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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Christmas bells wreath

Searching for Christmas bells wreath?  I am so excited to share with you today our perfect Christmas bells wreath!  

How you seen the bells from Pottery Barn for Christmas?  I fell in love when I saw them!  Immediately!  

Only guess what?  The $149.00 price tag was not something I cared for all that much for a set of 3.  Don't get me wrong, I love the bells, and I think bells can be decorative any time of year, but that price was not something I was loving so much.  

So in Cara fashion, I went on a hunt... you know, where I seek the item I so love, and will not eat, sleep, or drink until I find it!  Must find bells... I need them!  

I was going to search Amazon first, but then decided I needed to stretch my horizons a bit, see what else is out there.  It is good to think outside the box a bit and see what else I can come up with every now and then.

I looked at shiny bells, dull bells, white bells, bells that jingle all the way, expensive bells, more expensive bells, until I was all bells out.

I thought to myself, I cannot look at another bell... I need to make a decision, so guess where I ended up?  Right back where I said I needed to look for items outside that Amazon box.

And then the most wonderful thing happened...

I found the perfect bells!

I moved them over to my cart and said oh darn, they will not be here in 2 days like usual.  Oh well, I can be patient for the perfect bells, right?  Yes, I can!  

I had the best idea, they were going on our front door with a tartan plaid bow, it was going to be so cute!  Something a bit different than my typical front door d├ęcor I thought.  

They finally arrived this week, and I was so excited as I opened the box.  The bells were all perfectly packaged in bubble wrap, who doesn't love bubble wrap?  I have a lot of fun with peanut and bubble wrap.  Okay, truthfully he hates the stuff when it pops, or he sometimes then decides to get extra pouncy.  

Yes, he will pounce like a lion, but we are getting way off subject here, and I really need to focus on my precious bells!

I opened the front door, and fussed about adding the bells to our front door, and fussed some more with the tartan plaid bow.  I thought to myself, how cute, this is adorable.

Then something happened... I went to shut the door.  Only, the door did not shut.  I pushed a little harder, and there was no budging that door with my perfect bells.  I thought oh great, now what?  

Do you know I even thought about not closing the front door all of the way just so I could leave them on our door?  Then I thought to myself, this is silly, it gets cold at night, we need to be able to shut the door all of the way.  

Slowly, I removed my perfect bells from my perfect front door and thought to myself now what?  

Where will these bells go now?  

Then I had a second wonderful idea!  I decided what a waste they would have been on the front door anyway since I would never get to see them.  How crazy is that?

I decided to dress up our hallway and I moved them over to our hall closet, so now every time I come around the corner I walk past them, and I get to smile at my perfect bells. 

Do you know when you shake them they sound like cow bells?  Yep.  Peanut just looked at me when I first rang them like oh, now what is my crazy mama doing?  

I laughed and said your beloved moo moo's sometimes have bells that sounds just like this.  Of course, that caused a whole chain of events where he leapt up and turned midair and stared at the television in search of his moo moo's.  Then he began barking and running around.  Mom said there are moo moo's, they are not here!  What a let down that was!

After all of that excitement, I smiled to myself and thought how much fun are these bells going to be on mornings when I cannot get him out of bed?  Oh, I plan on using these bells for more than just decoration folks!  I plan to ring these things whenever I get the fancy to do so.

Awesome decoration, but even more fun waking the house up on Christmas morning, or maybe any other morning I choose too!  

We also decorated our entryway with bows, and poinsettias, and garland, and pinecones, and snowmen, and cedar, and a little baby tree, my favorite pillows, and even a pail that lets you know "This is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" so it must be true!

There is even stockings going down the steps.  Do you see how the snowman's lantern is a bit cockeyed?  Yep, peanut's doing.  I am sure you are not surprised in the slightest though.  

Always my sidekick with me everywhere I go.  He makes sure to somehow get in the pics as I take them at the last minute.  Oh well, he is the spoiled rotten pup around here, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Can you believe there are only 9 days till Christmas?  Me either!  2021 flew right out the door.  I am not sure where the time went.  

The house is all decorated, but I am thinking a little baking may be in order this weekend.  I also need to wrap gifts!  Can you believe it?  The gal who always has her gifts wrapped at least 6 weeks before the big day is running a bit behind.  It happens I guess.  Life has been pretty busy around this cozy cottage.

One last look at those perfect bells.  Oh, I nearly forgot to share with you the best part, I saved nearly $100.00!  I felt like that was quite the bargain and they fit our needs, plus, they really are beautiful in person.

What do you plan to do this weekend?  Are you all ready and biding your time till Christmas, or do you like to toe the line up to the last minute?  I'd love to hear what you have planned, share your pictures with us!  I thoroughly enjoy seeing what each and every one of you have been up to.

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