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Thursday, December 30, 2021

At home planetarium

Searching for at home planetarium?  We are excited to share with you today our new at home planetarium.

at home planetarium picture from ceiling

Have you ever been to a planetarium?

I recall as a child going to our high school and visiting their planetarium.  To me, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen at the time.

I recall the day like it was yesterday, it was sweltering hot on the bus ride over, even with the windows down.  The air felt stagnant, every red light and stop sign felt like we may drown in the humidity pooling in the air.  

Even with the bus moving, it still felt as if we were sitting in a vat of grease ready to be fried to a crisp.  I remember thinking, are we there yet... like most kids that age tend to do.  

When we finally arrived, we had no idea what was in store for us! 

We were asked to line up in a single file line and follow our teacher inside the building where they told us we would be visiting the planetarium.  Did I even know what a planetarium was?  You know, I do not recall, all I know was it was an instant shock to my system!  

First off, the entire place was cool... which was appealing to my overheated senses.  I remember that cool air hitting my sweaty skin from the perspiration that had gathered from our bus ride, and feeling like I had finally won the AC lottery.  I recall the coolness surrounding us as a shiver went down my spine in anticipation of what this day may bring.  

After that cool air hit us, we were directed to the auditorium style seats, and what seats they were!  Back in the 80's we were not accustomed to comfortable seats, or air conditioning in schools, or a bathroom in each classroom, or carpet for that matter.  It was definitely a different time, but you know what?  I would not trade those memories for the world.  

We pushed down the seat, and crawled up into the cushioned, comfy chair to see what the day had in store for us. Through the eyes of an elementary age student, I was already in heaven, and that was before the lights were turned down low, and the magic began to happen.

The lights were subtly turned down, the aisles lit up with rope lighting to light the path in case you were to vacate your seat.  Then the most amazing thing happened, the ceiling opened up and we saw a night sky on the ceiling.  I recall leaning back in my chair and letting my head rest back while taking in the view and getting comfortable for the show we were about to observe.      

Of course, since this was during the school day, seeing that night sky felt surreal, but seeing those magnificent stars shining... that moment, right here in my life is where I fell in love with the night sky and all of the fabulous things it has to offer. 

I thoroughly enjoyed that day in 1980 something where the night sky moved around us, star constellations being pointed out to us and then drawn on the ceiling, and my love for the stars was born.

I am sure you are not surprised I tend to be a star gazed lover.  Walking with my head in the clouds most days, the stars would not be that far of a stretch for me.  

That day long ago in elementary school really drew me in to my love of stars.  Still to this day, I cannot see the constellations, it is more like "Where's Waldo" to me, but it does not stop me from looking up every chance I get when I am out after dark.

Even as I sit here writing this today, I smile, with my senses being assaulted with the scent of... what?  Burnt bacon?  Whoops, I still get carried away thinking of that planetarium.  I guess it is a good thing I do not mind burnt bacon for breakfast this morning.

Sometimes a working gal has to write when she has a free moment, and this morning it was during breakfast making.     

I can get lost in thought when thinking of that day, and wondering why this small town has never opened the planetarium up to the public to charge admission adding to school funding?  

You may be wondering what this planetarium has to do with anything today, or you may be saying oh Cara, what road are you leading us down today?  Well, I will share with you that Santa brought a gift to me so I can star gaze whenever my little heart desires... you know, every night now in the comfort of my p.j.'s, in my bedroom all cuddled up under the covers with a big dumb grin on my face like that smiley school girl all those years ago.  

I was so excited when I opened this gift.  I have been looking at the home planetarium machines for quite some time, but never really settling on one for purchase.  Some seemed too juvenile, while others I was just not sure about.  

As Santa tends to do, he did an excellent job picking out the perfect planetarium for me.  He tends to do his research and just knows what will be best.

So... I can tell you that this Sega planetarium is very easy to set up.  It comes with two CD disks you load to see the stars as I took a pic the other night when laying in bed, and then one to show the constellations.  You can also purchase other discs which I may do if I tire of seeing the same night sky. 

We seem to be partial to the solar system moving slowly about for a better view of all of the stars, but you can also choose to have the stars be stationary in the sky too.  There is also a shooting star option, which I love.  It is like a million wishes, that you never run out of!  You can also focus the stars on the ceiling by twisting the dial on top.  

We are not the only ones who lay in bed star gazing either.  The kiddo seems to love it too!  He stares at the ceiling and watches the stars, until he finally falls asleep.  I'd imagine his dreams are full of shooting stars, wishing for more toys.

I know I have shared with you before I have difficulty sleeping, but the last few evenings have been a bit more relaxing.  We both commented when we watch the stars move about we find ourselves getting sleepy.  

It certainly has not cured my sleeping all night issue since I still wake in the middle of the night, but getting to sleep has been easier.  I will say I fall asleep before it times out and shuts the planetarium down for the evening.

Thinking back to my childhood and knowing where my love of the stars began was such a nice memory.  Now I can have a sky full of stars every evening while I sleep, with shooting stars to wish on.  Sometimes it really is the small things in life that end up being the big things, and traveling without leaving our bedroom to boot.

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