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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

How to make decorative candle rings

DIY Feathered Pillar Candle Rings: Chic Fall Decor on a Budget

Elevate your fall decor with DIY feathered pillar candle rings.  Discover how to craft elegant candle rings using carboard, glue, and feathers.  Embrace rustic charm and affordable creativity this season.  

Curious about adding a touch of elegance to your pillar candles this fall?  We're thrilled to share an easy and wallet-friendly way to craft stunning DIY pillar candle rings using feathers.  Elevate your candle game while using items you already have at home.  Let's dive into the chanting world of DIY candle rings! 

Crafting Candle Rings with Feathers: 

Creating gorgeous candle rings for fall is simpler than you might think.  Not only are these rings easy to make, but they're incredibly affordable with your home crafting mindset at the forefront, making them a perfect addition to your seasonal handmade decoration decor lineup.  And guess what unexpected material we're incorporating into this project?  Cardboard boxes! 

Materials Needed:

  1. Small cardboard box
  2. Glue Gun
  3. Glue Sticks
  4. Feathers  

The Creative Fusion: 

What do a cardboard box, feathers, and a glue gun have in common?  Absolutely nothing, until today!  That's right, we're fusing these seemingly unrelated items to craft stunning and unique decorative candle rings.  This DIY project embraces the art of repurposing and showcases that even everyday items can transform into exquisite decor.  

Inspiration Strikes

With the shift of seasons, our design preferences evolve too.  The moody and dark aesthetics that define fall have inspired this project.  When gazing at our table centerpiece adored with chunky candlesticks and boxwood balls, we realized the need for a touch of autumnal elegance.  This led us to experiment with an unexpected material: feathers.  

Adding Personal Touches: 

Our homes are a canvas for personal expression, and this DIY project perfectly captures our unique style.  The feathers lend an air of opulence reminiscent of grand mansions while still aligning with our cozy cottage aesthetic.  And the best part?  Each candle ring only cost around $2.50 to create! 

Box Transformation: 

Repurposing is key to this project.  Remember those small cardboard boxes from your online shopping sprees, or in our case a set of shams?  We decided to transform them into the foundation of our candle rings.  After tracing circles on the cardboard and cutting them out, we placed these cardboard discs atop our candlesticks.  The fit was nearly perfect. 

Feathers Take Center Stage:   

With the cardboard circles in place, the real magic began.  Using a glue gun, we carefully attached the feathers along the edges of the cardboard circles.  The result was a charming, rust-chic look that exudes warmth and sophistication.

Elevating with Imperfection: 

Perfection might be overrated, especially in the realm of decor.  Our approach is to embrace the imperfections that make our home uniquely ours.  The feathers-crowned candle rings rest atop the candlesticks, and we're not bothered by the exposed cardboard tops.  After all, this is our home, and it reflects our perfectly imperfect sensibilities.  

Creating Character: 

This DIY endeavor is more than just crafting; it's about infusing character and personality into our living space.  The juxtaposition of upscale feathers against the humble cardboard creates a balanced, eclectic charm that aligns with both our aspirations and budget.  

The Finished Look: 

With our feather arrangement and newly-crafted candle rings, our dining room table is now a portrait of cozy fall elegance.  The boxwood balls have been gently retired to the attic until their time to shine returns.  This practice of rotating decor not only keeps things fresh but also demonstrates a frugal approach to decorating.  

Personal Decorating Philosophy: 

Everyone has their own decorating philosophy.  Some indulge in frequent changes, while others invest in pieces to pass down through the generations.  We fall in the latter category.  Our dining room tablebuffet, and china cabinet are fixtures that endure, while other elements shift like the seasons.  

Embracing the Seasons: 

As we transition into fall, we're ready to greet the changing leaves and cooler temperatures with open arms.  Our home reflects this transition as well, and the crafting of these unique candle rings is just the beginning.  As we anticipate the beauty of fall, we're prepared to continue our creative journey with fresh ideas and a spirit of excitement.  

How about you?  Are you ready to embrace the fall season with creativity and enthusiasm?

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  1. What a great idea! You are going to have fun using these for decor in any season.

  2. Thank you so much Paula! Easy and cute? I am all in! So many ideas...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Carol. We like to see how creative we can get around our cottage.

  4. Oh my goodness that turned out beautiful! thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you Junk to Gems, we appreciate your feedback! Sometimes we are unsure how our crazy ideas will turn out, but we were really happy with this one!

  5. These are so pretty!! Using the cardboard circle was brilliant! Pinning!

    1. Thank you so much Cindy! We appreciate your feedback and comments! 😊

  6. Very pretty. I have Pheasant feathers and love them and haven't used them. Not sure why because I love them. You inspired me and I will be working them into my fall décor this year!

    1. So happy I could inspire you to use your feathers. Thank you for your comment!

  7. I love how simple yet elegant this project is! Thank you so much for sharing, Cara!

    1. Thank you Becky! I really enjoyed this project since it came to me on the fly. I always think those projects turn out the best.

  8. Cara, your decorative candle ring turned out beautiful. I love the added feathers and I really think the black goes well with the overall look. Thank you so much for sharing at Crazylittlelovebirds link party #3.

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I loved making these candle rings since they remind me of something in an old upscale home, but were so affordable!