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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Furry Tales

Searching furry tales?  You may not find grooming here, but you will find some furry tales of a pup who is pretty ornery and spoiled.  

That one time when I flunked out of obedience school 

Last Friday as I’m getting ready for work I walk into our bedroom and find peanut laying smack dab in the middle of the bed.

I should have noticed how stiff he became when I entered the room, only I was preoccupied thinking about my day and wondering what kind of Friday I was going to have.  

Do you experience this too?  

Where there are good Friday's... then bad Friday's... and then the absolute most horrible Friday's where it does not even matter that you made it to the weekend at quitting time and can relax the next two days because you just want to make like an ostrich and stick your head in the sand for the next few days and ignore the world.

Yeah, I was hoping for the first option, and expecting the last one, but life gets in the way, and you miss cues that should prepare you for what is going to happen next.  

I'm quite the character

I should have noticed his stiff posture, I should have noticed he was being freakishly quiet like if he was quiet enough, I would just not even realize he was there on our bed.

I think that is what he was hoping for anyway... but then the stiffness and no movement is what drew my attention his way.

As he is laying on the bed with his head held high like a show dog, I see a small piece of stuffing. I picked it up and commented, I wonder how that got there.  You know, I always talk to him, I am still waiting for him to respond to me... maybe one of these days...

Anyway, then when he still did not move, I really took a look at the bed, and him, and what was going on here afterall.  

He had stuffing ALL over the bed!  I mean, not just the small piece I initially found, but huge clumps of it EVERYWHERE!  It was at his feet, in front of him, laying beside him, laying on my pillow, even on the floor... let me tell you, it was everywhere!

Enjoying my Grandma's breezeway

If I could have, I would have snapped a pic of the destruction my "angel" caused.  You just cannot waste any time when it comes to stuffing, you have to scoop it all up super quick, because he will eat it if not!  Plus, there was the whole Friday work day looming over my head so time was of the essence.

I remained calm, and said what exactly do you think you are doing here?  Then since I talk to my peanut pretty often, I commented, I cannot believe you did this!  I was just praising you for being so good lately!


He turned his head, and pretended like I did not even exist!  Can you believe he did that?  I mean, it was like I was a ghost, nonexistent, not there... nothing!  Like I was not even his momma who gives him treats, and toys, and lots of luvins, and lets him eat half of my food at every meal!  I was dead to him for even asking what he had done!  

I stood there, "What, now you are not even going to look at me?  You chew my warm, all toasty blanket, and then pull mass quantities of stuffing and have it strewn all over the bed, and I am in the one in the wrong here"?


My laundry basket at Grandma's house 

Yep mom, that is exactly the way this is going down... if you would not have left the blanket in question on the bed, then I am assuming we would not even have a problem here!  Yes, I swear the wheels were turning in his adorable little head, and that was exactly what he was thinking!

What do I get out of this whole mess?  A lot of stuffing I had to throw away, and a blanket that is basically down to cover only, holding no warmth to burrow down in... needless to say, he decided I was the one in the wrong here because he did not have much to do with me for the rest of the day.

He has these times where he is on a roll for several hours, days, weeks, months... however long he decides it will last... where he will be ornery until he decides he wants to be good again.  

Let me tell you, he decided this past weekend was his one way ticket to orneriness and I began to wonder if we were turning the bend in the opposite direction and taking 20 steps back.  Ignoring all of the progress we have made, I thought I may cry if that were the case. 

He had a vet appointment... as we know, these can sometimes go well... or not.

Real men wear pink... my daddy says so

Upon walking in the door, he sees a teeny tiny baby puppy.  The puppy seems to be curious about our peanut, but his kid?  He looks at that little pup like, you are an ant, and I will crush you, go away... and decides he will go about his business of investigating, seeing what he can find. 

That little puppy went under the chair where her owner was sitting and cowered down like sheesh, I thought I may want to get to know you, only you are not so nice.  

Then a cat enters the room... he has never been around a cat before, and decided he may or may not be interested in said cat.  Only we worry said cat could become breakfast when he least expects it.

He gets pulled away and moved to a different section of the waiting room.

What does the cat do?  Oh, he thinks... ha!  I will taunt him... he is on a leash after all, I like my odds here.

I'm a ham, and don't I know it

Do you know how strong this kid is?  He pulls and begins barking, and stomping his feet, and does this strange bark, talk, growl noise, totally disrupting the calm, quiet atmosphere the vet office tries to maintain.  Does he care?  Darn tooting, you know he does not!  

The cat decides this is not worth the trouble and goes back to sunbathing in another room, lucky peanut, or maybe lucky us.

A Cane Corso struts in... peanut here decides she may be a worthy opponent and perks right up.  He is told to pipe down since she would take him to the cleaners.  I think he decided he may be afraid of her since she was huge and she had no qualms about letting everyone know she was in the house, making her presence known.

Finally!  His name is called... he has to walk by the Cane Corso and does a small glance, and moves along. Once he is in the room with the door closed, he became a bit more like his old self.

His vet tech says let's get the nasty part over with before we do the toes.  It is explained that is probably the best course of action with this kid.  He hates getting his toenails trimmed.

Christmas at Grandma's house 

Peanut here lays down like he may play nice, and our tech thinks this is going to be a piece of cake, only we know better because the laying down thing, is his way of digging in his heels and saying no way Jose... no where, no how are you getting near my paws and precious toenails.  I do not care if they are 6 inches long, they need to stay attached to me!

This kid pulls out all of the stops during his visit on Saturday.  

When the large dog outside of his room would bark, he would jump and then pull his feet away.  Then he decides he's going to show teeth and he was firmly told NO!  He stopped once he was told no, but the tech decided she was going for help and was told it was probably a good idea.  

When back-up comes waltzing in, he lays down again, but he also knows he is had and will have to do what he is told now.  The rest of the toe nail clipping went smoothly, thankfully.

We are unsure if it was the mammoth of a dog outside of his room and her barks that caused him to be jumpy, or if he decided he was just not having it, but as you can tell, toe nail trims are not the best day in the world of this peanut.

When he got home, he jumped up on the couch and that was all she wrote for several hours.  He was whipped... tired... pooped out... D-O-N-E!  

Then he decided to wreak havoc on the house again for the remainder of the night.  It's a good thing he is so loved... I sometimes wonder where he would be if he did not end up here with us.  I am not sure how many other families could handle his shenanigans.

Yep, that's right, I do what I want around here... 

We so enjoy sharing our stories if this Beagle German Shepherd pup, have your own stories you would like to share with us?  Drop us a line!  We love pup stories!  Have a wonderful rest of your week! 

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