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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Recipe for pork chops

Searching recipe for pork chops?  We are sharing our recipe for pork chops with you today.  

Our recipe for pork chops is very easy to make.  Just four ingredients, an olive oil coated skillet, and you will be set in no time.  

Pork chop recipe fried

Do you know growing up I did not like pork chops?  I am sure you are thinking who cares Cara?  Do we care you did not like them?  Well, I shared that tid bit since I made them as an adult and I think I kind of love them now.

We have been on a pork kick around here for some reason.  Mr. VS loves pork, but until recently we had not consumed much of it.  I decided to surprise him with pork chops the other night (stepping outside my comfort zone these days).  I said pork chops and applesauce, and then ever so suavely pretended to ash my cigar and raise my eyebrows up and down at him.  At least I make myself laugh at myself.  

Yes, I am a nerd... what can I say, it is what it is, and I am not going to hide it.  While I am no Humphry Bogart, I'd like to think I have this pork chop recipe perfected. 

Gluten free bread crumbs


What you will need:
  1. pork chops-thawed (our package had 6 pork chops in it and I made them all)
  2. 1 c gluten free bread crumbs
  3. 1 t garlic powder
  4. 1 egg
  5. salt
  6. pepper
  7. olive oil

Fried pork chop

What you will need to do:
  1. Put olive oil to coat the bottom of your pan on a medium heat
  2. Break 1 egg in small baking dish, whisk 
  3. Place bread crumbs on paper plate (I did this to make my mess making less to clean up) or you can use another small baking dish
  4. Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to the bread crumb mixture, mix well
  5. Rinse off each pork chop
  6. Place pork chop one at a time into the whisked egg coating both sides, remove from egg
  7. Then place each pork chop into the bread crumb mixture one at a time making sure to coat both sides of your pork chop
  8. Place each breaded pork chop into the bottom of your heated skillet 
  9. Let cook for 3-4 minutes or until 1/2 of the pork chop begins to turn white from it's translucent state on each side
  10. Turn over, let it fully cook until all sides of the pork chop are white
  11. If you are not sure, you can cut into your pork chop to make sure it does not still look raw
  12. Serve

Plated gluten free pork chop

Mr. VS is now addicted to this pork chop recipe.  I admit, I like it too, a LOT.  This is an easy dinner to make, and despite breading each pork chop doesn't really take a lot of time.  Surprising, I know.

That little bit of garlic powder gives it a little something extra, and our gluten free bread crumbs have more of a cracker consistency.  If you do not have bread crumbs, I am sure you could use crackers smashed to a fine consistency.  Even if you consume gluten, you can make this recipe with the items in your pantry.  We just eat gluten free due to my food allergies.

Winner, winner, pork dinner.  Ha, some days I crack myself up.  I made a salad to go along with our pork chops and called it done.  I would say I invested about 30 minutes into dinner that evening.  I did not really pay that close attention since I was cooking on the stove top and not baking.  

I am so thankful for you all following along with our recipes.  It has been a real boost in confidence in the kitchen for me.  I am experimenting with new ideas and recipes like I never have before.  It is actually fun for me too.  Cooking has not always been a favorite of mine, but with perseverance and a little creativity, I am enjoying it.

It is almost like Mr. VS was building our kitchen appliances and utensils up for this very thing.  He has been collecting over the years items he had hoped I would use.  Do you know how many years the Vitamix sat untouched?  I would have never thought to make cookie or cake dough in it.  I just one day said, hm.. I am going to try it.

The KitchenAid mixer sat for probably just as long.  It was kind of intimidating to me, and I thought it looked quite pretty sitting on the counter.  LOL.  I certainly never thought I needed the Professional mixer... but here I am, using it on a regular basis.  It took some getting used to moving the bowl up and down and I never thought I would get used to the scraper mixer attachment.  I always put my scraper down inside the bowl and helped any dough along, but this thing does it for me.  

Gluten free pork chop

I am longing to make a good gluten free bread recipe since I have a bread maker, but I have not ventured into that pool yet.  I still have my kiddie inflatable wing floats on for the time being.  I sure am looking forward to trying a bread though.  Breads can be finicky and intimidating.  Let's hope I figure it out when I am ready.  

I love seeing your pictures and comments.  So much of what I do is by feel when I cook so actually writing down recipes and remembering all of the details has been a challenge.  No one taught me how to cook, I learned out of necessity when I was the one making dinner as a teenager.  

I cannot say I do not come from a long line of cooks, because as I have mentioned before my grandmother was a stellar cook and baker.  She was not one to stray from a recipe though, she would follow them to a tee.  She also cooked from a lot of her mother's recipes.  That is not to say she did not have a multitude of subscriptions to cookbooks, magazines, and whatever else she could get her hands on.  That was the one splurge in life she allowed herself.  Cooking was her way of showing love to our family.  

One day I asked her how she thought new recipes were created if everyone always followed the same recipes and never tried new ingredients.  She chuckled and kept working in her kitchen, ignoring my comment.  She has always been a rule follower.  I cannot say that is always me though.  

If I can find an easier way for me to do something, I will try it.  Why not?  What do you have to lose in life trying new things?  Not much is my answer.  I learned at a young age to substitute ingredients if we did not have something on hand.  Lucky for me, my dinners usually turned out. 

I have been even more adventurous recently working outside my comfort zone.  This is a very simple recipe, one I did not think I could mess up, but hey, you never know.  

If you are new to cooking and building your kitchen, or searching for replacements, we have a few suggestions below to help in your search.  Wow, did I find some great prices or what?  Those stoneware dishes are an excellent price!  I wish I did not already have two sets.  The silverware is also an excellent buy.  I had to stop, I have too many dishes and silverware sets as it is.  

For the most part, I only use one set of each.  I should get others out to give us a little variety, off to the attic I go on a hunting expedition for all of our dishes.  Wish me luck, if I am not back by Friday for Fab Friday Favorites, you may want to send a search and rescue team our way.      

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