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Friday, October 1, 2021

Emergency vet visit

Emergency vet visits are not a lot of fun, but somehow this kiddo will make the best of it every time.   

Before we get into our emergency vet appointment, I wanted to give a heads up to everyone who subscribes to our emails.  We are finalizing a new email look and subscriber soon so emails will look a little differently in the upcoming days.  This blog has been an exciting new venture for us and we thank you for sticking by us through our growing pains.  Google decided to stop their email service for blogs and I had to make a decision moving forward, so that brings us to change, and we all know sometimes change is difficult, but we know it is for the best.  Hope you enjoy this rascal's story this week.  😄    

I think emergency peanut visits is becoming a thing with us.  Last Friday, peanut and I went out in the backyard for a walk about.  We both enjoy soaking up a bit of sun, while he surveys the yard for intruders who may have crossed into his domain.   

When we came back inside, he began licking his paw, this is not something new with him.  He does it every now and then so I did not get all excited about it, I went about my business in getting dinner ready and cleaning.

After daddy came home and we were settled in for the evening, peanut began running around the house, it was like someone hit the fast forward button... he would lay down quickly, bite his paw, jump back up, and start it all over again.  Next came whatever paw he could get into his mouth, he would lick, bite, and run... next came kicking of his back hind legs out like a bucking bronco.

We were unsure what had happened and by the time this behavior occurred, it was late and the vet was closed... I went through everything I could think of.  

I got out his salve for his feet when he licks, slathered it all over his feet and ankles in the hopes this would stop him from biting and licking.  This did not seem to help much, but we kept him distracted as best as we could for a while so he would not lick and let the salve do it's magic.  

Then began the shaking of his ears... so then we thought maybe he needed an ear wash for an infection that may be starting.  I got the bottle out, and of course we went running.  I had to close the door to his crate so he could not hide inside it, and hubby had to help me hold him and put the medicine in his ears.

What joy he is when it comes to this task, he absolutely hates it!  I was not sure which ear was the bothersome one, so I had to put it in both ears.  I have to rub each ear for a period of time tying to get it down in his ear canal, and what does he do the second he is released?  Shakes his head of course and the medicine goes flying... everywhere... lovely huh?

His odd behaviors continued, so then I thought we will try some allergy medicine to see if this helps.  His eyes got really heavy and I could tell he needed some sleep, but the champ he is, fought it as best as he could. 

I stayed up with him all night to keep him from biting and licking his paws.  Fun Friday for me, no sleep, but what else is new for me, and when it comes to this peanut, I will do whatever I need to make sure he is A-ok.

I kept my hand on him all night, and as soon as he moved and began licking, I would tell him no.  As you know, he does not like being told no, at ALL... when it comes to you getting in between him and whatever he believes is dire his frustration will mount, and you had better be prepared for whatever way he may decide to lash out at you with.  He will definitely let you know when he is ticked, no qualms about it.  

Finally at 6AM, I called the vet and waited for them to call us back.  Thankfully, once they called back, she asked if we could bring him in now, I said we will be there in 25 minutes.  

We were seen right away.  As soon as she walked into the exam room, he lays down, and rolls over... she said oh, we like it when you are ready to be examined.  I replied, it is more like he wants a belly rub.  She laughed and said ok and gave a brief rub.  She indicated this would be treated as an allergic reaction, and thought it could be a bug bite.  

When the vet tech walked in and gave us our prednisone, peanut here laid down immediately and rolled over on his back.  She laughed... I said he wants a belly rub.  Her response?  Oh you needed emergency belly rubs this morning, didn't you?  Yeah, he wants them, from everyone he meets... little do they know this is not submission on his part.  We learned this one the hard way when he was a wee thing.  He still holds the power, even on his back.  

On our way we went, home our destination.  He got his meds as soon as we walked in the door, and seemed to be doing a little better about an hour later.

Through this experience, peanut has decided grass is not his friend and has wanted nothing to do with walking outside for any length of time.  We think he may have known he was bit because going outside is not a fun pass time now.  He goes out, stays within 2-3 feet of the sidewalk, does his business and runs back inside to the safety of his home.

We are hoping he will enjoy being outside again, but this little guy does not forget anything!  He still recalls the debacle with the dishwasher, and will run every away time I open it.  We hope to reintroduce the outside to him slowly where he will enjoy walks especially with the cooler weather heading this way.  We do enjoy those fall walks and scenery.  

Can you believe some of the messes this kiddo gets himself into?  I feel like we have a toddler running around here who is always getting himself into trouble and hurt.  I can imagine the vet thinks oh here comes the crazy lady with the short legged German Shepherd again.  

German Shepherd is listed on his records, when she walked into our first appointment with him, she laughed and asked, did the German Shepherd eat the Corgi?  We laughed and I said he is half Beagle.  The vet's reply was oh, that explains the short legs!  If you know me, then you know I am a shorty too, and have terrible allergies.  Takes right after his momma I tell ya, and fits right into this family.

We like to think him being here was kismet and wouldn't want it any other way.  Happy Friday, hope you enjoy your weekend!

P.S. We began talking about Halloween this week.  We found some of the cutest Halloween costumes for pets... I wish he would let me put one on him, but I know that is a battle we will not be taking on.  I am lucky he wears his bowtie collars, so I will take what I can get.   

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