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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Bat decor for Halloween

Searching bat decor for Halloween?  We are excited to share our bat decor for Halloween and three secrets.

I am going to let you in on a little secret today.  Ohh, secrets... do you love those?  I am a fan of the ones during Christmas, or babies being born, or secret vacations spent with spouses, but other than those, I do not care for them.  Do you find that surprising?  I am pretty much an open book... not many secrets here.  

Well, here goes one of my secrets... as much as I love to decorate, do you know I have never decorated for Halloween?  Yep, never in my adult life have I decorated my dwellings for Halloween!  Can you believe it?

Welp, it is true.  I never had the urge to decorate for Halloween because my focus is Christmas.  Always and forever, Christmas!  Until now that is... you see, during the hours when most folks sleep, I am never able to do so.

I have shared with you before how I spend my sleepless nights, but we have a lot of new folks so I will share with you again how I spend the wee morning hours when most folks are nestled all down in the covers and visions of sugarplums dance in their heads... 

I peruse Amazon... some nights I type in random key words to see what I can come up with.  Other nights I have something in mind that I am searching for.  I never know what I will find, like ashtrays, I decide are mantel decor, or the next must have gadget for our kitchen, and even Halloween decorations.

You see when I started decorating for fall, did you notice I decided to take a turn toward dark and moody?  That was not by accident, even though most of my doings come from that direction.  

I have told you before, I am not a planner.  I have never been able to do it, it just is not a part of my DNA.  I live life by the seat of my pants, and those who know me in a professional setting would never guess that!

They think I have "it" all together, but the truth (secret #2)?  Never... I love, as Bob Ross would say, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents".  I tend to make those a lot, and sometimes I just love the way they turn out, and others I chastise myself for not being the planner I know I should be.  

So after one midnight Amazon binge, I decided I would give Halloween a try.  See how I liked it, try it on for size, if you will... and see if I can Halloween like I can Christmas.

Turns out, I am not so sure I am so good at Halloween, but I did find these bats!  I recalled a picture I saw several years ago of bats on a wall which looked like they had just crept out of an old dilapidated attic after dusk and were making their way to their evening snack... with the image in the back of my mind, into my cart the bats went. 

I decided I wanted to try my idea of replicating this look my way on our dining room wall, and I also decided after putting the bats up we did not do too bad.  The best part, I have enough left over for another wall too!  We have baby bats, and teenage bats, and mom & dad bats, and even some grandparent bats... we had to include the whole family of bats on our wall!

What do you think?  Would you try hanging bats in your home?  I have to say, the real bats?  I am not so much a fan of... I much prefer these cutsie bats here on our wall!

Ok, so secret #3, and you know we would have to save the best for last... one Sunday evening I was in the basement doing laundry.  I was folding up towels and putting them in basket, as I was standing and turning I saw a shadow on the wall that looked like it was fluttering...

I thought huh?  What could be fluttering around behind me, so I turned and low and behold, what was staring me in the eye, but a BAT!  I screamed!  And I screamed, and it came close to my face and I SCREAMED again!  

I had no idea what to do, I picked up my laundry basket and pushed it out away from my body to increase the distance between the bat and me.  Then I turned and I ran my booty up those stairs on fast forward!  I slammed that darn basement door shut and took a rug and threw over the gap from the floor to the door!  

Mr. VS?  He was indisposed at the moment the first blood currilding scream I belted out, he said he about freaked out when he heard me.  He was like what the heck is going on? As I come running up the stairs with laundry basket in hand, and finally break over into the light, leaving that dark hole of a basement behind, he comes around the corner and is like what in the world is going on?

Have you seen The Great Outdoors with John Candy?  "Big bear chase me!"  Well, that was me, BAT, big bat, I saw it's fangs!  He swears up and down, I did not see it's teeth, but I am here to tell you, yes, YES. I. DID!    

Do you know I would not go down into the basement at all for 2 weeks, then it was I would not go down after dark for about six weeks.  Over time, I finally went back down, and I do laundry at night again, but I was traumatized, I think for life... all due to a bat.

We have no idea how it got in, I do not know if it ever got out, for all I know, it could be dead down there somewhere.  I can say I hope our paths never cross again, dead or otherwise.  

Have you ever had something like this happen to you?  We would love to hear your stories.  And now you know 3 secrets about me... can't say I ever hope to experience that one again.

In case you were wondering the pumpkin is vintage, and was hubby's mom's pumpkin, the lights, we use in all of our windows, they light up our windows every night all along the front of our home, you know all about our other candlesticks, and of course, our silver tray we use all of the time around here.  Basically, we only added bats to get this look for our dining room buffet.  We hope you have a spectacular Wednesday!   

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