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Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas and happy 2021

We wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy 2021!    

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house

Bentley was stirring 

And wreaking havoc on the house.

You see mommy always calls me peanut, but really I’m Bentley. 

And I turn three on Christmas Day!

Shh... you should not interrupt, we are telling a story here dear.

Okay mom, I'll be quiet...

The stockings were hung in the stairwell with care

In hopes that St. Nick would soon be there. 

Oh, I cannot wait to see what Santa brings me!  Do you know he comes for Christmas and my birfday?  How lucky am I?


Sorry mama, can I just take over?


Mommy and Daddy laid down to go to sleep, 

And I was waiting up for Santa trying not to make a peep.

I heard a clatter and went roaring through the house 

To see what was the matter

Do you know I saw a jolly old elf 

Who laughed in spite of himself

I just knew this had to be St. Nick

As he waved his hand and presents appeared just like magic

I wasn't sure if I could rely on my eyes as they appeared

But with his rosy cheeks, smile, and white beard

I just knew it had to be St. Nick!

I am done story telling, I cannot contain my excitement for the big man to come tonight! 

Are you ready?  Mom and Dad have had to remind me several times this week to be on my best behavior, but it is hard... so hard!

I went running up the steps this week, and I was going a bit fast, but the snowman on the steps jumped right out and got me!

I was so mad at him for tripping me, I went over and gave him a shove with my nose.  Mommy saw me do it, and said that was not very nice.  It was his fault though, I am telling you.  Not like I tried to hit him!

Mommy attempted cookies today, and she says she has lost her touch, but you know what?  I thought they were excellent!  She scraped them off the pan, and she let me taste a few scraps.  I love SUGAR!

Then she decided to try another cookie, and she said they fell apart!  You know what?  I got to try a few pieces of this one, and can I tell you, peanut butter is my most favorite!  It is yummy!  

We left chocolates on the back steps of my grandma's house for my great grandma.  She likes her sweets mom says, and I have to say, I can see why.  They are yummy in my tummy.  

Mommy made name tags today that double as ornaments, and I just enjoyed that everyone was home today.  I laid under the dining room table while she worked.  Then I barked and barked at each new noise I heard.

Thank you for following along with us this past year, and I look forward to new adventures to share with you.  Mom is excited about her new house projects that she has up her sleeve.  2022 should be a good year, fingers and paws crossed.

From our house to yours Merry Christmas!  

As you can see Daddy won out two years in a row with his leg lamp in the front window, but Mommy had her vintage touch too.  Santa Claus made his appearance this year in our window.  Mom says he watches me for the real Santa Claus so I have to behave.  I still wonder if she is telling me the truth on that though.

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