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Friday, November 5, 2021

Christmas decorations for coffee table 5 ways

Searching for Christmas decorations for coffee table?  We have 5 ways to style a vase for Christmas decorations on coffee table. 

Do you recall this lovely DIY Sea Glass Vase makeover we worked on earlier this year?  If you are interested in the how to, you can click on the link above.

The elves working diligently this week around the cottage suggested we make over this vase 5 ways to share with you for Christmas coffee table decoration ideas.  

This is the perfect share since you can make it for yourself, or you can make it and give it as a gift too.  I love homemade gifts for the holidays... I love receiving homemade gifts.  I also enjoy making them.  

First arrangement 

You can see we left our covered books on the coffee table.  It was a super easy project to dress up our coffee table.  Below is a list of items we used to make this floral arrangement from Amazon.

I really enjoy putting together flower arrangements.  I am not one to follow directions, I just grab what I like and put them all together.  I have gotten a lot of miles out of those rose soaps and use them year round in the living room and bathroom.

Second arrangement 

I used several of the same items in this arrangement as I did above, but added a few items to this arrangement.  I enjoy reusing items so you do not have to 1) Spend so much money on decorations and 2) Store all of these decorations too!

I had a lot of fun putting together these flower arrangements for you.  It was like a photo shoot, only with flowers, lol! 

Third arrangement 

I have had the pale blue ornaments for years... it just goes to show you if you store your items safely, you can use them year after year.  We typically add just a few new items every year.  

This year has been the year for reusing what we have as far as Christmas decorations go.  It has been a lot of fun being so creative this year.  I so enjoy being able to use my creativity.  

Fourth arrangement 

I am a big fan of the red poinsettias with the blue vase.  I think it was my favorite arrangement!  You can see where we have reused many pieces to show you, not many different items are needed in order to create a new look.

Tip: you can brush gold rub-n-buff on poinsettias to add dimension to the leaves and some on the veins.  It will also make your flowers look more expensive.  

Fifth arrangement 

Again, we used a lot of the same items as above, but we added a ribbon to this vase too.  Hopefully you are more talented than I am at making bows!  My loops look a bit big and did not spread out so well.  

This one is so full since I added the pine cones, and poinsettias, and cedar picks, and boxwood picks... so many items in this arrangement, but I love this one!  

If you are interested in the spray paint, you can find it here as well.  

Do you see all of the possibilities now with one single vase?  Make one for yourself, or give them as gifts.  I always pick up unique vases at the thrift store.  They can usually be found anywhere from $.99-$3.00 a piece.  

That is an affordable present or project.  You could give the vases as a gift, and then throw all of your scraps in a pile, and make floral arrangements as a family.  Make a contest of it to see who can come up with the best arrangement, or get silly with it.  The vase will become a memory to look back on over the years with your family.

In our family, we have everything we need so we no longer exchange gifts with each other.  We just enjoy sitting down for dinner with each other and sharing stories of Christmas' past.  

Sometimes we work on a craft with each other, or color in adult coloring books while we listen to Christmas music and tell stories and reminisce.  It also just makes the holiday low key.  We no longer have to worry if we will each like the gift we got for one another. 

It has really made the holidays so much more enjoyable since the pressure is off.  All I have to worry about is if my dishes turn out.  Ha!  Oh, I have had some not turn out, but then we laugh about it and move on.  They typically taste fine, but the presentation is not always stellar.  Oh well, it is what it is... at least we get to cherish time spent with loved ones.  

Are you getting ready for the holidays?  We will begin showing some Christmas decorations with you next week.  This year we may have gone over the top, but the cottage is feeling pretty cozy around here too! 

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  1. Very pretty! I think that anything would look lovely in that vase. What a great color!

    1. Thank you Kim! It was a lot of fun creating different floral arrangements and just tweaking them just a bit for a whole new look. I had everything on hand and just used what I had.