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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Mischievous Dog Tales

Searching mischievous dog tales?  We have a very mischievous pup who seems to get himself into some real pickles.

What is this thing dad left in the hallway?  

Always on Fridays we seem to have such mischief around the cottage. As I’m sitting downstairs getting ready for my day I hear the little pitter patter of gremlin feet running from one side of the house to the other. I yell up the steps what are you doing up there? 

I cleaned up the breakfast table and made my way upstairs… where he’s waiting for me at the top of the steps wagging his tail quickly back-and-forth. I take this as a sure sign he has been up to something… Lord only knows what that is.

Only, when I begin the usual places of searching for mischief, I find none.  Could it be he was only running all around upstairs, or has he gotten that good at hiding his mischief?

I am leaning towards the latter since this pup only seems to be good in small doses.  I still did not find anything after my search concluded.  I chalked it up to running back and forth like a crazy man looking for the next thing he can get into.

I love cuddling down into the blankets with my head on the pillow

After the work day ended, I came downstairs to work on a project.  Peanut comes running down the steps at warp speed, wiping out as he goes around the corner.  He ran like his pants were on fire, or he was running from someone or something.  

The wipe out got my attention for a second, but then I heard him get up and continue running so I kept working.  He ran past me in the dining room and laid down so I continued what I was working on until I finished up.

As I went to leave the dining room, it dawned on me that he had been awfully quiet laying under the dining room table.  When I began walking to the other end of the dining room, I knew something was amiss.

He jumped up and began heading for the other end of the dining room.  If he runs before you have a chance to look at him, then he has definitely been up to something and probably has an item that is near and dear to you.  I yell down the hallway, we have a runner, I need back-up stat in the dining room please!  

I am telling you Mommy Santa is coming to visit me this year!

What did he have?  A piece of my Christmas ribbon from the kitchen of course.  I am not even sure where he found it.  He got a bit snappy with the teeth and snarling, but we were able to get it away from him.

I told him Santa Claus was not going to be visiting pup's who were on the naughty list.  Do you know, he knows who Santa Claus is?  When he heard no Santa Claus, well, that just opened up a whole other can of worms.

Barking, and barking, and more barking!  Stomping his little feet, and then a little bark, jump thing.  One, this peanut does not like to be told no, and then no Santa Claus we think just put him over the edge.  He was upset.  I told him, if you behave then he still may come.  That seemed to do the trick, he sat down and behaved for a bit.   

I went to bed early on Friday since I was feeling a bit under the weather.  My husband let peanut out before heading to bed himself.  We've discussed what he does when he sees that darn bunny, right?  Well, he lunged, his training collar snapped, and off he went.   

I love to play with ALL of my toys

We have a fenced in yard, but we have a driveway that comes up from the alley, and that is open to our yard.  Mr. VS said he was unsure if he should get me or run after him?  He decided to get me up.  I was in a deep sleep, but once I heard come quick, he's off the leash!  I quickly jumped out of bed, and came running down the steps.

Once I made it to the kitchen, hubby said grab the treats!  He opens the door, and I yell, Mama's coming!  When he heard my voice and his daddy's he came running up the driveway.  Once he got close enough, I scooped him up and took him inside.

We actually cannot believe he did not leave the yard, and we are also surprised he did not bring back a rabbit back with him.  Thank God for small miracles.  

Both of us were amazed he was so good.  Mr. VS said he had to sit outside and calm down a few minutes since he was sure we would never see him again.  Finding him after dark, and as fast as he is, we thought for sure we would be experiencing a different kind of evening.  

We were both a mess, and do you know I think our kiddo was a bit relieved when he came back to us too.  He jumped up in that bed, and did not move all night long! 

Who knows what that thing is, I give up


Luckily for him and us, he was safe.  We knew we needed a driveway gate, but with the change in weather, we had slowed our search.  Now, we are full speed ahead searching for the perfect gate so we can contain one peanut in his yard!

We are hoping to find one that is solid to prevent prying eyes from looking out into the alley.  He knows people will be walking by the drive long before we ever see them.  Of course, then he feels the need to bark at them and let them know to back off, this is his domain.   

We decided we have had enough excitement around here to last us for a while, so we are hoping he will tame down a bit.  I told my husband this past weekend, we should have tried the Elf on a Shelf with him.  LOL.  Yep, we are crazy pet parents, what can we say?  Can you believe the big day is nearly upon us?  It always flies by so quickly!  How I wish we could hit the pause button to make it last a little longer.  

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  1. Definitely not boring with him ♥ around your house, huh? Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 145 for All About Pets. Shared.

    1. You have no idea! He has actually calmed down a bit here lately, but as soon as I say that, he will be back to his regular schedule of turning the house upside down.