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Monday, July 4, 2022

Ideas for bedroom furniture

Searching ideas for bedroom furniture? We have a few suggestions on ideas for bedroom furniture based on one perfect dresser. 

Sally Shore, one of our readers recently sent the picture below of this lovely dresser with a note included below.   


I am wanting a grownup bedroom, I am still living with the bedroom of my 20's and I am so over the pieces I currently have.  My 20 year old self had no clue how to decorate my new (at the time) home and I am needing a change.  Here I am, 16 years later still living with the same bedroom suite and I am in need of a change!  

I am in LOVE with this dresser, but I am not sure what I can put together to create the bedroom of my dreams?

The listing indicates this piece if from the 1940's, but what nightstands and bed should I choose?  I am desperate and want to cross over to adulthood where my bedroom is concerned, can you make some suggestions?  

Please, I need your help!

Sally Shore 

Photo from reader's email 

So we did in fact receive a picture of this dresser asking what could go with it, but Sally Shore may not sell those seashells by the seashore anymore.  We decided to call her Sally Shore for blog purposes and keep confidentiality of our readers. 

First off, can I say Sally has impeccable taste?  I can see why she loves it so.  All of those details in this piece are stunning.  She mentioned it was from the 1940's, but was not part of a bedroom suite.  Sally was unsure what she could put together to create a cohesive look for her new grownup bedroom.

When you decorate your home, do you allow one stunning piece to take center stage, or do you like all of your pieces be the beauties of the ball?  Personally, I like to give one or a two pieces all of the attention and let the others support the room.

Since this dresser will be the bell of the ball, we need some supporting actresses to give the look Sally desires.  What fun we are having today!

We made a few suggestions to Sally and decided to share them with all of our readers.  You never know where inspiration will be found, and we thought we'd share with you our thoughts.

Going with a metal bed alleviates the stress of finding pieces that all match.  Personally, I am not a matchy, matchy person.  I love making waves and finding pieces I like, not necessarily what “matches” perfectly, remember my motto, perfectly imperfect is the way I like to go.  We went with a metal bed in our bedroom.  Of course, I grew up sleeping on a brass bed, and loved it so much… that was the reasoning behind the purchase of our bed.  I wanted to recreate the look of the bed from my childhood. 

We thought this next one was lovely too.

Then this painted version got our attention.  There are so many to choose from, it's difficult to make a quick decision.  

When it came to bedside tables we offered a variety as well.  It can be difficult when you are trying to create a cohesive look, but are not sure where to begin.  The internet is a large pool of choices and can get overwhelming pretty quickly.  Trust us, we have been there.

Sometimes I myself even lose sight of a plan when searching online.  If you could see my online cart when I am beginning a project, it may scare you.  So many things catch my eye, and I find myself getting off the path pretty quickly, but I continue to add everything that I like, and then begin omitting pieces when I really get into the weeds, so to speak.

For me, I like to look at high end homes and then replicate some styles that catch my eye for our home on a meager budget.  We all know I enjoy being frugal because it is a game for me, one I do not intend on losing!

This little French provincial piece would be a nice addition to the dresser, it does not detract the attention from the dresser at all.  It compliments it all while being cute with three drawers for storage.  We can all use extra storage in our homes. 


This bedside table was something different and we thought a vase with flowers, a vintage clock, and a good book would be really cute to set the look for this bedroom.

It may not have the storage the first option has, but it more than makes up for it in design.  What a lovely piece, I am thinking I need it myself... loving the feet of this table. 

We even thought a demilune table may be a good addition to Sally's bedroom.  It does not take up as much room as the full round table would, and it has a small drawer with a nice little shelf to display what nots on.    

The possibilities are really endless when it comes to d├ęcor.  They say a well rounded room includes antiques or vintage pieces with newer items.  Do what makes you feel good, but we are always here for help and ideas if you need it.  

We thank Sally for her question and hope we helped in making a decision about her dresser.  Take a look at Facebook Marketplace for furniture, antique stores, thrift stores, and yard sales.  Make over a piece you already own.  No one says you have to use furniture with the intension it was made for.  Be creative and have fun with your home.   

We also suggested a shelf hung on the wall as a small bedside table for Sally. She actually really liked this idea.  I like this idea when you are short on space. You might be surprised what a shelf can hold and how cute this is in a bedroom. 


Nothing is set in stone, you can put whatever your heart’s  desire beside your bed.  You could also use a small bookcase.  I am loving this one by the way!

The bookcase allows for quite a bit of storage, plus I really like the way this one is styled too.  

Here are a few ideas we had for placing in the bedroom on nightstands or the dresser itself.  

Why yes, I am a clock lover, how did you know?  I am not sure when my obsession began with clocks, but it is an ongoing love affair, that is for sure.  

Searching for flower arrangements?  I do love them in the bedroom as well as every other place in our home.  To me, flowers are the icing on the cake. It’s nice to wake to flowers no matter what the weather is doing outside our bedroom window.  Go ahead, you’re worth it!  It’s one of my splurges too.


And then I came across this lovely.  It was not to go with the dresser in any way, I just loved it.  I imagined it in our own bedroom hung on the wall with candles where a fire should be and candlesticks on top with a large painting on the wall.  

Imagine my surprise when I came across it.  It is right up my alley and my style!  

Are you as in love with it as I am?  How romantic to have this in your bedroom.  If I had the room, it would already be added to my cart and on it's way to our home!  I may need to think on this some more to see if I can make room for it.  Oh Mr. VS will be so surprised when I tell him about it.  **insert eye roll here** since I am sure he will be doing the same when I bring it up!  Hope you have a lovely week and enjoyed our suggestions for Sally. 

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