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Monday, July 11, 2022

Prime Day, July 12 & 13, 2022!

Prime Day is here!  

July 12, and July 13, you will find many deals, some say Prime Day is the equivalent to Black Friday.  Personally, I think it is better since I will have my purchases in two days with free shipping!

Not a Prime member?  You can join Prime if you have never been a member before free for 30 days, committing to the monthly fee.  If at that time you decide you want to cancel your membership. you can.  It's really that easy.  Regardless, once you sign up, you will be able to participate in all of the Prime deals.

Remember, things move quickly and have limited quantities so you want to move fast when you find something you need.  I have my eye on several items for our home.   

Our site will be updated throughout the day so you will want to keep this post readily available.  We will be sharing what we find and items that our readers have loved and purchased themselves with you!  

A coworker told me all about Prime years ago, I signed up and never looked back.  I find so many things with my Prime Membership and get free two day shipping which is so nice.  Allergy meds and other medical supplies have come next day for free!  That helps when you are in a pinch and need something fast, especially during covid, it really helped.

Our readership is split, half of you love the d├ęcor, and the other half love the recipes.  We plan to share with you items for both of your interests.  Just check back often throughout the day for new items we will be sharing with you.  Some have time limits so you will want to grab them when you see them available.  

Here's to happy shopping and may you find all of the items you want!  Cheers!

**You can click to be taken directly to any item on our site by clicking the photo, hyperlinks work for larger selection of Prime Day Deals.** 

This is a best seller for VSG.  Cuisinart food processer on sale today!  Get it while you can, 64% off!

We love our Ninja Foodie, here is one that is similar to ours at a great price!  There are limited quantities on this air fryer so you will want to move quickly if you want it.  

Searching for kitchen essential items?  Lots of deals today, get yours while they are still in stock.  Coffee makers, water filter pitchers, food processors, knife sets, pots & pans... the possibilities are endless!  

Home & Kitchen Dorm Essentials for those of you sending kids off to college or searching certain items out.  I actually have found a few items in this area like this below.  Put this in the kitchen to organize your cabinets or fridge, 43% off.  I picked mine up today and plan to use it in the fridge.

Home Decor & Artwork, so many finds.  I am checking them all out for myself.  Ha!  

Of course we will be watching all items dogs today as well!  Pet feeders, Toys, GPS trackers,  Treats and more.

Kitchen Amazon Basics can be found here.  

I added these baking mats to my cart so I have two more for baking.  No more messy pans to clean up which is so nice!  

So many Home & Luggage items on sale today.  If you recall, we have these shams on our bed.  I love them!  If you would like to see them on our bed, check out this post.  

We love all things Dewalt and add them to our collection as we can.  It is nice that we have 2 chargers that interchange with all of our Dewalt items.  Weed wacker, trimmer, drill, and whatever else Mr. VS has in his stash.  

You know how I am a collector of things... well, if I could spare the room for more mixing bowls, I would be adding these to my cart (37% off).  

Love my hobnail fix... Tritan glasses 32% off.

These shelves are similar to the ones we used in our closet organization.  Each shelf has the capacity to hold up to 350 pounds and is now 47% off!   

I was hoping the Vitamix would be on sale and it is!  You know I use this item often in our kitchen, making cookies, if you follow me on TikTok then you know I made my own oat flour with it yesterday!  I cannot say enough awesome things about this one kitchen small appliance.  

**Update, I found an even better price on Vitamix.  I am not familiar with this model, but Vitamix is a wonderful brand.  

We purchased these phone chargers since there are 3 to a pack, do you know how expensive they are at the phone store?  Nope, we found these so I now have one upstairs, downstairs, and one in the car!  They are 20% off!  

I love these bottles in decor on a coffee table, dining room table, or kitchen table with a few long stemmed flowers in them.  70% off!  Wow! 

Rugs on sale up to 77% off!    Great price on the rug below.  

Another great find!

This one is adorable!

I had to share this one with y'all.  I am debating about picking it up for myself.  It is not a Prime Day deal, but I have been searching for a rug and this one is just unique.  

This reminds me of our vintage milk carrier that I have on our dining room table.  You can see how I styled ours here for ideas.  This one is 50% off!  

Cute little lamp 59% off!

I am a big fan of stoneware, it wares well and is always in style, check out this planter 59% off!

I love these!  We have one for bread and I have one that I put my laundry soap in.  Decorative and functional!  

I love anything with bees on it.  Not sure why, just always have, 25% off.  

I found this lamp, it's hard for me to find a floor lamp I like, but this one?  I am swooning over, 43% off. 

This reminds me of my childhood and made me chuckle... I read where ducks are coming back in a major way.  You know how it is, everything comes full circle.  

I couldn't resist sharing this one with you.  Reminds me of our Bentley since he has short legs and a long torso.  

Oh my.... I have been in love with these since they came out.  I always thought it would be lovely to put over all of my windows, but our ceilings are too low and we do not have enough space from the window top to the ceiling.  Maybe someone will love them... 30% off. 

I think I have a lamp thing now.... 48% off.

If you have dogs or cats, this is the tool for you.  Can I tell you how amazing it is?  I need to create a video for you all about this tool.  A friend showed how much hair she was able to clean off her carpeted steps with this tool and I thought ok, I will give it a try. 

I cleaned out my car and the shopvac just was not getting the hair up.  I came inside and decided to try this tool, I ran it over my car seats; I do not think they have ever looked so good after!  I was amazed!  Now 45% off!  

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