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Friday, July 15, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 003

Searching Fab Friday Finds?  We are happy to share our Fab Friday Favorite Finds internet photos that inspired us this week. 

Fab Friday's are all about sharing those beautiful photos of homes or a design that caught our eye this week and we thought it was special enough to share with you.  English and British design seems to have caught our attention like most weeks.  Thank you for stopping by, we're happy you are here.

We're back.... in my most spooky voice from Poltergeist!  Total aside, I really did not like that movie growing up.  It scared me and I always feared for that little girl's safety.  Have no fear here... we just wanta share some good old fashioned design with y'all.

Source: Jean Stoffer Design, The Madison 

First up, we have a new to me designer.  You may have heard of her, Jean Stoffer of Jean Stoffer Designs which you can find on Magnolia Network on Wednesday evenings.  I am in love with her designs!  She loves all things English and British which we all know is my go to and first love when it comes to decor.

This photo above is part of her portfolio and is actually her home, The Madison.  I could show you so many photos I love of her work, but just go on over and check her out.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  

I love a home that has a name.  One afternoon my sister and I decided I should name our cottage.  We came up with a list, I will share with you what we came up with soon.  Maybe we will have a vote on the final name.

This small seating area right inside the door is adorable.  I wish I had the space for something like this.  We tore out the slate tiles in our entry when we replaced our floors.  I know, I know, I am all about keeping original features too, but there was this really odd angle that did not make sense to me so it had to leave.  The tile and carpet just looked off with such an angle.  But my goodness, if I had that penny tile originally in our foyer, it would still be there!

Source: Zingy Homes

When I began searching out English kitchens I learned early on they like their paintings in the kitchen.  Do you know I never considered the kitchen as a place for paintings?  Never crossed my mind, not once, but now that I am aware, I love this idea.  

That stove?  I think I fell in love... the black and brass is so classic.  The lower cabinets are what my kitchen dreams are made of.  I love the vintage look of them, like they have been there for decades.    

I do not think us Americans utilize lamp lighting much in our kitchens, our answer is to put can lighting everywhere.  I think a lamp cozy's things up a bit... what do you think? The copper accents and wood just seems to pull it all together and make one welcoming kitchen.  Do you agree?

Source: Little Bleu Studio 

I never thought I would be drawn to English Country Equestrian design in our home, but you know what?  In the past year, I have changed my mind.  There was a horse head statue that called my name when I came across it last year.  Oh the ideas flooded this brain of mine and kept going from there.  The ideas were like pin balls when they keep hitting the bells in a pin ball machine and going off, ding, ding, ding... sometimes that is what it is like being in my brain.  

Then I said hey Cara, this would be turning your whole home upside down.  No need for that noise, but if someone else is looking to decorate their home in English equestrian design, give me a shout, I have the ideas!

You see, sometimes you just have to put your foot down and say to yourself, self you cannot have everything in life, but darn it, I do try.  Do you see how one cozy cottage could be overrun with decorations?  I run in a million different directions at all times, yep, my down side.  

I would love their collection of old books, one of these days I will own an entire matching collection, or at least I hope to... oh, and the black and brass light, the equestrian paintings and pillow, and those urns... YES to all, I am in love with this entire room.  What is there not to love?

Source: CNN

So this has nothing to do with homes, but do you know how fond I am of this car?  I have always been drawn to this style.  I wish they would bring back the Mini Cooper of yesterday like this one, I just may jump on a purchase then.  I think their adorableness is what makes me say yes, please.  

Back to our regularly scheduled Fab Friday Finds of loveliness, but if you are a fan of this car too, please let me know!  My husband always shakes his head and says I am probably the only person who finds this car design attractive.  Makes me want to stick out my bottom lip and pout, or maybe my tongue and tell him he is no fun **wink, wink.**

Source: Domino

If I had the room, we would have a banquette in our kitchen, but storage will win out everyday over what I find attractive.  This banquette is stunning, from what appears to be velvet material all the way to the fringe.  I am a big fan of fringe and skirting around sofas and such, please bring it back.  It is like the icing on a cake, I just think you need it.  Plus I may have an ulterior motive, do you know you can store all sorts of items under the sofa?  Yes, photo albums, books, I think I even pulled out a brand new skillet once at my mom's house still in it's packaging.  I am not suggesting you do this at all, but it got a good chuckle out of me... I cannot recall her reasoning now as to why it was there.

A banquette can allow more seating with a small table, you can even pull in a few chairs on the opposite side of the banquette to allow for more seating without everyone feeling cramped.  Although, I am not sure how practical velvet is in a kitchen or dining room if you have children, but we dream up rooms, we never said we were practical about it.  I am not exactly sure I have a practical bone in my body to be honest.    

One more for the road since I do not want anyone to feel slighted with my car detour.  

Source: Luxdeco

Do you see those shades on this chandelier?  Doesn't look like I was too far from the mark on my light fixture makeover.  I just may give myself a pat on the back, and let out a whoop!  I saved myself money by using what we already had, plus I was able to keep that British design element in our home.  Yeah me!

Well, are you still with me on Fab Friday Finds, or did I lose you with the car?  I hope not!   Until next time, I need to scoot and dream up more spaces for us to share, projects to work on, and recipes to create.  Ta ta for now...  

Champagne taste on a beer budget?  If you were inspired today by our Fab Finds, check out some of what we discovered this week below.  By the way, we are on the same budget.  **wink**  

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