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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Another Dog Tale

Dog lover?  One peanut lives in our home and keeps the household on it's toes while keeping life interesting for all lives this little pup touches.  

Beagle German Shepherd
Ain't I cute?

You may wonder in all of this chaos of Christmas decorating where our kiddo fits in with our cozy cottage?

No need to worry about him, he is in the thick of it on a daily basis.  He is not one who embraces change, but he has surprisingly done well with all of the many changes around the cottage this season.  Maybe he is finally getting used to mom moving things around all of the time around here.   

The tree we normally have in our family room is not there this year.  Mr. VS decided to purchase a new tree after Christmas last year.  He surprised me when he brought it home, it is one of those gloriously full trees with the remote control lights where you can create a light show to boot.  All the bells and whistles, not something I would choose for us, but he was very excited when he brought it home.

Only guess what?  When I mentioned we may want to put it together and make sure everything worked just fine, it came up short.  The top of the tree did not light up!  He contacted the company and they replied a new top would come this fall.  We have been patiently awaiting its arrival, and still no tree top... 

Since everything is stuck somewhere on a boat in the ocean, they are telling us it will be here in December.  I am willing to bet a more accurate guess would be probably after Christmas.  Maybe it will be a Christmas in July tree! 

Sleeping dog
As all children are, precious when they sleep...

Explaining all of that got me a bit off track, no, you don't say Cara?  You are the most laser focused individual we have ever had the pleasure of speaking with... you always stay on track... insert sarcasm here.

I do not think peanut has minded Christmas so much since the tree is not in our family room right now.  He tends to spend an abundant amount of time in there lazing about on the couch laying upside down when he is bored and waiting for mom to end her work day.  

Do you know one year he got himself into trouble and he hid in the tree?  I have a picture, but you can barely see him at all.  We had to fill in any and all spots in our home where a peanut size character could fit.

Puppy hiding in the tree
Do you see him way back there?  Master hide-n-seek player

Under coffee tables, end tables, putting up baby gates everywhere because he has been known to sneak off and destroy the house.  Yes, I did say destroy the house. 

He has chewed the carpet going up the stairs, numerous blankets, shoes, furniture, you name it, he has probably had his teeth sunk into it at one time or other.  We thought when the puppy phase wore off, he would grow out of it.  Nope, still to this day, he chews our blankets up!

I have to say he makes me laugh so hard though.  As I was making a few changes this past weekend to our decorations, I spoke rather loudly to Mr. VS in the other room.  Peanut goes running and barks like he is relaying my message.  

Dog hiding in tree
I got caught in the tree again.

Then Mr. VS replies, and back he comes down the hall and barks at me.  I kept doing this to see if he would keep running back and forth barking all the way, and do you know he did!  

So now we have our own little messenger, only we have no idea what he is saying.  He could be telling us to go get stuffed for all we know, or he could be saying I have the most wonderfulest parents in the world!  Yep, I am pretty sure that is exactly what he is letting everyone know at the top of his lungs.  

We have had many ups and downs, but do you know I would be so lost without him now.  It is funny I wake up in the middle of the night and I look to see where he is and make sure he is covered up with the blanket on our bed.

Dog playing with ball
Playing with my new toys.

Oh... yes, he likes to be covered up!  In fact, he burrows down into the blankets, and he loves to put his head on your pillow.  We should call him your majesty since he thinks he is royalty around here.

We were having dinner the other evening and hubby forgot his drink so he set his plate and napkin off to the side.  Do you know that kid went for the napkin, and made a mad dash for the dining room because he knew the swinging door was open?

I had no idea what was going on and my husband is yelling, and I go see what all the racket is about.  Peanut is under the dining room table, his most favorite place to be mischievous and is shredding that napkin... to pieces.

Dog watching tv
I love to watch TV...

I get down on all fours and am crawling, when I get close, he runs, with the large bench in the dining room and the weight of it, I could not get turned around fast enough to try to grab it.  

This went on for several minutes until all we were picking up were teeny tiny pieces of napkin, and then for good measure, he ate the last piece.  Personally I think it was for spite since we ruined his fun for the evening.

To say he is growing up.. well, that would probably be a lie, wouldn't it?  He still gets himself into plenty of trouble pretty often for his age.  

German Shepherd Beagle Mix pup
Aww mom, I am stuck... 

Speaking of, he turns 3 on Christmas Day!  We usually go all out for him and there are toys, and treats, and lots of playing.

Last year there was snow!  Now, he loved that and thoroughly enjoyed spending the day out in the snow while we took pictures of him.  

A coworker said to me recently that he probably gets to do more things than most children do.  My reply?  Well, he is our child, we may not have human children, but we have one spoiled rotten four legged kiddo.  I am not shy in saying he is spoiled.  We already know this, and truthfully, we think he knows it too!

Dog laying on couch with pillow
Trying to snooze on my couch.

We decided the other evening we would take a walk around the neighborhood after dark.  As we were rounding the corner to come back home, Mr. VS says to me, dear, get going.  I did not stop, but turned my head and found a stray following us.  I kind of freaked out inside, but tried to remain calm on the outside and began walking faster to get to our driveway and up to the house.  

The kid who knows when people are in the alley long before we see them did not notice the pooch following us.  I am really not sure how, God must have been on our side because who knows if a stray is friendly or not? 


Thankfully we all made it up the driveway, the other dog did not continue to follow us, and peanut was none the wiser.  Talk about nerve racking.... I have never been afraid of dogs, but I am hesitant to let my dogs around others since you just never know.

Dog peeking around door
Shh... I am in time out, but I decided to open the door anyway.

I was the kid at the vet with my mom as a child going around the waiting room petting all of the dogs... sticking my face in theirs so I could say hello.  She said she used to discourage me from doing this, but it never helped.  She was always trying to control our pup and I was out making friends with all of the pups at the vet.  Never a stranger to any dog, I have always loved each and every one of them I come across.  

After our walk, we went back inside like nothing, and he decided the walk just tuckered him out, so he jumped up on the loveseat, curled up in a ball, and was out for the count.  

I would love to tell you that he slept soundly all night, but it only lasted for an hour or two on the couch.  Once we went to bed, he was wound for sound and wanted to play with his toys in bed.


We so enjoy sharing stories of our peanut with you.  We just never know what he will do next.  He makes us smile and laugh even when we have a terrible day, so we knew there would be others who would get a kick out of him too.  Thanks for supporting this kiddo, he loves being the center of attention.

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