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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Game Day Recipe

Wait until you see this game day recipe.  We are sharing a game day recipe today that is easy, and can be made in a crockpot!  

Are you always searching new game day recipe ideas?  How about game day recipes crock pot?  We are sharing this game day recipe with ground beef, made in our crockpot which has become a fast favorite in our home.

Game Day Recipe

Do you have the ultimate rival when it comes to football?  The Game you, family, and friends never miss?  Well, in this household you know sports are plentiful with ONE Mr. VS in the house so you can imagine there is plenty of football seen through that darn boob tube.  

I giggle every time I think that!  Joanie, my husband's mother always called the TV this.  We never met since she passed before we married, but I can tell you I would have sided with her on that statement.  I rarely watch television, I am always busy working on some project around here, like today for instance, I am painting the front door.  What fun!  Not really since it is staying white on the interior, and I had really wanted a funky color darn it, but it was just too dark for our entry... what a bummer.

Better get back to that game day stuff...   

Do you know my husband never misses an Ohio State football game, and I mean NEVER!  He is there for each and every game cheering, sometimes grumbling, or even yelling at his most favorite team... are you kidding me?  Yes, I hear this sometimes when I am working, and he is watching football.  Or I hear, what are you doing?  

Sound familiar? 

If they lose, watch out, you do not really want to be around for that aftermath.  He gets very quiet, and is in a bad mood the rest of the day.  Sound like someone you know?  Please tell me we have this in common.  

You see, I knew people loved their football, but my goodness, I had no idea there were so many sports to follow until I started dating this guy.  I mean, there is football, basketball, baseball, curling, swimming, golf, and sports I did not even know existed.  

Did you know tag is a thing now?  I remember saying what is this?  He said tag, I reply with, you mean when we were running around on recess playing tag has now become a sport you watch?  Yeah, we will just say my exposure to sports with a single mom growing up was nonexistent.  I could care less about tag and the long list of other sports he follows.  I will stick with my somewhat interest in the ones I am familiar with.  

Game Day in this house always begins with a good meal which brings me to a recipe I want to share with you today.  I actually cannot take credit for this recipe.  Roy, a gentleman my husband worked with for over two decades before he retired is the mastermind of this recipe.

Hubby said, "Roy calls this Bean Dip, you serve it with tortilla chips," but he sometimes thought of it as a chili and you will see why here shortly.  Today, all photo credits go to Mr. VS.  He made this recipe, minus the chopping of the onion.  I was crafting away, and he says hey dear, can you come here?  I go into the kitchen and he asks will you chop the onion?  Yeah... I got the lovely task of chopping the onion, otherwise this is his show today.  Enjoy!


 Bean Dip  

Equipment Needed:

What you will need: 
  1. 1 15 oz can kidney beans, drained
  2. 1 15 oz can butter beans, drained
  3. 1 16 oz can pork & beans
  4. 3/4 c cooked & crumbled bacon
  5. 1 lb ground beef, cooked
  6. 1/2 c chopped onion
  7. 1 1/2 c BBQ sauce
  8. 1/3 c light brown sugar
  9. 1/2 c water
  10. 1 t liquid smoke

What you need to do: 
  • Brown ground beef in large skillet 
  • Chop up and cook onion in skillet with ground beef
  • While ground beef and onion are cooking, open and drain kidney beans, butter beans, dump into crockpot
  • Open pork & beans, dump into crockpot
  • Add BBQ sauce, light brown sugar, water, and liquid smoke
  • Drain grease from ground beef and onion mixture
  • Cook bacon in same skillet, drain grease and crumble bacon
  • Add to crockpot, mix well, place lid on top and cook on high for 4 hours, then move to warm 
  • Serve bean dip with tortilla chips, or eat alone like chili
Game Day Recipe
Browning ground beef and onion in skillet

Game Day Recipe
Beans all added to crockpot

Game Day Recipe
Brown sugar added to beans

Game Day Recipe
Crumbled up bacon on paper plate waiting to be added to the mix

Game Day Recipe with ground beef
Bacon added to beans in crockpot

Game Day Recipe with ground beef
Ground beef added to beans and bacon in crockpot

What do you think?  Pretty simple recipe, isn't it?  I remember the first time my husband introduced me to this recipe.  I was hesitant to try it, but we were newly married and I did not want to hurt his feelings.  I was not exactly sure I would like this bean dip, as he called it.  I am not always a fan of beans, and I thought yuck!  Butter beans?  Really?  How do they fit into this recipe?  

We had moved into our home, and he had invited my mom and sister over for a game day feast consisting of all crockpot recipes.  It was a nice spread and we enjoyed many new recipes that day, including this one.  I asked that he thank Roy for sharing his recipe with us since it has become a fast favorite amongst us all.

Game Day Recipe with ground beef

So thank you Roy for allowing us to share your recipe with others, I am sure they will love it as much as we do!  To this day, we still make bean dip every season when football rolls around.  It is a hearty meal on it's own, or served with tortilla chips as the dip Roy meant for it to be.  

Mr. VS also made buffalo chicken dip on this particular day, but this is the only photo I was given. 

I said no problem honey, the important part was documented, the bean dip.  I am sure everyone already has a buffalo chicken dip they already love.  I will share we make buffalo chicken dip with chicken breasts, not canned chicken as most recipes call for.  The canned chicken is too salty for me, so we began doing this several years ago in case you were wondering why we began with chicken breasts.

You see our buffalo chicken dip with our bean dip all ready to go while we watched the game together.  Of course, he was more into it, and I kept letting Bentley outside for his every whim, and crafting in between outside trips, but at least we were able to sit down and enjoy our dinner together, and that is the most important part after all, right?

Our ramekins are the perfect size for serving dips in, plus it keeps your dips from mixing together.  I know, I know, some folks do not mind their food touching other foods.  It depends for me, and I did not think bean dip mixed with buffalo chicken dip was something I wanted so the ramekins came in handy for this recipe.  

I'd imagine we will be making this game day recipe again soon.  The big Ohio State and Michigan rivalry game will be happening in a few short weeks.  This game must be accompanied with good food, a long afternoon or evening of kicking your feet up and football watching all day, cheering or yelling depending on how OSU is performing, the half time show, and Bentley running around like a crazy man while he watches his football too.  

Yes, he watches football.  Now his attention span does not last the entire game, but he likes to lay at my husband's feet, eyes tilted up paying close attention to that ball... yeah, I think it is the fact a ball is being thrown around that draws him in.  We all know he loves those darn balls, I mean they are everywhere in our house.  

Well, we hope you enjoy this Game Day recipe, and enjoy whatever rivalry game catches your attention.  This can be made for dinner, potlucks, game parties, really just about anything.  Let us know if you give this one a try, and guess what?  It is gluten free for those of you who follow a gluten free lifestyle.  Enjoy!

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  1. Perfect for game day! Thanks so much for linking up at Food Friday 8 for Thanksgiving Recipes. Shared.

    1. My husband loves football on Thanksgiving, well any day really, but this is his dip that he loves during the games. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.