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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Vintage Halloween Art on pillows

Searching for Vintage Halloween art on pillows?  We are so excited to share with you our vintage Halloween art on pillows that we picked up!   


Foyer decorated for Halloween

Surprise, surprise, I am a lover of all things vintage, hence the name Vintage Style Gal... well, I found the most adorable throw pillows with Halloween art on them!

I was so excited when I saw them, these pillows were the catalyst of us doing the minute decorating for Halloween that we have around the cottage.  If you recall, I have never decorated for Halloween before.  

I could not pass up these pillows though!  When I saw them, they just kind of spoke to me.  That was when I decided I would do Halloween in our home this year.  Even though our decor for Halloween has been small, I have enjoyed stepping out of my usual and having some fun with Halloween.  Who knows, maybe next year we will become even better friends.  

Halloween Art pillows

I know some who deck the halls with scary scenes, but me?  I am not so much into the scary scene.  Honestly, I never have been.  I was even that weird child who could care less about Halloween and dressing up.  

I have been to exactly ONE haunted house in all of my life.  I recall my aunt taking me and we stood in line outside and I kept thinking to myself I really do not want to do this... I have exactly no desire to go in there... I smiled the entire time we stood in line, but I was hating the fact that I was about to step inside.  I have never been a fan of scary anything!

Does anyone recall the movie Mr. Boogedy?  I am five years older than my sister, and you would have thought it would have been me trying to scare her, but it ended the other way around.  She kept trying to scare me at every turn, and then our father would say Mr. Boogedy, Boogedy, Boogedy!  I would run... and hide.  I really am sort of a big baby when it comes to being scared.  LOL. 

Every year my mother would give me the option of going trick or treating with friends or dance class, and I picked dance class every year.  What kid does this?  Apparently, me.  Maybe that attributes to the old soul I know I have always been.    

Do you know when I was 18 I worked retail with several ladies, and I found more in common with them than I did the other employees my own age?

Call me an odd ball... but I loved the conversations working with those gals.  I will always have a soft spot in my heart for them and have always loved hearing people's stories. My oh my, have I heard some doozies over the years... but I never tire of hearing others talk of their past or what they have seen in life.  I always find I am intrigued. 

Halloween art pillows on a bench

Do you also see what sort of goofball I can be?  As you can see, I originally set up the pillows the wrong way.  Isn't it funny when you are decorating the things you do not see until you take a photo?

Once I looked back at the photo, I laughed and said that will never do!  Do you also see something cloudy in the mirror?  You cannot see it in person, it only shows up in our photos.  I even cleaned it, but it still looks a bit cloudy... hmm.. kind of fitting for Halloween I guess, strange and unusual... it the photos, it looks like finger prints, but I am telling you, there is nothing there when I look at it in person.  


Someone around here kept moving my pumpkins that were on the bench for fall.  No names will be mentioned... but it may have been a certain four legged kiddo who runs around here.  

I never caught him in the act, but I had wondered if he would think of the small pumpkins as balls or not.  The pumpkins never disappeared thankfully, but they kept getting moved on the bench.  I decided it may be best of they disappeared all together before someone had the bright idea they were balls and took off with one.  One never knows when there is a peanut involved.  

Vintage Halloween Art pillows on bench in foyer

I just pulled the blanket from our couch and laid it over the bench, no fussing here, just lay it out, it will be fine... then line your pillows up overlapping one over the other.  I thought about bringing bats into the foyer, but then decided against it. 


I decided simple was the way to go since Christmas decorations will be coming out soon!  How fun will that be?  I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for fall to get here, and now it is flying by!

Mr. VS and I always take time off at the end of October which will topple over into November this year to get our Christmas decorations out. We are always the first ones on the street to have our tree up. 

Last year, we did things a little differently since Mr. VS had to have that darn leg lamp.  Yep, it was in our living room window for Christmas.  I have not decided yet, but I just may let him put it up again this year.  We had a good laugh, and a few of our friends commented they thought it was fun too!  

Sometimes you just have to let your hair down and have fun in life.  Why does it always have to be so serious all of the time?  It doesn't always have to be.  Stepping out and doing unusual is sometimes good for the soul.  Well, happy Hump Day!  Hope you all have a great rest of your week.  

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  1. I'm not a fan of scary either so I try to keep Halloween decor to a minimum around here. Love the pillows!!

    1. Thanks Kim, they had that vintage vibe so I knew I must have them, lol!