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Wednesday, September 1, 2021


I have stories to share with you.  I mean, I am a busy pup after all... and so much to tell you and I never get my say, but today I totally am.  

Hey, remember me?  Peanut, the wonder pup! I decided to tell that mom of mine that I was taking over today because I have a lot to share with y'all.

I had to go to the vet the other day and get my pedicure and I was like oh hum... this again?  Does it ever end?  

So, this lady came in while I was waiting on my appointment and can you believe she snubbed me?  I was like hey lady, what's your problem?  

I decided I could not let her do that to me.  I mean, if you are going to come in and sit right next to me, the least you can do is say hi.  I was on my leash, but I did not let that deter me from saying Hi!

The lady asked if I was friendly, can you believe that?  I am like hey lady, I will show you friendly.  I walked right up to her and you know what?  She gave me a pat.  On the head.  A pat. On my head. I was like ok, I will take it, but come on, you can do better than that!

I wanted her to give me a belly rub, but she did not seem like she was up for it so I said ok then... mom and dad give the best tummy rubs.  I love it when they scratch my heinie for me too.  Some days I have the best parents.

So, I have to tell you there is this thing my mom calls a bunny living in my backyard under the shrubs and it is getting on my nerves, understatement of the year, I tell ya!  Mom said I have to leave it alone, but I am afterall a boy who is curious by nature and she will not let me get close.  The nerve of that woman...  

So what do I do?  I bark at it, lots! The other morning mom said I needed to be quiet because I was gonna wake the living dead if I did not hush.  Not sure who those people are, maybe our neighbors, but I decided I would take my chances because that "bunny" never answers me back.

I am like mom, is it deaf?  Is it blind?  Why does it not see me, just freezes and sits there in the yard really still.  Why won't it come over and play with me or at the very least, say hi?  

She said there may be baby bunnies also under the shrubs.  Now babies, I know all about.  I think I would like one around this house, but baby bunnies?  I am not so sure about.

If they grow up like the one that sits in our yard really still and ignores me then I do not want that kind of baby.  How rude!  I mean, I am trying really hard to be friends with this "bunny" and I get nuttin'.  I just do not get it.

The other night, I kept waking dad up and telling him I had to go out at all hours of the night because I had to see what was going on out there under that shrub.  This bunny is in my thoughts all day and all night long.  I cannot seem to let it go...

Can you believe summer is almost over?  Bunny... mom says fall is around the corner, and bunny the leaves are changing and falling on the ground already. Bunny I love it when it gets cooler, mom and dad always take me on road bunny trips.

I am having a hard time focusing tonight, that darn bunny is on my brain 24/7 and will not leave me alone.  Mom says she is afraid I will break my leash I pull so hard, and she might be on to sumthin' there... I just want to say hello.  

She taught me to say hello and be friendly with people I meet, I thought that extended to animals too when I first meet them, and this darn bunny just will not accept my friendliness.  

I mean, I am pretty awesome and people seem to love me, but this bunny?  I am not sure what more I can do?  Maybe I will have to let it go, but I am not so sure I can.

Mom says it is the stubborn Beagle in me that once I set my mind on sumthin', I will not let it go.  Whatever stubborn is... I think it is one of my better traits personally if I do not let things go.  I mean when someone is at the door, I let her know and I do not stop until she checks it.  That is good, right?

Oh, I nearly forgot my outing this past weekend to tell you about and how there must be sumthin' wrong with me.  We go to what mom calls the bank every month to pay bills.  

Do you believe sitting right next to us at the drive thru there was a large Poodle sitting in the front seat.  I said hello, and do you know she turned her nose up at me.  Well, I could not let that go, so I continued to say hello.  

Mom said I needed to stop and behave, and so I told her, I am just saying hello and being nice like you have instructed me to do.  She keeps ignoring me and I want her to say hi back so this is on her, not me.  

We left the bank first and she never said hi the entire time I was saying hello to her.  Maybe the bunny and poodle lady do not like me?  That makes me sad because then we had to go to dad's bank and the same darn thing happened there.

It was another poodle, so maybe sumthin' is up with that breed.  It was a small poodle being walked by her mommy and daddy and I decided I was not going to let this little one not say hi.

Mom said I needed to stop acting up.  I kept saying hi over and over again and then I began digging on the window and door because for crying out loud, why is everyone ignoring me?

Mom and Dad got a little upset with me and so on the ride home, I laid down in the backseat and I did not even get excited to see the moo moo's... and they are my most favorite to see.  

Mom keeps saying a Cesar guy may need to come and visit me, but I said I'm good.  I have all the people I need around here with me everyday.  Don't need no more people around this house, it's full if you ask me, besides I do not think I can take more rejection.  

Well, dad is home, and mom says it is time for dinner.  Dinner is my favorite and when dad comes home, it is the bestest part of my day.  Night y'all.  Hope you have a good night and if I see you, darn tootin' I will be sayin hi!

P.S. Please say HI back, I am starting to get a complex over all this mess.

P.S.S. Nachos for dinner tonight, you should ask mom for her recipe, I love nachos!  She also makes me the bestest foods!  I always get a liitle sumthin' at meal time! 

Oh, and I included some of my favorite toys to share with you too!     

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