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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Dog Tales

Searching a pup on vacation who will make you laugh, and want to snuggle him up?  Look no further!  This pup has the largest personality around! 

As you know, we were off on vacation last week.  Our first day back to work was Monday this week.  I think peanut was happy we went back to work.  

He was so tuckered out every night while we were off that he would sleep all through the night.  Just and FYI... this never, and I mean NEVER happens!

He was so afraid he would miss something, he did not snooze, or shut his eyes for more than a second.  His eyes would get so heavy, and he would begin to doze off with a ball in his mouth, but he never actually let himself fully fall asleep.

This kiddo was worn out!  

As a matter of fact, I think he is still trying to catch up on sleep.  He has been lazing around all day on the loveseat all this week.  

I was on the move a lot of last week, and he was right there with me.  My husband asked if I was aware that I had a shadow?  I laughed and said he is always like this.  He does not let me out of his sight most days.

He tried to beat me into the attic on Sunday and I firmly told him no.  Do you know he would not move and was like oh it's happenin' mom.  I am going in that attic if it is the last thing I do.  

I had to tell him no again and physically move him over before I could walk into the attic.  It is his new favorite place for exploration now.  He must think he will find his long lost treasure chest in our attic.

He ran me ragged last week... always into something and running off with whatever he could get his paws on.  

You know how it is when you are getting out Christmas decorations... there are always embellishments on them and sometimes you lose one or two.  He was right there scooping up whatever I would drop.  Then it was a race to see if I could get it away from him before he hit the dining room or not.

If you are new, the dining room is the hot spot in our home.  It is the place where it takes two of us to catch him and get whatever thing he has deemed must be shredded to pieces.  

We took the gate down while we worked to save us time and our backs while carrying heavy items the long way around to the dining room.  In retrospect, I am not sure if it saved us much time, since we were chasing him too.

We went for a few rides and he was always our sidekick in the back seat.  He did get a new hammock for the backseat.  I am hoping this one holds up better than the last one.

Honestly, we really cannot complain about the last one, it lasted for quite a while, but when he had that allergic reaction and was kicking his back hind legs out, he shredded it. 

I mean it looked like a werewolf got a hold of it and shredded it!  Large gaping shreds all through it. I was stunned when we got to the vet and I saw the condition of his hammock!  

This new one from Bulldogology is padded on the seat part so I think it will hold up better with the thicker bottom.  

While we were off, we had to pick up my mother and drop her off while she had her car worked on last week so I had to get in the backseat with him.  I had to take down the one side of the hammock so I could sit beside him.  

Do you know he was so excited to see her he jumped over the hammock and into the front seat to get to her.  He was very reluctant to jump to the backseat once Grandma was in the car.  

It has been months since he last saw her, and boy did he let her know!  He licked her face, and barked, and cried, and danced around.  It was pretty cute, and I know it made her day.  You know how Grandma's love their kiddos.    

She has no grandchildren, only two grand-pups, but she loves them to the moon and back.  And I can tell you, the feeling is mutual!  This kid misses her something fierce.

He used to go to her house every morning when I would go to work, and then I would pick him up every night.  Then we realized he was a home body and his Grandma would come over and visit him at his house everyday.  

They would get into all sorts of things together.  Walks around the yard, rides in the car, snoozing on the couch, watching Mickey Mouse... he does love his Disney TV too.    

Oh, and the newest thing with him?  Remember how we shared that he has certain commercials memorized?  It now extends to include the introduction to Young Sheldon.

As soon as the music begins for the sitcom, he comes running no matter where he is in our home.  He gets excited and barks at "moo moo's" whenever he sees them.    

We could be taking a ride in the country and you mention moo moo's and he pops up and is searching the cows out.  He runs from one side of the car to the other until his eyes land on his beloved moo moo's.

Does he amaze you as much as he amazes us?  I know I have said this before, but I have had dogs my entire life, and he takes the cake with his idiosyncrasies and smarty pants ways.    

Things may have begun under false pretenses, but he is our baby all the way now.  Who cares he was not the breed we were promised, this German Shepherd Beagle has quite the personality!  One thing is for sure, we would never trade him for the world!

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