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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Reasons to believe in Santa Claus

Searching for reasons to believe in Santa Claus?  We have a few reasons to believe and share with you today.    

A pup who is very missed.

Do you remember how the holidays made you feel when you were a child?  How you got so super excited just thinking about Christmas break, and how it made you feel all warm and toasty inside no matter what the outside weather was doing...  

How you absolutely could not wait until school was out... not to mention the Christmas party at school... the punch, cookies, cupcakes, and candy... the gifts we made for our parents, or were able to purchase from the school store to give to family members.  

Then came all of the decorating for the big day at home, and the baking of Santa cookies, icing them, and decorating them... oh the fond memories I have doing these things as a child when I was growing up. 

The absolute over the top feeling you got inside just thinking about the potential of what Santa may come up with for you that year?  

If you are like me, you may need to dig deep, way deep, but I still remember... I loved the Christmas parties, and how we made Christmas crafts, and decorated the room at school, and putting up our tree at home, and the sure delight of searching through the Sears and JC Penney catalogs thinking about all of the toys I would love to have... and if I were extra good that year how maybe, just maybe Santa would bring me a few of the things I wanted.  

I was always a good girl, I was too afraid to get into any trouble.  Santa, who cared what he thought?  I had a strict mother who would set me straight if I crossed my eyes the wrong way!  😁  I always worried though, what if I was not good enough, would I get a lump of coal that year?

I have letters from Santa where he explained he was real... so how could you question the big man himself?  

How long did you believe in Santa?  

I was the oldest and I have to say my parents did a bang up job of keeping us on the line in believing in Santa for so long... I still remember to this day telling my mom I no longer believed.

I was in fifth grade and we had just opened our gifts.  I told her I know Santa isn't real, and she said you do?  I shook my head yes, her reply?  Ok, but don't tell your sister. I still chuckle when I think about that Christmas morning and how I was not sure I wanted to share what I thought or not?  

What if... what if he was real?

One part of me wanted to believe forever, but another part was like, it is time to be a big girl... and find out the truth.  Secretly, I think I had hoped she would tell me that he was real, and I had to choose if I was going to believe or not.

Some parents think it is wrong to deceive children of the wonderment of Santa, but in my opinion, they grow up way too fast, and why not let them believe as long as they can?

I like to think it adds to children's innocence and they need that.  Even as an adult, I wish I was not aware of some of the harsh realities of life.  I like to think believing gives us hope... hope for better, hope for good, hope that we can make a difference no matter how big or small.

I still believe in the magic of Christmas.

Do you?

Even when times are tough, and things do not seem to be going my way, I still believe there is just something magical about Christmas.  The time leading up to the big day, decorating our home, baking cookies and making candies... I always find such joy in these tasks.

It is like a whole long month of giddiness I get to feel between Thanksgiving and Christmas where our spirits are lifted decorating our homes, finding ways to keep our minds off the hard stuff, even for just a bit.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and I think a lot of it has to do with getting to spend time with family.  Taking a bit of time to smell the flowers if you will, doing those enjoyable tasks of making cookies, decorating the house, and the tree of course all while being together.

I think family is enough reason to believe in Santa Claus, thankful for the time we get to spend with them no matter how short that time here is.  Even though the gifts are what I remember from childhood, it is not about gifts at all, but being able to make those memories with loved ones that will stay with you forever.  Hold them close and cherish those moments, for when they are grown, and no longer depending on you, you will miss those moments most.

So you ask do I believe in Santa Claus?  My answer: we have to believe in something, why not the jolly man in the big red suit bringing cheer everywhere he goes?  I always feel like a kid again when I think of Santa or see him on the street, or even in our window waving to all who pass.     

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  1. I have a similar post, it's titled: Is it ok for kids to believe in Santa? I say yes! Nothing wrong with it. I believed in him as did my kids and grandbabies. It's just not Christmas without Santa and he doesn't take away from the real reason we celebrate.

    A blogger friend of mine commented on that post with this: "I’ve seen him in person several times. He didn’t wear a red suit and sometimes he was actually a she. Santa was part of every person that understood the true meaning of Christmas, people that dropped off toys for kids whose parents couldn’t afford them, those who went through their closets for coats and warm blankets for the homeless, and those that paid for the car behind them in line at a fast food restaurant. I wish Santa could stay all year, each and every day."

    Hubby and I play that kind of Santa thru out the year and a lot during the month of December. It warms our hearts and puts smiles on faces of strangers.

    1. I wish people would be Santa all year long too. Christmas has always been a big deal in our home, and if we would have had children, we would let them believe for as long as they would do so. Thank you for sharing what your friend says. I think Santa and a bit of magic can be in all of us. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!