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Friday, July 8, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 002

Searching Fab Friday Finds?  We are happy to share our Fab Friday Favorite Finds internet photos that inspired us this week. 

Did you miss last week's introduction to Fab Friday Finds?  If so, catch up, we will wait for you.  Click the link so you know what you missed.  As I searched out photos to share with you this week, I became more and more excited.  I could not wait for Friday to get here! 

I am happy to say this new addition to VSG was well received.  Thank you for your input.  We have enjoyed searching out ideas this week for you, I do not think we will ever tire of that.

Source: Ideal Home

I am loving this staircase, I am always afraid to go dark, but I really shouldn't be so afraid of darker colors.  They are quite lovely and really pop with a neutral background.  I quite like the runner on the steps.  I actually picked up a grey and white rug like this for our bath.  I am very happy with it and I can imagine over time will wear well, just like the runner on these steps.    

I have been searching out a similar light for our dining room like this one shown above.  That vintage style sucks me in every time, how can it not?  I would love to know what that entire room looks like off to the left.  We can only see a sneak peek, but I see some red blooms on the coffee table, and what appears to be an antique fireplace fascia.  Hmm... looks to be quite decorative too.  I love that!  

I find the stark trim around the door complimentary to the light and airy arch, wonder where it leads to?  Do you see the radiator and what appears to be slate tile?  I can make up so many ideas as to what is concealed around the corner.  Possibly the entryway to this home?  

Do you find yourself wondering these same things, or am I the only one who lets her imagination run wild?  Now that, I have down pat... it is my most favorite part about sharing ideas with you.      

Source: Homes and Gardens 

I think I am in love... what is there not to love with this kitchen?  As we continue to work on our kitchen ideas and design, I keep leaning more towards a table instead of an island.  A work table was used for many years in kitchens, so why do we not use them now?  Storage is probably a good reason, but there is something about a well used table like the one above that says, I have stood the test of time and I am still here.  

Did you think I was going to let that chandelier go?  I think not!  I'd love to have a beautiful chandelier in our kitchen no matter what a certain utilitarian believes.  Call me what you will, but I love adding those special touches to our home.

I am not hating those exposed beams in the ceiling either.  Is it pine?  Do you know pine is my most favorite wood?  I love all of those knots.  Most prefer cherry or oak, but pine has so much character and steals the show for me.  

I also love how there are no cupboards lining the upper part of the walls.  It seems us Americans really try to cram as much as we can into a kitchen, trust me, I am one of them.  I am not one who loves all of the upper cabinets though.  Shelves do absolutely nothing for me either.  I always think of a fly coming into our home, and crawling all over dishes, yuck!  

I am still trying to figure out that part of the kitchen and keep searching for the perfect options.

Source: Fifi McGee

Oh my, I was not aiming for kitchens today, but then I stumbled upon this one and stopped in my scrolling tracks!  First off, what is there not to love about a stove with some personality to it?  Loving that pop of color, plus it's aqua?  Yes, please.

Do you see what I see when you look at the stove/oven area?  I see a mantel above this stove.  I am sure it is not an actual mantel, but it is reminding me of the one I shared on Monday!  They look nothing alike of course, but oh the wheels are turning in this brain of mine.  See how quickly it happens, and I am off, taking measurements, dreaming up the space... it goes on and on.    

Have you looked at the price of hood vents lately?  They are astronomical!  I have several saved and they are all upwards of $4,500 and more.  A simple vent and then the beautiful mantel placed over it to conceal everything?  Why not?  I am thinking it could work?  You see, that is the romantic in me, and then we have the realist who also lives here and tells me all of the reasons why it cannot happen.

After I just shared I do not like shelves in a kitchen, I see something I actually really like!  Spices, closed containers... no dishes would need to be out in the open for this shelving, plus is appears to be a hutch which I prefer over just shelves on the wall.  Furniture is how I envision our kitchen, no cabinets at all, and I am kind of crushing on that lonely cupboard to the right.  I also like the detail of the diamond pattern on the other cabinet doors.  

I just may have figured out my kitchen with y'all.  I will need to think on this one some more.  See how things can come together when you were not even focusing on it?  This is typically how ideas come to me.  Working on one thing, and then a million other ideas POP right into my poor overworked brain.  Good thing I can multi-task and keep juggling all of those ideas on a consistent basis.    

Did this not stop you in your tracks?  I know, me too!  Can you imagine waking up to that beauty every morning?  Apparently, you can see it for yourself since this is a holiday cottage available to be rented.  

I actually like the cement walls since they in no way detract from the outdoor scenery.  I am assuming that is a fluted tub ready for your bath, but I am not sure how I feel about bathing in front of the window.  I guess if you are going to do it, it might as well be in front of this window.  

Source: Gardening Etc.

And for our final Fab Friday Find, I have questions.  I have always wondered when you are surrounded by all of this beauty, with all of the flowers layered like so, how do you weed the beds?  I would think you would be traipsing all over the flowers getting to those weeds?

In a perfect world, if all of these flowers keep the weeds out, then sign me up!  Guess what?  If you read the article, it does in fact say a fully planted bed will keep the weeds at bay!  Okay, off to the garden center I go.  I am on a mission to fill those beds with flowers to get the cottage garden of my dreams.  

We plan to continue to provide ideas based on our Fab Friday Finds since we received correspondence you appreciated them.  Not that you need to twist my arm to do a little shopping, not in the slightest... I live for this kind of thing.  Home decor is what makes my heart go pitter patter.  Enjoy your Friday my lovelies.      

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