goodie.  

The music box still works.  I wound it up and let it play while I worked.  I noticed the music does not play as long as I recall as a child though.  Isn't it funny a child's perspective and an adult's perspective?  

We discussed that this past weekend.  I always thought my grandfather was 6'6" because in my mind, he was larger than life.  Reality?  He was 5'8", I still cannot believe that!  I miss his stories on Christmas Eve, he was the best story teller around.     

Yes, time to get back on track with decorations.  

We have our vintage inspired snowman books on our china cabinet, I just love them!  Vintage snowmen and Santa's are my favorite, not that it was difficult to figure out.  

I added a new flower arrangement to our milk cooler, I had red poinsettias in the attic when I went snooping upstairs and I could not believe my luck when I came across so many flowers and greenery stashed away up there!

Our boxwood pup got a buffalo check bandana around his neck.  I picked it up for our peanut, but guess what?  Bowties are just fine, but bandanas are a no, no!  

He was adamant he would get it off and chew it to pieces so I told him that was fine, he would need to share with his buddy in the dining room.  He seems fine with this decision and has not tried to touch it since it is no longer around his neck. 

Closer look of top of china cabinet, vintage snowmen books, vintage decor on top

I love our vintage camera on top.  I wonder what photos it has taken over the years?  How many Christmas' did it capture?  Family dinners for the holidays, presents opened by family members... what all has this camera seen and recorded over the years?  I am so curious.

Buffet with Christmas decor on top with snowy tree picture on wall

The buffet looks a little different this year.  I love this tree, it lights up and shows a shimmer on the walls.  I decided to get our snowy tree picture out again.  It lights up as well.  In case you could not tell, I love just about anything that lights up.

Closer look of buffet, mercury glass pieces on buffet

This buffet looked very different last year and was in a different place.  It is actually on wheels so it makes it very easy for me to push around where ever I want it.  You can see some of our decor is the same, with just a different twist this year.

Mercury glass trees on table, snow scene picture and wreath hanging on wall

I doubt I will ever tire of that picture on the wall.  I added our mercury glass trees to this table for a new look and left our mercury glass vases in place.

Well, there you have the dining room Christmas d├ęcor.  I will share our dining room table sometime soon.  Hope you have a blessed Monday.    

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