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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Christmas decorations for kitchen

Searching for Christmas decorations for kitchen?  We have a few Christmas decorations for kitchen to share with you today.  

Are you getting excited for Thanksgiving this week?  

I know we are.  

Do you know we have had Christmas decorations up since our vacation the first week in November?

Vintage pieces on top of fridge for Christmas

So, what's the hold up Cara?  Why is it taking so long for you to share with us?

Well, I am a bit of a perfectionist and I keep tweaking Christmas d├ęcor around here... being a perfectionist can be a daunting task.

On the one hand, it is great for work situations since staff know you will do your absolute best.  On the other hand, it is terrible because it takes me sometimes twice as long to get decorations just the way I want them around the house. 

Do you know how many times things have changed around here since I originally set things up?  A few... it is not even like they are big changes, just small changes here and there.  

I keep finding all sorts of goodies in our attic.  Who knew all of these decorations were in the attic?  Ok, maybe I knew, but I have forgotten about several of them.  I knew we had a lot, but now?  There are so so many!  I could decorate every room in our home and never buy another thing again!  

Thankful sign on top of cabinet with Christmas decorations

We purchased this pine cabinet several years ago to provide us with more storage.  I often wonder how the previous people lived in this home and functioned in this kitchen? 

With so little storage, how did they host Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners?  Or maybe I just think we need more, and I need to figure out how to make do with what I have?  

Oh no!  We cannot have that, we need so much more storage!  I keep coming up with ideas on how we can maximize storage.  I may need to enlist the help of a professional eventually since I do not want to miss ANY storage opportunities.  We would never want that to happen, that is for sure.

If we decide to go that route, they will need to realize I do not want a standard kitchen.  I have ideas!  The impossible task for me?  Incorporating all of my ideas in one cozy kitchen, while also making sense.  Impossible?  I hope not!

Cottage pine cabinet painted white with Christmas decorations in kitchen

When we brought home this cabinet, I decided right away we would paint it white.  I also knew I would be decorating the top of this cabinet too.  Any opportunity to decorate... yep, that is the way this gal thinks.

As you can see, we added wreaths to it for Christmas this year.  I love the classic plaid ribbon.  The wreaths were Dollar Store wreaths picked up a few years ago.  I added the bows and ribbon of course.  

We have many antique milk bottles around the cottage, the ones on top of this cabinet are the largest ones we have.  I put three pieces of pampas grass in each bottle.  

A friend gave us the "Thankful" sign one year and we decided it needed to go on top of our cabinet long ago since we are so thankful for many things around the cottage.  Our peanut, each other, family, our home, the ability to work on things around here... so many things to be thankful for!

Vintage silver tea tin, large basket with poinsettias inside, and skotch kooler

Here we have my cherished vintage Skotch Kooler with a flower arrangement in it.  I have been in love with this plaid pattern for so many years.  You never know what sort of condition you will find these in, but this one?  It is in near perfect condition.  I was so excited when I found it!

Our tea tin was a vintage find at an antique store many years ago.  Mr. VS wanted me to shine her up with silver polish, but I said I love her in this condition.  It is a part of my love for perfectly imperfect items.

I added poinsettias to an old basket above the fridge.  Nothing too fancy.  Do you know I enjoy putting together arrangements?  It is kind of fun for me.  I enjoy taking random things and putting them together.  I also love the challenge of taking items we already have around the cottage and putting them together.  

Siler wreaths hung on white pine cabinet

You can take items from around your home and put them in different rooms for different looks.  No need to spend an absorbent amount of money for the holidays.  I usually purchase items after the holidays for the best prices, but you can also take items that are not holiday and make them fit the look you want.

I added some unique red ornaments to the top shelf of our wrought iron two-tiered shelf.  My sister gave me the three tins on the lower shelf.  I thought they were adorable when I opened them.  They have black and white photos on them, and each tin has a word on it.  It spells out Cherished Childhood Memories...

We have many of those memories... do you know we wanted to be mermaids when we were growing up?  We would race out to the pool and take rafts, and the floating pool chair and make houses out of them.  We had pretty elaborate imaginations when we would play too.  Make believe was our favorite pass time... to be a kid again.

I think the holidays are the perfect time to bring those memories to the forefront of your mind.  So many customized gifts to give.  We tend to pick up mermaid items when we find them.  It makes us smile, and laugh, and talk about our extravagant imaginations throughout our childhood.  

She also gave me the hot chocolate tin with the boy skiing.  I enjoy collecting unique tins.  I have gotten rid of several over the years for lack of space, but there are some that will never leave our cottage.

The other wrought iron piece in the background holds several of my cookbooks. 


Antique milk bottles on top of cabinet with pampas grass inside, Christmas decorations on top of cabinet

We really surround ourselves with items that have sentimental value and things we have picked up over the years on our travels which hold different memories for us. 


Vintage Skotch Kooler on top of fridge with flower arrangement inside

We had fun decorating the kitchen this year.  A new thing for us, but I decided I really wanted to sprinkle traditional Christmas items throughout our home this year.    

Christmas decorations in the kitchen on top of cabinet and fridge

We still have the other side of the kitchen to share with you.  

We even decked our bedroom all out this year too!  I always have something for the holidays in each room somewhere, but this year?  We decided to really see what all we could decorate and share with you while mostly using what we already have.

Mr. VS picked up the school house light for me several years ago.  I love it!  When we remodel the kitchen, we have a few more to hang in here. 


Have you decorated your home for the holidays?  If not, are you a day after Thanksgiving decorator?  We always decorated our tree growing up the day after Thanksgiving.


It was a family tradition for us.  The tree in our family room was the tree my sister and I would decorate.  It displayed all of our Christmas ornaments we had collected over the years.

Need something to help you get in the mood this year?  I always turn on Christmas music, burn a holiday candle and let my imagination fly.  The sky is the limit when you decorate your home for the holidays.  Make it yours, and just have fun with it.  I love getting out those old, vintage items from my childhood so I can reminiscence.  Mr. VS and I shared some stories today with each other and had a lot of fun exchanging stories.  

Have a wonderful week!  Searching for more inspirations? Click to read:

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  1. So pretty Cara! I do the exact same thing, put things up and then change them 10 times. But that's because the beauty is all in the details. The little things that take it from average to gorgeous. Your "details" look amazing. Love your tins and the milk bottles. They just add such a warm, homey, feel. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Denise! Christmas is our most favorite time of year and the decorations just seem to make everything better. I do like to change things up a bit around here. Hope you enjoy your holidays!

  2. Vertical styling is often overlooked, and your Christmas vignettes are lovely. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. Thank you Cecilia! I finally have a year of blogging under my belt after reading so many blogs for so many years like yours! This Christmas has been a lot of fun getting all of our older decorations out and seeing how we can make everything look new again!