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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Whimsy Home Wednesday

Searching Link Party?  We are super excited to share with you our new Whimsy Home Wednesday Link Party today!

Link Parties can bring friends together near and far.  A Link Party is a place where you can link your content to share with readers and other bloggers alike.  You can get ideas for your own home, ideas for parties, recipe ideas, and just general ideas where you can add your own twist.   

Hello my friend... remember when I said we have some exciting news to share with you this week?  Well... I am over the moon about sharing we have some new friends that will be joining us every Wednesday.  Are you throwing your hands up in the air and saying YES?  I know I am!  Our Fab Friday Finds will become our new Whimsy Home Wednesday's!  Trust me, I think you will be pretty excited about this new venture.  

What does this mean for me Cara?  You will be getting so much more content every Wednesday!  No need to be sad about Fab Friday's ending, this is like Fab Friday on steroids!  Now you will be able to see so much more, more, more... more content, more ideas, more projects.  I am just happy we are able to bring all of this to you and more... 

You keep saying more Cara, what exactly are we talking here?  Well, I can only work on so many projects every week, and I can only share so many ideas with you, but since I will be having these lovely gals joining me, we will be able to quadruple our shares!  Sounds mighty wonderful, doesn't it?  We are only too excited to be able to offer this to you.  

This new venture will allow you to see some of my blogger friends from all over the states.  We all know how much I enjoy sharing, and so this will allow you to see what others are up to in their homes which is more than I could ever accomplish in a week on my own.  I encourage you to check out their blogs, and sign up for their newsletters.  

We are kicking this Whimsy Home Wednesday off with an introduction so you can become acquainted with these new faces you will be seeing every week.  

Without further ado, let's get this party started, drum roll please.... 

Up first, we have Kristin Perez with 5th Sparrow No More.  

"Kristin Perez is the content creator behind The Fifth Sparrow No More and a Hometalk Ambassador. She helps readers find thrifty ways to make furniture and décor in their home the fifth sparrow no more. In other words, assuring these pieces won't be discarded, worthless, seen as less then and certainly not put out on the curb! Kristin repurposes thrift store items, tackles DIY house updates and uses vintage pieces to create a beautiful home. These projects are shared with clear and well-taken photos and easy to follow directions so everyone can find the beautiful in their home and themselves."

Check out what she does with this loot of Halloween items.  I am in love with her vintage flash cards.  She even has a free printable for cash register flags.

Click the assorted Halloween items to be taken to Kristin's how to

Oh, in case you were wondering, why yes, I did download those lovely register flags, and I cannot wait to share with you some of the ideas I had so I can use them in my vintage décor!  So much fun.

Next, meet Charity Gentry with Mornings on Macedonia.  

"Hey everyone, my name is Charity and I started this little blog to share my love of home decor, DIY projects, antique hunting and so much more! I am so happy that you stopped by and I can't wait to share my projects and ideas with you. I started a little Instagram account several years ago just for fun when we moved into our new home. But I wanted a space that was actually my own and where I could share even more. Hence, my blog! Follow along with me and you’ll see all my projects, crafts, and more!"

I am sharing the coasters Charity made with her Cricut.  We all know the Cricut is my nemesis, maybe I will be able to learn a thing or two from Charity, here's to hoping anyway!  

Are they not the cutest coasters ever?  I have been wanting to make some coasters for our home to reflect our style, maybe even I will be able to accomplish this task using my Cricut... fingers crossed, wish me luck!

Click the coasters to be taken to Charity's tutorial

Next, we have Meredith Schneider, with Arts & Classy.  

"Meredith Schneider created her blog back in 2012 with the hopes of being able to decorate her apartment with a small budget since she lived in Los Angeles. She found that at the time there weren’t a lot of resources or sites that catered to helping renters decorate their spaces without hurting their deposit. Since the blog was born, Meredith began working on many projects. She specializes in furniture flips, upcycling projects, and Dollar Tree DIYs. Meredith is a Hometalk TV host and has been featured on PopSugar’s Facebook show “Crafty AF”, and a series called Design Dare on YouTube. Meredith has a passion for all things design on a dime and is excited to continue sharing creative ideas with the world. Follow along and see budget-friendly flips, projects, crafts, and more!"

See Meredith's inspiration vases below?  Check out how she creates a few vases by knocking off those same inspiration vases for a fraction of the price.  She has been blogging for many years, and will try her hand at DIY before she will buy it, sounds like my kinda gal.      

Click the vases to be taken to Meredith's hack

Last, but not least, we are introducing you to Becky Peerman with The Vixen's Den.

"Hi I’m Becky, DIY creative and maker of all the misadventures at The Vixen’s Den! In this space you will find a variety of Furniture and Decor Makeovers with a few basic DIYs thrown in. My favorite projects are the ones that other people toss to the curb! 

The goal of The Vixens Den is to inspire confidence and creativity by tackling challenges head-on and giving grace as we learn along the way. Join me on my DIY misadventures as I help you reimagine your hand-me-downs, garage sale finds, or just tired and outdated pieces."

Becky is a whiz at flipping furniture.  She started by recreating her existing furniture and has not stopped in ten years for a breath!  Whew!

You cannot miss how she transforms this free gun cabinet into something for her bathroom!  I am hoping to get tips from her myself on how I can make over a few pieces we have here in the basement.  

Click the gun cabinet to be taken to Becky's makeover

Have you noticed I keep saying more?  Now that you have met our new friends, we have another surprise for you.  From this point forward, every Wednesday will be our Whimsy Home Wednesday link party, so you will be seeing more faces on our blog as well.  Bloggers from all over will be linking up their projects and ideas to share with you here.  

WOW!  So, let me get this straight Cara, I am going to get so many more ideas and projects for free?  Yes!  You will!  It is our way of sharing what we have been working so diligently on and provide our readers with as many ideas, projects, recipes, and whatever else life throws our way.

I know before I began my blogging journey, I really found some great bloggers through similar channels.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many blogs I was following 10 years ago, I would say somewhere around 50-75.  Yes, that was me.  I was searching out ideas for our wedding, our home, gifts, you name it, and I was looking for a blog for it, so now I feel so blessed to be offering the same to our readers.    

When covid hit and I decided I needed more, I wrote that first post and hit publish.  Look where that has ended up!  Looking back, I am really glad I did hit that publish button, so much has changed for me over the course of the last few months.  

When I was not able to continue working in a job I loved, I found this blog really helped me to keep my sanity.  Staying home day in and day out can wear on a person, but I have met some wonderful women through blogging...  plus, I have to keep busy in order to keep providing you content so the blog has really helped on so many fronts.  Oh, don't worry, I still have so much to learn, but am enjoying myself while I go down this winding path called life.

When you visit our new friends' site's, say hello and where you are visiting from.  I have found it is always nice to meet new folks, you never know where a new friend will sprout from.  Let us know what you think about seeing MORE here at Vintage Style Gal, we are pretty excited to hear your feedback and get this party started!  

Head over to Charity's page where she has more great finds from these ladies to share with you today!  We want you to have even more great finds from these blogs so check out her favorite posts from each of us!  

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  1. I am so excited to start this with you, Charity, Kristin, and Becky! How fun!

    1. Me too Meredith! So exciting how we all came together just recently.