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Friday, October 14, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 016

What is grandmillennial style you ask?  We are pretty excited to share with you today our thoughts on grandmillennial style.  

The Kitchn

Wow, another week has passed us by!  Would you believe this post almost did not happen?  It's been a crazy week and I lost track of time, not realizing Friday is here!  How dare I let other things get in the way of our Fab Friday's and quality time we spend together!

We did say last week we would discuss Grandmillennial style today and I can say, it is one of my favorites.  More is more is more with grandmillennial, and we all know I can sometimes love those over-the-top designs. 


We also know I am also a huge fan of all of those walks down memory lane and I like to think grandmillennial style offers this and so much more, that nostalgia if you will, that I am always drawn to like a moth to flame.  It is also what you could say, what is old is new again, a nod to the past, shopping your grandmother's home and making it your own.  Think florals, prints and patterns, brass and gold, chotchkes throughout rooms.,, totally up my alley.  

Mr. VS would say great, more clutter...  

Would you look at that kitchen... do you see those toile curtains?  Very much reminds me of the wallpaper on our walls when we purchased our home.  Who knew it would be back in style all these years later.  I saved a piece of the wallpaper when we removed it.  I actually came across it today in the basement and thought I need to do something with it.  

Well, you can see there is wallpaper, toile curtains, plates, a bar area stuffed to the gills... all showcasing the more is more approach.  I have to say, I actually really like it even though I said no, not that green in our home again.  If you have not seen the before of our dining room, it is worth a looksee.   


I have always loved Rococo style, and the sofa above really pulls from that style.  It is usually a bit out of my price range, but that does not stop me from salivating over all of those carved designs.  

That plaid blanket adds a bit of casual to this highly detailed sofa, making the room feel less grandma formal, and more casual, down to earth.  Inquiring minds want to know if that is a carved door to the left of the sofa, or if it is a part of the wall?  I love all of that carved detail and wouldn't mind something like this somewhere in our cottage.

The Cottage Journal

The above photo was featured by The Cottage Journal, but is also a blogger I have followed for many years.  Jennifer with Dimples and Tangles has excellent style.  She has a very colorful home, you should check her out.   She uses very bold color choices which some would say do not reflect my personality or home, but I am drawn to her home and her style choices. She uses a lot of classic patterns in bright hues.

For instance, the gingham pattern on the lampshades in a bright kelly green color, loving those tassels on the shades too!  How about the cane wallpaper, a classic design in again, the kelly green color in the background of her bookcases.  

You will also see a lot of chinoiserie vases in grandmillennial design which I personally love.  It was a pattern my mother sprinkled throughout her home. 


Grandmillennial has really paved it's own path, some say it is due to the long time reign of farmhouse and folks are tired of it, wanting something new and different.  Well, those white walls are being all covered up with wallpaper and lots of it if you choose this path.

I have to say, I love this pattern on the walls in the bathroom.  Of course, I did agree I would not cover the walls in wallpaper again when we purchased this home.  Hubby made me promise, cross my heart, and hope to die, and all that jazz, so I need to keep that promise, but my oh my, if I could have wallpaper all over, I think I would choose a pattern like this one!  So dainty, feminine, and cute to boot!  

What are your thoughts?  Yeah or nay on wallpaper?  All of a sudden I had a thought rolling around in my mind.  I will have to see if it works, if it does I will share it with y'all.  Shucks, I will share if it doesn't, but I want to at least give it a try before I go all willy nilly without being able to offer answers to you.

York Wallcoverings 

You just never know when inspiration will strike and from where it may come.  While I think this wallpaper is lovely, I was drawn to all of the velvet in this room.  Velvet chairs, and velvet curtains.  We all know I love me some velvet curtains! 

Velvet is so classic, keeps the warmth in, and draft out, plus room darkening, gotta have that beauty rest.  I highly recommend them for any room.  Before we began replacing windows in our home, we had custom velvet curtains made for our living room.  I can tell you they do help in insulating your home.  If you think about it, it is the reason they used velvet back in the day, keeping those drafty homes a bit warmer.

Well, what do you think about grandmillennial style after seeing more?  Are you in on all of the fuss, or think it is too much for you?  Drop us a line in the comments and let us know your thoughts.  I can see where it may be an acquired taste, and not for everyone, but I do love the more is more approach at times in our home.  

Did you notice a lot of green?  Bringing that nature in is another aspect of this style.  I find as I get older, I enjoy bringing those natural elements in for a softer touch in our home.  

Happy Friday, did you think it would never get here?  TGIF!  We hope you enjoy your day and weekend!  I know I am ready for it, not that there will be much relaxing, but a gal can dream, can't she?  

Enjoyed the cane wallpaper, but wanting a more natural color tone?  Check out this wallpaper for a cane like look.   Yep, wallpaper... had me fooled too!  

Take a look at this blanket if you are wanting a tartan plaid look.  It is my favorite pattern.  

Loving blue and white?  Take a look at these blue and white curtains.  Blue and white, oh the colors I grew up with, did they ever go out of style?  I think not.

Love the look of ginger jars?  Me too!  Click on this ginger jar to grab one for yourself.  

Did you love that wallpaper in the bathroom?  See this blue and white floral wallpaper I am currently crushing on.  

I am a huge fan of velvet curtains, we had them custom made for our living room.  Want to spend less?  Check out these velvet curtains at a great price.  

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