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Monday, December 27, 2021

Let's get organized

Looking to get more organized?  We are excited to share we are ready to hop on the band wagon too, and get this home organized!  

Hello Lovelies.

Did you enjoy your Christmas?  We sure hope so.  Did you get to enjoy a nice dinner with friends or family, or watch Hallmark movies all weekend (what I wanted to do), or were you able to just sit back and enjoy your holiday with no muss, no fuss?

It was pretty low key for us, a small Christmas dinner, just the two of us and of course, the pup!  We could never do a thing without him.  No frills, just easy going in our p.j.'s kind of day around the cottage.  

The older I get, the more I enjoy those sorts of days, holidays, weekends... and any other kind of day you can think of.  Long gone are the days where I had to put make up on every day and make sure my hair was perfect even if I was just staying home.  

I am finding I am getting more gray and white hair than I ever thought was possible!  Yikes!  Do you remember when you were young and never thought the aging process would happen to you?  Well, I remember those days.  

I recall my mom saying not to clean my face with alcohol on a cotton ball, it would dry my face out, and cause wrinkles.  I used to laugh when she would tell me this!  I would think to myself, that won't happen to me.  Yes, can you believe I used to think such things.  I was 15, what do you expect!  You know 15 year old's know it all, right?

I think this time of year is a good time for reflecting.  Think about where you are in life, where you want to be, and where you have come from.  I no longer think the aging process will not touch me.  It does not mean I am open to the idea by any means though.  😉   When I find that fountain of youth, I will share with y'all!  

Over the weekend, I sat and thought about all of the things I did not get done.  So many more projects I wanted to share with you, but ran out of time.

Do you do that?  Have so much on your to do list that you do not complete it all?  It seems like I do this every year.  And every year I say I am going to be more organized, start earlier so I can get it all done, but honestly... life just gets in the way.

I think this is the case for most of us.  Or maybe, just maybe, I am the only disorganized person out there?  If so, ignore me... but if not, then let's talk about it.

Do you write lists, and then forget where you placed them?  Oh, I do this all of the time!  Mr. VS says I need to utilize the notes section on my iPad.  I never use it for that though.  

I am hoping I will be more organized in 2022.  

I had a fresh start in 2021... I organized our bathroom closet, and do you know what?  Nearly a year later, it is still looking like it did when I organized it.  I need more of that around here.

Then because I felt I needed to make the bathroom closet pretty, we added special touches to it.  Wallpaper, of course!  We can't forget we also added the bathroom closet "helper" too.  I still love it when I open the bathroom closet every morning.  It is refreshing when you get to look at pretty things in your home, or at least it is that way for me.

I am a visual person, and I like to have my things where I can see everything.  If it is hidden somewhere I will never find it.  I love labels, and knowing what is inside of boxes when I do get around to organizing our home.  

I have plans to bring you organization this next year in 2022.  I know I need it myself, and I figure I cannot be the only disorganized soul out there.  

If you have ideas and would like to share them, go right ahead.  It is why we have a comments section at the end of every post.  This is a safe environment for all of our readers, and we truly do love seeing your comments!  If you do not feel comfortable putting that info out there, you can always email me too.  I would love to share what our readers are working on!  

More cleaning tips and tricks... I love reading those sorts of things, and I am looking forward to sharing more of these things with you.  I have found if you keep waiting for the perfect time, it may never happen, so I am going to share just more with you all in 2022.  I mean, we are all in this together, right?

Making our home the best version of itself is my mission around this cozy cottage.  I enjoy thinking up ways to get myself on track, but I also need to make sure I am doing it too.  I figure you all will help keep me accountable, right? 

So, here is to making 2022 the best version of us we can be.  I am excited, are you?

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